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  1. Vanashy added a topic in Maehwa   

    Plum/blader guide (anglais)
    Voici tout les skill de la plum :http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/bladerf
    et la celle du blader :http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/blader
    pour traduire faites clique droit et traduire la page :souce :http://www.blackdeserttome.com/guides/viewtext?id=9
    Blader - Guide by Chased
    ~Welcome to the world of Blader~
    Introduction: Blader is a very versatile class. It offers a unique playstyle for every individual, and varies greatly depending on the situation at hand including,
    * Team-play & Solo-play ;
    * Guild V Guild & World PvP ;
    * PvP(General) & PvE;
    I hope to explore these options enough that you will gain a basic and even an advanced knowledge on this class!
    ~*General Playstyles*~
    Blader uses a katana as well as a short bow for his secondary weapon; as such he offers very great close-combat as well as useful long range engagement.
    Offensive Playstyle: Most favored option of blader’s, this option utilizes a lot of MP(Might Points) which is a special resource that allows you to use certain skills, the offensive playstyle focuses on mobility and extremely close combat while whisking around your opponent. It also includes great crowd control of your opponent, essentially if played right locking out your opponent completely. (Gearing: Leans more toward Attack/Damage statistics)
    Defensive Playstyle: While not completely popular among the blader crowd, this is still a very viable method, it involves heavy usage of your bow, your special tornado abilities, and block (Keybind: Q). It offers great support for Team-play with bow skills, and long range tornado knock-ups.(Gearing: Leans more toward Defensive statistics)
    Gearing is very sporadic for a blader and there are many opinions on how and which pieces of gear you should use. It is my hope that I can share as many as I know currently.
    First I will try to explain statistics as best as I have learned them, some of these details are through my own testing, others through testing of other individuals(Korean players), and some is theories yet to be proven wrong.
    ~*Base Statistics*~
    Attack: Increases your base damage done
    Defence: Decreases the amount of damage done to you by opponents base damage(Attack)
    All Damage Bonuses/Modifiers: Ignores Defence of given target
    ~All Race Damage: Increases damage done to all players and non-player enemies.
    ~Human Damage: Currently the PVP modifying damage bonus
    ~Non-human Race Damage: Increases damage done to non-player enemies
    Accuracy: This is still being investigated on what exactly it does, but through what detailswe’ve discovered, it helps land attacks, crowd control effects, and overall a necessity in PvP.
    Health Bonus: Increases overall Health, survival; good stuff
    Might: Multiple names given, acronyms such as FP, MP, Special power, etc. Increases your total resources to use certain skills, also in certain classes cases such as Blader (Female Blader as well) It can increase the damage done by certain skills(to be explained later in article)
    Moving on to what type of gear you should acquire…
    The good thing about gear is it has no level restrictions, so you can acquire end-game gear right at the beginning and begin to increase your prowess in statistics asap.
    (These names of gear are currently through Google Translate as the true names are not here yet)
    Neil Tree's (referred to by Koreans as Gulunil Armor)
    This set is a very offensive and the most popular choice, it has two gem slots per piece which allow for great options for maximizing stats. It offers an additional 150 Health (2 set bonus; Chest and Boots), 5 additional attack (2 set bonus; Helm and Gloves), and 2 more Attack (4 set Bonus)
    This set has the very strong defense statistics compared to Niel trees, it has a set bonus of 100 additional Might (3 set bonus), as well as 7 bonus accuracy (4 set bonus)
    Many, many, many choices for accessories, they also cost the most for minimizing/maximizing your gear.
    Instead of posting many pictures on these particular items I will offer a general statement for you to look at when deciding upon certain accessories.
    Theory: You look for accessories that will suit the playstyle you’re gunning for, whether that is Offensive or Defensive, at the same time it is a very valid option to look for accessories that grant bonus Accuracy with the defensive or offensive stats. That said this is a personal preference as well as a money sink as the items are extremely expensive. Good Luck (Expect a guide later on for types of jewelry)
    Skills: I will strive to list them from Most Importance to Least Importance. (In my own opinion)
    I.) http://puu.sh/ibE9E/ed7de41e99.jpg ~This skill is our go to as it provides a great 360 AoE, very aggressive and most likely our strongest consistent damage, but can be abused too much(remember to synchronize attacks, will discuss further in Strategies for play)
    II.) http://puu.sh/ibEBV/1fa2116876.jpg ~ This skill is widely used to increase mobility, as well as a finisher while an opponent is knocked down, very useful and needed.
    III.) http://puu.sh/ibEFD/3105f854f3.jpg ~ This skill is a lead in to two additional skills that are very strong and in my opinion needed. It increases your base critical chance for 10 seconds as well, very useful
    IV.)  http://puu.sh/kUkOW/1b861690e8.png  ~ This skill is a quick burst, it can be used right after skill- III.) which I will demonstrate in Blader Shortcut Key commands located further down in the guide ~!Note This skills Final Morph also increases the damage done by 10% of your Total Might!~
    V.) http://puu.sh/kUkTD/8671dc6dac.png ~ This skill is used by pressing space bar/holding space bar down after using skill- III.) in which if it connects will knock your enemy up and heal you for a ton, very useful and extremely good for PvE/PvP
    VI.) http://puu.sh/kUkVi/fe9d07c32e.png ~ This skill is a sub-skill of Skill- II.), it is used as the finisher of the rotation for II.) It hits multiple times and is very strong. ~!Note This skill also increases its damage done by 15% of your Total Might!~
    VII.) http://puu.sh/kUkW8/d255b3cf41.png ~This is our “Throwing Tornado” –nickname; It is very good crowd control, also nice rotational skill to lock an opponent out
    VIII.) http://puu.sh/kUkXJ/d93f1271b4.png ~ Our arrow skill which has a stiffening effect very useful for engaging and stopping your opponent dead in his tracks for a second.
