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  1. Kagare added a post in a topic grip of grudge animation speed   

    I understand but I would like to be able to use it in pvp. so far from my experience it manages to catch players for example ( my friend who mains warrior) even sometimes during his frustrating blocking it will still pull off the stiffness if he makes a move while caught in the gas. although it offers no protection my kutum and ignore resist gems come in to play at times for the save when attempting to prove its worth as a pvp skill. I personally would bait out an attack with a long recovery time than use a side dodge with invincibility, after I would activate grip of grudge as soon as the animation would allow it. by time the other player turns their camera to keep me in sight they would either have to block, dodge, grab(if quick animation like berserker grabs may work or ranger) or RNG would have to fail on the stiffness. Since I use ignore resist most times than not it actually succeeds, may be due to my accuracy and gems mainly.
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  2. Kagare added a topic in Dark Knight   

    grip of grudge animation speed
    I am hoping in a future patch they speed up the grip of grudge animation speed to be better utilized in pvp as well, instead of a quick EP regen in pve. The skill has potential for better combos in pvp but I see the starting wind up animation is too long to take the risk. http://bddatabase.net/us/skill/2421/
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  3. Kagare added a post in a topic [Poll] Kutum or Nouver?   

    why do people keep asking this, after it has been answered multiple times?
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  4. Kagare added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening coming next week / new content reveal this Saturday - Updated*   

    after logging in and selecting my channel, emergency maintenance on crowded channels for 1 hour due to too many players logging in at once (next week Wednesday.)
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  5. Kagare added a post in a topic This class gets me addicted to grinding, lol   

    BTW the player in this video is level 57 so they lack the flow skills of level 58, meaning the switch to preawaken for long grinds is needed in order to wait for some cool downs but once they hit 58 preawaken is no longer needed.
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  6. Kagare added a post in a topic What level is best to start at with awaken   

    58+ but 57 is a decent start point if preawaken is too stale to grind out 58.
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  7. Kagare added a post in a topic Ravage Rake, Enforcement, Slanted Balance, Repeated Annihilation, etc..   

    After awakening all you really need for attack skills is air raid and wheel of fortune, 50/50 on the trap skill.
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  8. Kagare added a post in a topic When will the Dark Knight awakening come out?   

    Well you will be disappointed because DK becomes a medium to long ranged dark magic user with awaken, pre-awaken is more of a mobility tool after awakening.
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  9. Kagare added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    Will all the information on the old forum be erased to discard any negative opinions towards the game publishers and developers shared by those in the community otherwise a clean slate? ( I may have stated this wrong but someone might understand what I'm trying to say.)
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  10. Kagare added a post in a topic What does E do?   

    The damage of imperious command is useless past level 50 unless grinding in lower level mob groups.
    They could remove the damage, keep it one hit and add a stun effect to it with the same cool down while only costing 10 skill points.
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  11. Kagare added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    black spirit rage -24% and Lunacy of Vedir

    My black spirit rage would reset at -24% and cap at 76%, if my rage was below 0% system notifications would spam unable to move and I would be trapped in the beginning animation of the skill (as seen in the top two images). This occurred an hour prior to reset pacific time on NA. I attempted to fix the problem by relogging and exiting the game completely and waiting. I signed back in and it only got worse. I would continue to be trapped in that animation taking full damage for about two minutes other players reported that I was just standing still doing nothing. They could not see the purple flashing triggered by the animation of the skill as seen above. This all happened yesterday before reset after grinding at sausans for multiple hours. The spiral on the second image is from a tamer in the party not apart of the skill.
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  12. Kagare added a post in a topic Liverto messer and ultimate reform stone?   

    Yeah I made a mistake, I thought of liverto when it was awaken weapons instead.
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  13. Kagare added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Liverto messer and ultimate reform stone?
    I am unable to make my Liverto ultimate did they change it in a recent patch or is messer the only weapon not capable of becoming ultimate? It is currently PRI and the weapon is greyed out on the reform screen.
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  14. Kagare added a topic in Classes   

    Dark Knight skill tree
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