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  1. Domoro added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Feb. 22 - 2017 [Updated]   

    Edit: Nevermind
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  2. Domoro added a post in a topic Does this game have a real ranged class?   

    It's also just the nature of the beast with pvp games.
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  3. Domoro added a post in a topic Tera Rising   

    Can't really love or hate the decision. It's most likely purely economical, and there really isn't much choice in the matter if they have to make payroll. Such is life.
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  4. Domoro added a post in a topic Does this game have a real ranged class?   

    Definitely don't play any class expecting to always be at a range. In pvp you will 99% of the time be forced into melee range either way. Go with what fits your play-style you typically use in games, or what catches your interest. You like bows? Go ranger and learn to swap between. You like close range slap magic? Go sorc. Katanas/spears/polearms? Musa or Maehwa. Grabbing people by the face? Zerker.

    Also keep in mind the Witch/Wizard are both more 'mid range' (though the Wizard needs to be a bit closer than the Witch). They have more range in order to hit the enemy, but in pvp and many pve scenarios you'll be within spitting distance. Berserkers are also very close range even with the cannon, more or less jack slapping people across the face with it before grabbing them.

    For both pvp and pve all classes can do just fine, with some more easily geared towards one then the other (i.e. Bersekers and Sorcs for pvp while witch/wizard for pve). Don't really worry about that when deciding what class you want to play.
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  5. Domoro added a post in a topic Please add bossgear to the cash shop   

    So it begins, the great Triggering of our time.
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  6. Domoro added a post in a topic I made an Equipment Calculator for BDO   

    Anyone looking for a gear planner there's also this: http://bdoplanner.com/
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  7. Domoro added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 18th   

    If you can't handle the pvp at the popular spots then please don't leave town. :3
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  8. Domoro added a post in a topic Since our defense is so weak, shouldn't our attack power be a lot greater?   

    Just wait until post 50. I would dodge just to die in one shot away from the mob instead thanks to slight sync issues and tiny i-frames.
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  9. Domoro added a post in a topic Characterslot expansions for new classes   

    I too would really like to know, since I would like to make one of each class (not even for the energy mule aspect, just so I can change it up from time to time).
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  10. Domoro added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    I feel like a lot of people didn't read this part. There's only so much they can do on their end. In regards to the Musa/Maehwa release I too would like a better date, but at the same time if they were to say any date and if anything happened to change it people would riot.
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  11. Domoro added a topic in US Guild   

    <Yggdrasill> | Edan | Non-Hardcore Guild looking for active members who want to do everything!
    Hi there! I'm the GM of the guild Yggdrasill found on the NA server Edan. We're looking to recruit any level player new or old that's willing to be (at minimum) semi-active (on at least a few times a week) and help other Guild members out as much as they can. I want everyone to be able to pursue their own goals in the guild, whether it be crafting, taming, gathering or fighting (pvp or pve). We have people in the Guild who are doing a few of those at any given time. The only thing I ask is that any Guild member helps the Guild with Guild Quests and other members when possible (even if it's just helping guide them in the right direction).
    Currently we're working on getting the rest of the fishing and gathering Guild skills before moving on to finishing all the stat-related skills.

    If you're interested my family name in game is Guroth. If I don't respond right away in game there's a good chance I'm afk, so leave a message for me in game or on here and I'll do my best to get back to you.

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