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  1. Mind added a post in a topic 15 Years, same PVP Flaws   

    You can never have a perfect PvP system because not everyone plays the same.
    The class at this point does not matter, give the very best PvP players any class you like and they will win because they are good at it.
    A good example was lets say a guy I used to play with in Lineage 2, one of the very best PvP players I have ever known, proved it by wining the 10k real life money NCSoft put up for the tournament. Out of then millions of players he won, wasn't the best class but he mastered it. Then he broke his hand in a car accident and my daughter could have kicked his ass and she was 11 at the time.
    The point is there are way too many variables when it comes to PvP to balance it.
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  2. Mind added a post in a topic Black Desert needs some rethinking. Item obtaining, leveling, bad events.   

    I agree that playing this game gives you not much, however afk'ing this game gives you far more. That's the wrong way round surely?
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  3. Mind added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Event   

    Well I for one cannot get the next item from the attendance reward has it ended or not?
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  4. Mind added a post in a topic Awakening Skills, New Skill Awakenings, Cancel Combos, and Obsolete Skills   

    have to agree with ilk the grab chain is something we have but also something i feel we should not be forced to use.
    Yeah we can kill people with it easy enough but is it right to do so? I know from the perspective of a warrior being chain grabbed and killed pissed me off my only counter is to pray to the de sync gods that the giant misses so I can at least fight back. But from my zerkers perspective I have to use it now or I will not win a fight. And to me it feels like I am cheating because if de sync doesn't happen then you will not win regardless of class .....period.
    I do not know what the solution is apart from equal the PvP damage with our awakening to sorc and warrior, I am not asking for insta god mod whats the fun in that (well it would be for a day  but I prefer balance and we do not have it.
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  5. Mind added a post in a topic Berserkers - tell me what you think of your hand cannon!   

    I like the animations on skills and fun to play but PvP damage is terrible. PvE wise it could do with a little tweak in the flow of attacks its much smoother with axes but the cannon seems a little clunky other than that it's fine
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  6. Mind added a post in a topic So, damage in PVP   

    Very disappointed to be honest 
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  7. Mind added a post in a topic Tri Dandelion Iron Buster   

    Wait people play on Croxus?
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  8. Mind added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Looks boring   

    Could have given him a Longbow and killed 2 birds with one stone = Male Archer done
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  9. Mind added a post in a topic Looted Tree Armor AND Belt earlier today   

    Super special snow flake award goes to.....
    And tell everyone its the new Gille "it's on the cash shop what you don't see it?" oh shame
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  10. Mind added a post in a topic stupid question   

    62 for me I got so bored at one point I almost re did it by accident
    Also did the same as you Kurano - Liverto on my Musa, well this class is crap oh wait its bound to character argggggg
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  11. Mind added a post in a topic Looted Tree Armor AND Belt earlier today   

    haha brilliant love it
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  12. Mind added a post in a topic Ultimate Yuria weapon upgrade chance = 0% [Then it went Yellow]   

    have to make them as trying to get them on the market is a living hell. trying to get my armour to Ultimate 37 tries Human 21.20 luck with Lucky Guy A+ still no joy.
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  13. Mind added a post in a topic Life of The Melee - The Reality(Opinions Wanted)(Awakening in Sept??)   

    Our version of the game was released about a year too early.
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  14. Mind added a post in a topic What do you like about being a Giant?   

    Picking flowers and keeping my garden stocked with sun flowers, then when someone calls me a ----- I SMASH HIS FACE INTO MY FLOWER BED!!!!
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  15. Mind added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    nailed it
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