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  1. Code added a post in a topic Lets create petitions for kr publisher/devs.   

    I would like to ask you something because you're someone who seems to know a lot. You know Pearl Abyss/Kakao/both(not sure) held a tournament before revealing Striker and the other new content that was to come. They provided the players with computers and LAN connection and still there were a lot of moments players desynced.
    At that point you couldn't blame internet/isp, computer setups, faulty channels, open world. No, they were having pvp in a server separate from the main one where the rest of the KR players were playing on.

    Orca was commentating on that Kakao hosted tournament. Thousands of people saw desync pvp right in Kakao's home, not in open world, no, right in the arena.


    So how come you're so quick to judge other players, calling them out for their "bad" internet, computer or both, while there's desync Even in arena on Local Area Network connection where computers are so close to eachother. How come?

    Lemme tell you something, I live in EU, here we have one of the best internet you can find in the entire world, glass fiber or not, bad/decent/great computer setup, desync still happens and it will always happen no matter what you do. It is Not in the player's hands. You can do a basic research, go to Twitch and watch NA, EU and KR streamers and you'll see there's a BIG Noticeable difference between our version and KR's version. It is not our job to fix that, it's Kakao's and we have the right to have what KR players have.

    (Yes, I'm calling you out for being a braindead White Knight)
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  2. Code added a topic in General   

    How to Patch & Maintenance
    All negative thoughts and emotions aside, I do wonder how other publishers manage to properly update their games in 2-3 hours, no extended maintenance required too often, without breaking other ingame things.

    Like seriously how does this not happen in the KR version of BDO?

    Kakao guys are nice people and I do understand that anyone can make mistakes and that's okay, but should you do the same mistake over and over again, let it linger and develop, I'm gonna seriously question your investment, care and dedication for your job and customers.

    At this point I'm just trying to figure out their maintenance procedure and are they really getting faulty patches from Pearl Abyss, or is it Kakao's way of applying the patch incorrect?
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  3. Code added a post in a topic I'm getting real sick of this sh*t, Kakao!   

    This is GOLDEN LMAO

    Honestly I feel exactly the same. 🔫
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  4. Code added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    I feel the same and I'm a casual. Did try to push myself into the pvp and guild life but that wasn't suitable for my playstyle, I have to say though that it did spice things up in a good way at times.

    Explored the whole map, gaining 400+ energy, tried all lifeskills, enjoyed some more than others, many of them are not interactive and get boring after a while. Leveled serveral characters past 56 and am almost full boss gear(though not too much into enhancing).

    I did take my time to learn and enjoy the game, not hardcore at all in this game but even so, the game got boring. I guess we just need the lag and desync to be fixed and some actual party/guild content that is entertaining and rewarding.
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  5. Code added a post in a topic Airships?!   

    More textures, more load and stress on servers and our clients, more lag, more desync, wonderful.
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  6. Code added a post in a topic Livestream Content Announcements Recap (ENG)   

    Oh boy, here we GO.

    Climbing lifeskill - game run and developed by APES CONFIRMED

    Trading SIMULATOR and Pottery lifeskill - .....useless garbage, lost development time and effort that could instead be put in something that actually MATTERS

    New Sea boss that just a handful of players will care about, nice.

    Glad we actually saw ultimate proof that the awakened ranged classes dominate by a longshot and that they apologised for the Imbalance.

    New classes keep being released, honestly **** that, it Always means they're actually not gonna focus on the balance regarding Current classes.

    Pearl Abyss, honestly GIT GUD. You've seen the desync in the arena, in a LAN connection, means the desync is actually in the game's code. Stop creating and developing garbage content only a handful of players care or will care about.

    1. Fix desync and optimise the game's code - #1 Priority
    2. Focus on Balancing the classes NOW, Not next year, Not after the release of monk, Not after the release of the class after that, NOW.
    3. Buff Valencia money, we could care less about Kamasylvia or any other new area/continent. Balance the money/hour for the Existing areas ingame.
    4. After doing 1, 2 and 3, Only then you should focus on useless content.
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  7. Code added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening coming next week / new content reveal this Saturday - Updated*   

    Cool, cool. EU are, as always, messed by the chosen times/hours, but it will be interesting to watch. Would be actually great if this stream happened once every 3 months or something.
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  8. Code added a post in a topic Call me crazy but the game is running a lot better after today's patch   

    I would delete the configuration folder in My Documents, but then it would be too much work to customise my UI all over again.

    Does anyone know which folder to save to save the customised UI, like custom quick slots and such?
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  9. Code added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Your team has definitely shown improvements, especially since you(Caramel)'ve gotten more active(you were gone for while because of some reason if I remember right), and I know not everyone on your team is responsible for this. Most likely your team leader or someone even higher in the ranks makes you look bad, for now I can only assume.

    However, I do have to wonder why is it you specifically that is here to calm the community? Is it because you are the kind and loving person you are, or is it because someone on your team told you to do so because you are the best at doing it?

    Your team leader should take responsibility and come forth, be sincere and professional about it and communicate with us, whether it's about something black, white or grey, it is communication that matters and how big decisions like this are taken.
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  10. Code added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Yeah, game is amazing, publisher is not. From what you're saying you're new to the game. This publisher has a pretty solid history when it comes to turning their back to the player base/community.

    Please understand here I'm not talking about customer support or how friendly they can be. If you talk nicely to them, especially if you befriend them, they will communicate with you more and better. Most of them are nice people to talk to and be around. However, when it comes to big decisions and communication towards the playerbase as a whole, no comment.
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  11. Code added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    At first I was like, wait, did he just changed his mind? But then I remembered this is what Daum/Kakao has always been doing. Was funny reading through the whole thread but the reality is sad. Still there are White Knights defending them, while the rest of us just want them to do their job right.

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  12. Code added a post in a topic Does Valencia Need a Rework? No. It's a Good Expansion.   

    I love Valencia, I love to grind there, but when I look at the money gained and how long it takes to get there, especially to the farther desert spots, it's just sad, I can make more money at Manes, Rogues, Manshas, unless you get lucky and drop a yellow accessory, which doesn't happen often.
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  13. Code added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Oh look a white knight. How cute.

    I don't mind waiting 6 hours for something that actually needs 6 hours to implement. Reread the maintenance details and tell me it should take 6 hours and not 3 or less. 
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  14. Code added a post in a topic Life skills go pay to use?   

    Questing is the fastest way to gain CP. Complete as many main story quest chains on your alts as you can and you'll realise trying to raise your cp through cooking is a joke in comparison.

    Valencia quests give an absurd amount of CP exp which is the way it should be. Playing the game actively should reward you way more.
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  15. Code added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    @CM_Aethon can we please get some explanation as to why the maintenance today takes 6 hours? I look at the maintenance reasons and can't seem to understand why would any of those 3 take 6 hours to implement and test if patched right. You guys are not prepatching any future content either, otherwise you would tell us, would you not?

    Honestly it's insulting to me personally to take this long plus one or two more possible additional hours. It is 2017 and it seems we're not able to patch the game in time, efficiently and correctly. My words seem harsh, I know, and I love you guys for some other things, but honestly I'm fed up with this unjustifiedly long maintenances.
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