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  1. Mytholon added a post in a topic awakening range pvp combos?   

    Through trying.
    Same as for example the ultimate skills (i.e. ultimate stomp out of the old skilltree. It also activates only after certain other skills as for example beasty wind slash or frenzied destroyer).
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  2. Mytholon added a post in a topic awakening range pvp combos?   

    The difference is only the animation speed and the fact that in case of general disarray there is a quick iframe jump added before the quicker animation of ground lifting.
    In order to activate general disarray the skill you use before is mandatory. General disarray is only avtivated after blasting, shake off and devastation.
    Snorgrind already explained it in his post above but I think you overread it.
    I hope this helps you to understand. Just try it ingame. You should recognize the difference between general disarray and ground lifting pretty easy by comparing the animation speed.
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  3. Mytholon added a post in a topic Collecting PvP Combos   

    If attack speed is maxxed it may also help to chain in an ultimate stomp after bws for the mini-stun. According to my experience this raise the chance to land the next grab even if the opponent managed to get up in between. However this is a case-to-case decision since it also depends from the fact if the opponent has skills to charge away immediately after getting up.
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  4. Mytholon added a post in a topic Collecting PvP Combos   

    The best damage skill currently is beasty wind slash imo.
    On the other hand there are some pretty good cc sources and buffs on the awakening skills. Thats why you should change weapons frequently at least until slugfest is being buffed in our version.
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  5. Mytholon added a post in a topic When are we getting the Berserker Buffs?   

    As for example the awakening buff for wizards, I know but I guess fot the time being there is no official information given out about the release of these balance patches so we need to wait and hope that they surprise us ;-)
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  6. Mytholon added a topic in Berserker   

    When are we getting the Berserker Buffs?
    I am just wondering if anybody heard or saw something new about when all those nice buffs are being implemented in our version?
    I expect them to start with such implementations after release of all remaining awakenings however I am reading frequently new posts in other threads from zerkers requesting information about that but up to now I have not found any answer.
    Is there something official available?
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  7. Mytholon added a post in a topic Halloween Event Box   

    I think it is good the way it is. Sometimes there are gathering or fishing events and sometimes there are grind events. I am just doing the grind events since I am not considering watching a grey bar to fill as fun at all. Other people hate grinding.
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  8. Mytholon added a post in a topic The Only Important Patch Notes (KR)   

    That would make Bersi completely useless. The only thing that enables us to win a fight is our cc (including grabs) ability. And we are ofter enough screwed by desync.
    The problem is that enemies only note a working grab. Usually they don't note that before alreda 2 grabs failed and in between we are just facetanking incoming damage with our hp pool however in times of awakened classes and their huge damage increase this often does not help alot.
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  9. Mytholon added a post in a topic The Only Important Patch Notes (KR)   

    In my opinion this is an buff in thr wrong direction. Instead of buffing the grab chance they should buff the pvp damage because actually grab chaining is the only way to fight against opponents as long as you are not totally overgearing the opponent and stacking tons of ap.
    With an average value of i.e. 160 or 170 ap each other awakened class is able to do at least do 50-70% of the enemies damage within one simple combo. Berserkers in the same time do rather 10-20% of the enemies hp. That s also the reason why they are literally forced to grab chain. Because their damage output in pvp is ridiculous low and they need to control the enemy sich a lond time in order to deal equal damage like another class within 5 seconds. 
    Btw. grab chaining for 30 or more seconds only works in case of clear 1 vs 1 situations. As soon as there is a second enemy on the field it is getting pretty complicated because in most cases the second enemy melts down your hp much faster then you are able to grabchain- kill the guy you are currently fighting against.
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  10. Mytholon added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance October 19th   

    I have the bad feeling that they will first implement all remaining awakenings before they are starting to care about such balance patches. 
    Nevertheless I also would appreciate a short onformation about this ofc.
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  11. Mytholon added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance October 19th   

    Strongly agree but I suppose we need to stop dreaming...
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  12. Mytholon added a post in a topic Karma Bombing   

    Only wasn t related to the time you spend with it but to the meaning of PVE for a huge part of players. Just ask players what is more intetesting. Grinding pirates sausans or whatever hour after hour to get the ressources for the gear or having a nice PVP fight. That s what I meant with only ;-)
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  13. Mytholon added a post in a topic Karma Bombing   

    Ok. This is something that has not happened too much to me on Alustin.
    Anyway in case that they directly pk you this is the strongest signal they can send you that they are not interested in sharing their spot. Then I would not recommend to come back to this place as long as such players are dominating it.
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  14. Mytholon added a post in a topic Karma Bombing   

    I am sorry to tell you but for a big number of players the PVE content is only used to get enough ressources to enhance the gear.
    And endgame content is anyway PVP if you did all 1574389 quests and if you do not want to train tier 8 horse no. 134 to lvl 30.
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  15. Mytholon added a post in a topic Karma Bombing   

    No. The reason is simple. The xp at pirates is better because the killing speed is higher. Compared to Valencia mobs you are doing a way more xp per hour at pirates.
    Besinde that the money in Valencia is really bad and the higher your gear is the higher the costs for further progress are.
    The spots in Valencia btw have been changed accordingly in Korea already. It is just a matter of time until we receive the changes here too.
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