    IX.) http://puu.sh/kUkYF/c50053b219.png ~ a very good evasion arrow used a lot to increase mobility and continue shooting from far distance
    X.) http://puu.sh/kUl1l/455d9d8183.png ~ This skill is a power shot to knock down your enemy from far distance, very good to help close a gap and surprise your opponent
    From here on it’s very situational, and based on your own judgment, but if I were to list them it would be
    http://puu.sh/kUl4K/6a33922fe6.png - and secondary morph as well, very useful utility, hard to hit 100% of the time, but can really lay on the hurt when used right.
    All your dashes
    All your kicks
    http://puu.sh/kUl66/ab0c22ea72.png ~ This skill is spammable and used a lot in PvE and PvP to help gain Might back, a forward slash upward which is used in skill combos for rotation, as well as a knock-up (if you have it off cooldown)
    http://puu.sh/kUl66/ab0c22ea72.png - This skill at max rank returns 150 Might every 15 seconds, useful to for resource management. (but not needed a.s.a.p., explanation further down, potions section)
    http://puu.sh/kUl7Z/33cc95f1a3.png - good mobility and final rank reduces stamina consumption, helps get behind someone while still keeping strong damage per second.
    At the very bottom of your skill roster you have two very long skills with a lot of morphs, the first is 1+ additional attack per morph, and the second one is +1 additional movement speed.
    The rest are based on what you like, so I advise use your own discretion at what skills you would like from here on.
    !~Tips & Tricks~!
    Skill Shortcuts: We blader’s have some very quick and unique access to shorter animations on a few skills. These allow us to have better flow and rotations with the versatile mobility we maintain.
    Easy - (Dash ? S+Left Click) ; This can be performed in either forward or backward direction. It is very strong in giving us quick mobility and when used in quick succession it can become the king of mobility and traverse long distances in extreme amounts of speed. (Faster than tier 8 horses when used right)
    Intermediate - (Shift + LMB → Shift + F → Dash ? S+LMB); This is used in order to move around quickly and use half stamina/half might.
    Expert - ( Shift + LMB→ W + Space → Shift + F → Dash ? S+LMB → Shift + LMB → W+Space)(Can use LMB+RMB after W+Space for Knockup & Damage); This combo is a situational rotation, as its main use is to gap close after hitting an opponent with a stagger at long range(Archery) It is also used to initiate your combat with the hidden rotation.
    (Shift + LMB+RMB); This one is more versatile in key combo sequences as, it can used right after a dash, or in between an attack rotation, My (Shift+LMB?Continue holding and add in RMB) which is a unique sequence as, Shift+LMB can provide a knock up, which can then be proceeded into air damage from the attack, or if the knock-up is resisted/immuned, the continual addition of RMB gives a second chance to stun your opponent for two seconds, giving you enough time to continue a strong rotation.
    !Used in Conjuction with Mobility! (W+Space bar ? LMB+RMB) This skill is the blader’s strongest utility, and provides a significant damage when it connects. This skill takes some time to master in order to perfectly execute it and use it effectively in battle. It can completely upset the balance of the fight by completely dominating your opponent with quick knock-up, as well as 50%+ of their health in the single hit. Also with the final morph of this adding 10% damage as FP its useful because the 10% damage will go through blocks. So use it wisely, and carefully.
    ~How to make use of your 100% fury ultimate~
    This is a tricky topic at hand, the Blader’s ultimate is very situational, and has a very long cast animation at the start and at the end. The best way to use the ultimate I’ve found is by timing a knock-up which will help with the beginning animation.
    My favorite rotation for FURY usage:
    http://puu.sh/il2EH/04f7264069.jpg Key Sequence: Space bar (HOLD) which will activate this healing tornado, will perfectly knock them up, when you cast it immediately go into S+Left Click (Ultimate). You won’t have to worry about end animation, well because if done right, they are 6 feet under, and so are their future children.
    (Space bar (HOLD ? S+LMB (100% Fury))
    Concentrated Herbal Potions – These are your best friend, and give you an unlimited amount of Might to continue your onslaught, as the resource war is a big fiend, these spammable potions help you out big time in mobility and continuously long fights.
    Teamplay Vs Soloplay
    Soloplay ~ For a blader, running off solo is a decent way to aggravate your enemies. We have excellent mobility, long range- poke, and in general can quickly burn through an enemy with our given utilities.
                     -Execute attacks based on openings you observe in combat
                     -Don't play too defensive, try and create an opening by a lure and bait tactic, dash in~dash out.
                     -You rotational combo chain should change mid-combat lest your enemy becomes aware of the type of rotation you do and counters it.
    Teamplay ~ You're main focus is to support your teammates as well as to rush and burn targets when possible.
                       -Use arrows defensively for staggers to help keep enemies off your team.
                       -Don't waste tornado's unless your team WILL get a CC chain rolling and can control the enemy team.
                       -Keep your distance for the most part until your team can get a strong engagement; This is where you observe the field and watch for openings, opportunities, and chances to switch targets, stagger enemies with bow, protect teammates, or go for a quick intiate to try and make your enemy burn their utilities.
                       -DON'T GET CAUGHT, you are one of the most vital players in supporting you're team, a blader on the ground is a fish out of water..
    Bigger Teamplay (GvG): You play hit and run tactics; keep your arrows focused on poking enemy players and taunting them. Never rush in head first unless you have a clear way to escape.
                    -Protect team
                    -Suppressive Fire
                    -Rescue and sometimes kamikaze with Waterspout and Ultimate.
    Will update as time goes on, changes incur, and question's are asked...
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