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Skiddy Skidmarks

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  1. So im master 9 in fishing and its not so hard once you can fish moving hotspots to lvl.So now im grinding trading and i was googleing around and found some stupid bot website and i was like this cant be a thing so i click it find there discord and it has so many people in it useing bots wtf is this a thing so game breaking (PLEASE BAN THEM ALL AND PATCH IT )c28bb67e1635285a756f08ca9f51f5ad_well-do

  2. The named workers are (unfortunately) garbage. A regular Skilled (blue grade) will have better stats by the time it reaches 30. 

    Also, the named amity workers cannot be promoted or sold to other players if you no longer need them. 

    I wasted my time early on by having 8 of them... all long since have been fired and replaced by Artisan workers.


  3. Hey this is pretty helpful guys, i need to do alchemy one of these days and this is a super simple quick guide...  also need that Tyrants blood as it looks like I have boat loads of mats for it, and I need that blood for my alchemy stone.

    lol im glad it helped you

  4. You know he was just trolling you. Right?

    Old tree bark is a "rare" gathering. Some nodes with trees have them  and you can send workers there and they will gather it ocasionally (it is said that high luck of a worker helps but I don't have the data to check it). Once it was that they were not visible and you had to check yourself if they dropped from a node or not.

    You can use this map: http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/#node/1212

    It should help you find what you need.

    already have a node was just wondering if theres a better way but here check this out http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136978-can-we-do-it/&do=findComment&comment=1894842

  5. for your bark to get old........ (v.v) (>.>)are you saying i plant a tree collect it and get old bark? what kind of tree

    for your bark to get old........ (v.v) (>.>)

    y\explain better plz so is there a seed for tree whats the name do you plant it in a garden how does trees work to you harvest them like normal crops ?????????????????????????????

  6. only thing not gatherable by worker is blood

    Here's map tool to search node you need http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/#!/

    (just type in search the item you require)



    trying to get some Trace of Savagery  BUT IT GOING TAKE 2HR S WTFfaa130be3af908552317f086b5300d4f.jpg


    only thing not gatherable by worker is blood

    Here's map tool to search node you need http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/#!/

    (just type in search the item you require)

    how do i get Fruit of Abundance ?

  7. No, don't sell your blood lol. This is for alchemy. You can never have enough blood.


    • Blood Group 1: Wolf, Flamingo, Rhino, Cheetah Dragon
    • Blood Group 2: Deer, Sheep, Goat, Cow, Pig, Ox, Waragon
    • Blood Group 3: Weasel, Fox, Raccoon
    • Blood Group 4: Bear, Troll, Ogre
    • Blood Group 5: Worm, Lizard, Bat, Kuku
    clown'sbloodClown’s BloodApprentice 11x Spirit’s Leaf 
    1x Powder of Darkness 
    1x Clear Liquid Reagent 
    2x Wolf’s Blood
    legbeastbloodLegendary Beast’s BloodApprentice 12x Spirit’s Leaf 
    1x Trace of the Earth 
    1x Pure Powder Reagent         
    2x Lizard Blood
    sinnerbloodSinner’s BloodApprentice 11x Bloody Tree Knot 
    1x Powder of Flame 
    1x Clear Liquid Reagent 
    2x Pig’s Blood
    tyrantbloodTyrant’s BloodApprentice 11x Monk’s Branch 
    1x Trace of Savagery 
    1x Pure Powder Reagent 
    2x Troll Blood
    wisemanbloodWise Man’s BloodApprentice 11x Monk’s Branch 
    1x Trace of Ascension 
    1x Clear Liquid Reagent 
    2x Fox Blood

    Make these...

    Oil of StormsSkilled 11x Tyrant’s Blood 
    1x Old Tree Bark 
    1x Fruit of Abundance 
    1x Powder of Time



    expelixirExperience of ElixirApp 11x Clown’s Blood 
    7x Dry Mane Grass 
    5x Pine Sap 
    2x Powder of Flame
    EXP Gain +15% for 5/8 min.
    elixirgoldenElixir of Golden HandSki 11x Oil of Storms 
    4x Clear Liquid Reagent 
    4x Fog Mushroom 
    3x Trace of Hunting 
    6x Fir Sap
    Luck +2/3 points for 5/8 min.

    Grats on Master level alchemy and being a billionaire.

    do i have to gather all that stuff to make it or can i use workers and if i can use workers where is the node?

  8. Useful items for Cooking:

    • Silver Embroidered Cook's Clothes
    • Canape Costume (Pearl Shop)
    • Green Alchemy Stone
    • Advanced Cooking Utensil
    • Teff Bread

    Useful buffs for Life EXP:

    • Sute Tea
    • Whale Meat Salad
    • Life EXP Scrolls
    • Elixir of Flowing Time
    • GM Blessings

    The trick is to spam as much Life EXP buffs as possible :)

    i already do that like what should i cook

  9. Im skilled 3 cooking how do i lvl it up fast ? (dont be vague)


  10. 1. Collect 1000 river water. Filter them and store the Purified Water.
    2. Collect 1000 weeds. Harvest any bush, shrub, thicket, etc.
    3. Get yourself 500 Sunrise Herbs and 500 Silver Azalea.
    4. Buy 500 sugar and 500 salt from the cooking NPC.
    5. Purchase a "Residence" where you keep all your stuff stored.
    6. Buy one of those 50k alchemy machines from the health potion NPC. Place it in house.
    7. Make 500 Pure Powder Reagent and 500 Clear Liquid Reagent.

    That should get you to at least Skilled 5 or so. Now research more advanced recipes in this link: http://bddatabase.net/us/recipes/alchemy/ or torward the middle of the page he linked above. Good luck.

    so i did what you said to do now what should i make ? (dont be vague)

  11. Im a beginner lvl at Alchemy and i want to be master as fast as possibel idc about money how would i go about power lvling to master (Dont be vague)



  12. You buy trade exp outfit, then you buy a wagon, then you buy stuff from trade manager in place A and you drive your wagons to place B that is further than 500m away and sell stuff to the trade manager there, Oh, and the places need to be connected via nodes so you need some contribution points to have a decent trade network.

    I started 2 weeks ago now and there was nothing confusing about it. :(

    but is there better way to power lvl then that or no

  13. So i wanna get my trading to master 2 and people been talking about this nerf and stuff and now im dumb struck how to even trade so how should i trade, videos,screenshots and complete text guide :) the fastest way is the best way!


  14. Some one should make a complete guide how to get him! (plz)

    it was ezy to do and now idk how to delete this ugly post rip