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  1. Downset added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    can't see it in the patchnots - korea has it - we don't?
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  2. Downset added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    Now that i got thousands of rum and got so used to having that nice buff it will all vanish tomorrow? ....noooooooooooooooo i don't want to buy that ugly hat -.-
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  3. Downset added a post in a topic What is the CP soft cap now?   

    http://bddatabase.net/us/item/9709/ - there's similar items for farming & alchemy, you get it randomly with every working process
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  4. Downset added a post in a topic What is the CP soft cap now?   

    Of course it's still somewhat limited, especially in comparison to grinding SP (but tbh that's also limited by stamina/backpain/sore eyes or simply time ) but i still prefer that semipassive CP income through farming & cooking while being afk so i can focus on the things i can only get by playing actively like SP, EP & rare items you can't buy (like bossarmor or ogerrings) - there's a reason most koreans advise you to spam cheap food on as many chars as possible to gain CP instead of wasting your online time doing dailies.
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  5. Downset added a post in a topic What is the CP soft cap now?   

    this is wrong...there are other things that give CP - sitting at 281 right now and i don't do dailies (though i have have to admit i did some at lvl 50 but that probably was before hitting "softcap")
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  6. Downset added a post in a topic Full guide request . Earrings magical .   

    You have to press "O"  and check "all" in the upper left corner...many guys  don't have it checked because they think it only affects questlog (wich it doesn't - it's is for quest display on npcs) - it's the most common mistake i know of...no additional quests are needed btw. just go to calpheon warehouse manager after dinging 50.
    There's also another rare case of not receiving additional quests when your questlog is bugged, this can be solved by deleting ALL QUESTS, logging onto an fresh char, completing first quest after tutorial on that particular char and logging back.
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  7. Downset added a post in a topic The effects of server locations on gameplay (✿◡‿◡)   

    sadly location doesn't matter much here...i and a lot of guys i know live next to the server and still have all the problems...it's either daums hard- or software running the servers causing the issues
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  8. Downset added a post in a topic Random Desert! Hiddenstats all random?!   

    Cool I like diversity!
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  9. Downset added a post in a topic Trading Crate Worth List   

    no that's bullshit...most people do sunflower crates and those don't need any processing and are usually moved by ship - easy 10 millions per day on top of anything else you make, still you have to harvest them but that is usually 15 minutes 3 times a day....
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  10. Downset added a post in a topic What happened to costume mix-matching?   

    Amazing how you can sleep and post in the forum at the same time! But yes you absolutely need that
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  11. Downset added a post in a topic Anyone else getting bored?   

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  12. Downset added a post in a topic But Did Zerkers Really Need 3k+ HP   

    lvl 55 base hp is 2,4k@health lvl 30 for me - "the average berserker" is usually wearing taritas and maybe 1 black spirit crystal that makes 200 hp on top...so 2,6k....ofc with def gear or some other weird setup i also have around 3k hp but usually it rather around 2,5k for the common zerker you meet
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  13. Downset added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    You cannot craft, fish, trade, harvest..why not , its boring as hell to play alone...get some mates & enjoy the game with them.
    i never played a mmo, not even a true sandbox where you couldn't grind mobs to gain riches / power and it was a viable way to play the game
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  14. Downset added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    grind=killing mobs=fundamental of any mmo, i don't ever play alone  -  get a grp...bosses are stupid but who cares...this game is not about interesting bossfights and no sane person expects them  from a kr grinder
    I don't know why you don't have any short term goals...i usually set them when i start playing else it wouldn't make any sense for me
    you can do everything with others that you also do alone? so basically everything the game has to offer...
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