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  1. D0mis added a post in a topic Blue Alch Reagents Not Viable - Please Fix!   

    this is stupid
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  2. D0mis added a topic in PVE   

    Roll trading.Exploit?
    There is a rather popular way to level trading by buying full inventory of trade goods in one of the big towns going way overweight and using q to roll to the closest trade manager. Do you think this can be considered as an exploit and "summon the ban hammer" like the whole shoveling thing? 
    • 16 replies
  3. D0mis added a topic in PVE   

    Cheap crates for trade xp?
    I know crates are nerfed, but can you still get xp from them? With my current materials i could make more than 5k cheap wood boxes, but is it worth it? Will it give me any trading xp?
    • 5 replies
  4. D0mis added a post in a topic Skill add-on for Whirlwind Cut   

    It doesnt matter which lvl and which skill you choose. You can have 3 skills with 2 addons for each and the addons are different for each skill so if you can have 10hp per hit on red moon (doesnt work so dont take it btw) it doesnt mean you can have it on whirlwind cut. Anyway, in my opinion whirlwind cut is not a good skill to have add-on on.
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  5. D0mis added a post in a topic <Enforcer> New Outlaw RP Guild is recruiting for Valencia Part.2.   

    Sounds good, too bad im in jordine
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  6. D0mis added a post in a topic Player Trading   

    Don't post about stuff like this if you don't know how the game economy works.
    This game economy is based around not being able to trade and simply adding limitless trading would break the whole game.
    Just to explain it further have in mind that there are people who can take processing, imperial trading, alchemy, cooking, fishing and crafting to hardcore levels making ~50million silver/day without even killing a mob. So imagine if those people could use multiple accounts or even multiple clients/computers running at the same time... Endless energy, endless contribution, workers and materials. This would let people get billions silver in days and break everything we have now. Just so you could give an item to a friend? No thanks! 
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  7. D0mis added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Tried to make a cute one ^^
    Will look good with awakening costume... If i ever afford it.

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  8. D0mis added a post in a topic Hp recovery on red moon   

    Well if you could heal ~500 hp every 7 sec i don't think you would even need divider since you could just heal yourself while killing them. It's the best dmg skill after all.
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  9. D0mis added a post in a topic LeftyLucy vs Krownation (1v3)   

    Fighting 3 poorly geared players failing and shittalking... He's fast but shit like that... Couldn't even finish the video
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  10. D0mis added a post in a topic Hp recovery on red moon   

    If it actually restored 10 hp per hit it would be a huge boost for maehwa. Red moon hits 12 times ( 2hits-2hits-5hits-3hits) so even with 1 target it would be 120 hp, with 2 targets 240 which would be like a free health pot... But imagine it with a whole pack 8 mobs -  960 hp, nearly half of your whole hp. When i think about it this seems to be even too op, but still why keep it in the game? I had to waste a memory fragment just because its broken And probably other people who taught about this add-on the same way...
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  11. D0mis added a topic in Maehwa   

    Hp recovery on red moon
    10hp per hit on red moon?! Sounds really good! Too good! And when i try it it doesn't work
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  12. D0mis added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  13. D0mis added a post in a topic Alchemy Stones   

    Just made 160  elixirs and not a single powder (alchemy level: professional 6 ) i guess I'm unlucky
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