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  1. Xue_Fang added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Rest in Peace Marketplace
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  2. Xue_Fang added a post in a topic Petition: Value Packs, pets incentive   

    The developers could have it so these items are artificially injected into the market. This would make items that never appear on the market or are less lucrative to whales be available. 
    If they want all players to have to opportunity to access or obtain premium items from the cash shop, why limit it to only those items chosen to be sold by whales?
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  3. Xue_Fang added a post in a topic Going Full Negative Karma Viable?   

    This is so much the case. You used to be able to kill other people and they'd loose 1% so they'd leave you alone. They listened to the group who were upset with this and it got removed, hence now the trend of karma bombing as there is no repercussion.
    Killing people used to drop you their trade goods, so you could kill people for example at pirates and gain money out of it. A bunch of fishers complained they were loosing fish when afk fishing, they listened and removed this mechanic.
    Now there is little no reason to go negative karma. Nothing to gain and when you kill someone they are just gonna smash their face against you over and over with no care in the world.
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  4. Xue_Fang added a post in a topic Did trading get nerfed ?   

    Me and a buddy of mine do a lot of Valencia trading. The Magnate is a new feature and it is based on the value of trade items that you have bought. 
    Every stage of Magnate is after roughly 4.5m of value bought from trade managers. It seems to go 25%, 50%, 75%, 82% so far and always rounds down. i.e 82% of 10 items is 1 item.
    I understand the reason why it is implemented, Margoria trading when refined is very good money/h but it feels like a huge shame to prevent traders from doing the life skill they love. Gatherers can buy energy potions to gather as much as they want, alchemists and do as much alchemy as they want with no energy costs, grinders can grind all day without an equivalent Magnate buff on their drop rates, fishers can fish as many fish as they want without slowing down the time to catch fish etc.
    There is already a distance travel cap of 150%. The mistake is obviously the Port Ratt goods, that's clear. They made them too obscenely high value and then Nerfed trading for the entire world. its a real shame. I play Black Desert Online as a trading sim, i don't mind making a measly 6m/h or so trading. while its not competitive to grinding or whatever, its what i enjoy doing. Now i can only do it for a few hours before i am prevented from playing my game.
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  5. Xue_Fang added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

    The frustration is well merited as unlike other classes who can mash the keyboard to achieve results, we have to work on our gameplay to be just as effective.
    Learning combos, animcancels, hidden effects and what not to do is needed to be. Given in soloplay the naked empowered ultimate is next to useless with how long it lasts and how easy it is to dodge. However, with equal gear on the opponent, It isn't required.
    It shines however in group play, you wont have full attention of the enemies and can land this on some unsuspecting poor souls to reap the rewards with the decent damage scaling. If you do have full attention then you are doing your job to support your mates and keep them clear of harm.
    If you don't want to put the time into learning as much of the ins and outs via youtube or whatever, the skill floor for this class is one of the lowest. Best to reroll.
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  6. Xue_Fang added a post in a topic Post Patch Trading Observations. No Seals, Desert buff not applying.   

    You are correct, the desert buff doesn't work the way the game leads you to believe. It only works inbound to Valencia city, as most people use, and outbound trade-manager goods. An example is in the picture attached of the current situation of taking desert goods to Mediah. Look for the yellow triangles, that means it is applying the desert trade.
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  7. Xue_Fang added a post in a topic QoL Market Improvements   

    All the things mentioned here so far sound so good.
    Something i would like to see is a way to buy multiple registrations at once, similar to the guild wars 2 system.
    I enjoy the business element to this game founded on using contribution points to rent workshops. One of the frustrations i have is when i need to buy materials and they come in very small stacks(<10) on an item i would like to buy thousands of. There are useful items to make that just aren't gonna work out because it would use up at least half an hour imputing captchas to buy 10k stacks of 1-10 when i just wanna buy the whole bunch.
    However it is my firm belief this will fall on non Korean deaf ears. Just like the majority of the community.
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  8. Xue_Fang added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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