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  1. shhfiftyfive added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    please... there's a simple solution... via the game website account page, the team could give each of us a steam code, so that we could activate our game via steam. just like so many early access games where people buy into a game before it gets on steam...
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  2. shhfiftyfive added a post in a topic I cant fill my workers to max anymore.   

    1, if your worker is 7/8 stamina for example... the beer won't fill it. in this case, you need to put the worker to work 1 more task to knock it down to 6/8 so then the beer WILL top it off to 8/8... for sure, this is annoying when trying to sell a worker.
    2. if you're unable to fill workers at all, then you might have the filter set up, so it doesn't feed all (the worker menu, top 2 drop-down options to sort by "town" and "grade".) if you have selected a certain town or grade, then if you try to feed workers it will ONLY feed the workers from that town or grade..
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  3. shhfiftyfive added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    seems this event started again may 10 2017,
    but there's no new thread in events subforum explaining it. (when does it expire??)
    not here or in the new forum...
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  4. shhfiftyfive added a post in a topic "hide accessory" not applying to character selection screen   

    i now also find that this bug is seen in the "H" menu as well...
    (my sorceress wearing eye glasses in H menu when they should be hidden)
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  5. shhfiftyfive added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    "heating" visual bug (on player's back)
    so i'm here in heidel, processing, like 100 other people.. it looks like i'm seeing a visual bug here where a few of the players here that are "heating" things, they have the forge out for heating, but instead of the forge being on the ground in front on them... the thing is hanging midair sideways behind the player as if it is a weapon sheathed on their back.
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  6. shhfiftyfive added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    my epheria boat not showing up in wharf menu
    a core game feature seems to be not accounting for this epheria boat...
    what i mean: if i go to the wharf manager in Heidel, all my fishing boats that are docked in OTHER locations are "greyed out" (working as intended, just like stables)...
    but the epheria boat doesn't show up in the list at all... so if i can't remember where i parked it... there's no info here to help me find it..
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  7. shhfiftyfive added a post in a topic Serendian Soldier Suit and Beginner’s Serendian Soldier Suit Helmet Issue   

    yeah, these suits are useless now with the helmet.
    can't hide the helmet for one...
    but also, it means the seasonal cosmetic stuff that goes in the head slot is also overwritten...
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  8. shhfiftyfive added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    in residence, utensil durability bar disappearing bug
    back a year ago at launch this was not an issue. when i returned a few months ago it was still not an issue with old utensils that were from that time period. but the newly bought/crafted utensils all have this bug. so i assume some patch created this bug.
    the bug:
    here's what happens. you go in residence and place utensils (cooking/alchemy). you see the durability bar visually on all of them just fine when not operating them. but, now, WHILE you are USING a utensil... then the durability bar of that particular utensil DISAPPEARS. basically, at launch you could watch the durability go down while using utensil... and now you can't...
    there is one exception to this that i have observed and found 100% repeatable. that is, if i place the utensil near the residence door AND if i can stand close enough to the door that would trigger the context menu for the door itself (open door R, etc).. THEN (and only then) when i use the utensil it WILL show the durability bar of that utensil DURING use...
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  9. shhfiftyfive added a post in a topic Remove Horse Registration Notifications   

    still. its pretty lame that people do not have to physically camp the markets any more to get in on the chance of bidding...
    with notifications and maids, the game is unfairly targeting people who spend real money. its a free for all. camping the market is not effective. now you compete for everything with peeps who dump loads of real money to buy ridiculous number of maids for remote access to bidding.
    and yes. i know maids can't get you a horse, but with these notifications (and no friends) i have no good chance of getting a good horse off the market because everyone is allowed to come bid against me when they're not even camping the market... and i'm sick of breeding my own and getting nothing to show for it... i've bred hundreds of horses. i still have over 50 t5's and t6's and they're all junk..
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  10. shhfiftyfive added a post in a topic Remove Horse Registration Notifications   

    i'd say the same thing about the value packs... everyone with a transaction maid getting in the bid phase means its impossible to get one.
    people used to have to actually .. you know... spend time at the market to get the things they want.
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  11. shhfiftyfive added a topic in Suggestions   

    on horse/wagon, allow swap equipment
    we're already allowed to take potions while riding horses and wagons, but unable to swap gear sets...
    please give us this QoL functionality.
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  12. shhfiftyfive added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

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  13. shhfiftyfive added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    "hide accessory" not applying to character selection screen
    the option on your character sheet (opens with the inventory menu). this option to "hide" certain clothing and such... this applies to in-game, and even the "disconnect" menu pictures of your family characters...
    but it does not apply to the character selection screen. the one that you see when first loading up the game from the launcher and choose what character to login to.
    example: i set my sorceress "eyeglasses" to be hidden, yet they still show up on this screen.
    edit: also this visual bug is present in the H menu as well..
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  14. shhfiftyfive added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    transaction maid not remembering checkbox in lower left
    if you summon a transaction maid, it doesn't have the programming code to remember which box you selected in the lower left (ie: use currency from storage)
    instead, you must select this checkbox EVERY TIME you use the maid...
    this bug is 100% repeatable.
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  15. shhfiftyfive added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    bug: on level up, minimap resizes and moves left.
    please fix the mini-map bugs introduced recently!
    condition of bug:
    IF you have it set to larger than default size (dragging lower left corner to expand size),
    THEN each and every time you level up a character... the minimap does 2 broken things:
    1. it will shrink back to default size each and every time you level up (this bug is at least a month old now...)
    2. (this bug is like 2 weeks old) it will move to the left when it shrinks upon level up, aligning left instead of right, resulting in the minimap location moving left each time you level up until its no longer in the right corner. it will get to the center or left side of the screen easily if you're playing a new level 1 character and keep resizing the minimap each time you level..
    currently, the only way to fix the newer issue #2 is hit ESC and click "settings" and this will somehow reset the minimap location.
    this bug is 100% repeatable
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