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  1. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Archaeologist Map Research Thread   

    Good to know! I'm 11% into level 60 and have both map pieces from Sulphur Mine. About to switch to Pila Ku.
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  2. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Constant maintenance has ruined my trial experience   

    Wow, over reaction much? No online service has 100% uptime, and whatever time they choose for maintenance will affect someone.
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  3. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Someone please tell me how to get rid of this :(   

    Same. I can't unsee it now I've noticed it there. If you activate "show node installation area" it turns into a little icon but not sure what it's actually for.
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  4. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    That's just rubbish. What  "Enhancement Effects: Increase Attack Power" means is that when you enhance the Dandelion weapon, the AP goes up. There is no hiddan AP gain as well.
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  5. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Griefing auto-fishers   

    So karma bombing, and all other forms of griefing are a-ok with you as well then, I assume?
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  6. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic can someone explain how selling an item w/ a value pack works   

    35% tax is deducted, to 65% of the sale price. This is then increased by 30%. So you actually get 0.65*1.3=0.845 or 84.5% of the sale price.
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  7. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic This Currency, When?   

    How are they p2w when everyone can get them just for logging in enough times? 

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  8. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic This Currency, When?   

    This is starting to annoy me a bit, now. Can we just get the same game as KR, please?
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  9. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic New-ish player looking for help/advice.   

    What everyone else said, you're in good shape. I play Witch and used TRI Liverto and DUO Agerian armour until I slowly replaced it all with boss gear.
    My advice would be to get 56 and level up a green awakening weapon to DUO while you work on the blue (they can be expensive to upgrade if you're unlucky)
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  10. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Game bug need help....DONT close this topic i need assitent..   

    Contact support. It said what you need to do in the link that was posted in your other thread:
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  11. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic DK Dande Pre-Order price?   

    Oh look, here's that troll @Fapperjack derailing yet another thread with pointless moaning about the marketplace system.
    To answer the OPs question: DK Dande pre-order prices will be very high, I guess around 600m - 1b silver. I managed to get a Witch Dande from a pre-order for 600m a couple of weeks ago, and they are one of the more popular ones.
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  12. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Make BDO great again. Just 1 change. ONE SINGLE CHANGE!!!   

    No, this would suck. No sense of progression. You wouldn't be able to go to an area that's too high level for you, get your arse kicked, and get that smug sense of satisfaction when you come back later after levelling up and turn the tables.
    Which Elder Scrolls game had this? Oblivion? It was shit.
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  13. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Item Cannot Be Locked (pet food, carrots, seaweed, beer, etc.)   

    From this week's patch notes:
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  14. TarkusBlack added a post in a topic Locked Out of Guild Stable Keeper Knowledge   

     Thank you! <3
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  15. TarkusBlack added a topic in General   

    Blue quality Epheria Sailboat accessories added
    Check Epheria 1-4 ship part workshop
    Also new accessories for the "Kaia Fishing Boat" but no idea what that is?
    (Edit) ignore. Patch notes posted finally
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