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  1. MindBlowing added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    Yeah, remove chain CC and make Tamers even more useless  
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  2. MindBlowing added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    So I should try to connect to like Sand Grain Bazaar?
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  3. MindBlowing added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    Hello, I also have a question on trading. I'm currently App.3 in trading and what I'm doing now is making a bunch of junk crates (like copper ore, maple timber, etc) in Port Epheria. After some time, I would transport them all to Altinova and trade them all in.
    NOTE: When I started making junk crates, I have not been leveling my trading.
    Is this a good way to gain trading exp? Idc if I lose money.
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  4. MindBlowing added a post in a topic kzarka or liverto which best for DK?   

    Wouldn't you go Kzarka for DK since most of DKs skills have high crit chance?
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  5. MindBlowing added a post in a topic Farming needs a buff   

    Wait, doesn't gathering require energy too?
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  6. MindBlowing added a post in a topic Livestream Content Announcements Recap (ENG)   

    So just to confirm, it seems that Striker is going to have a new weapon/sub weapon right?
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  7. MindBlowing added a topic in General   

    Always d/cing when first loading up BDO
    Does anyone else get this problem?
    To explain what I mean, whenever I turn on my computer(and I leave it on for 5 minutes without doing anything) and load up BDO, it would take some time to load through the first loading screen(the PEARLABYSS thing) then it would take some time to load up the character selection. After that, I'm loading into the game and at around 99% it kinda stays there then d/cs me saying "Lost connection with the server" and I have to reload BDO. When I'm loading BDO the second time, it goes through everything in about 2-3 minutes and I'm in.

    I'm not salty that it happens, just a little annoyed because I would wait like 7 minutes for BDO to load just for it to close and reload again. Does anyone know how to fix this if there is one?
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  8. MindBlowing added a topic in Tamer   

    What skill add-ons do you use?
    What skill add-on do you guys use for both pre-awakening and awakening? I feel like the skill add-ons I currently have aren't the best but I don't know what to them switch to. If possible, can you guys list the skill add-ons you have from lvl and if its for PvE or PvP?
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  9. MindBlowing added a topic in General   

    It is worth making multiple Gatherering alts?
    The reason why I was wondering because right now, I have a bunch of stuff I need to gather (meat, hides, logs, rough stones) for cooking, alchemy, or to simply sell but my current gathering alt simply does not have that much energy to do all of that at once. I'm sitting at around 200 energy so I thought it be a good idea to making Gathering alts to do certain gathering. However, leveling all of them back to around Professional(Bare minimum level req) is going to take quite some time. So, it may be a silly question but should I:
    1. Level 3 alts to about Professional Gathering and have them each gather a certain material. 
    2. use those alts to store energy and let my current Gathering alt gather everything BUT on certain days (EX: Monday: hides, Tuesday: logs, etc etc).
    3. Alternative solution you guys suggest
    Either way, I am most likely going to have to increase my energy (which I am currently doing) so yeah.
    As for time I can put into BDO, currently I'm on a one week break so I can put in about 6-8 hours into BDO, but once I go back to school it will drop down to maybe 2-4 hours
    Note: My current gathering alt is Artisan 3.
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  10. MindBlowing added a post in a topic What should I upgrade to run BDO on high settings?   

    Ahh I see I see. I am playing on a HDD so that could be the reason.
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  11. MindBlowing added a topic in General   

    What should I upgrade to run BDO on high settings?
    So yeah, what can I upgrade/do so I can run BDO on high settings? I'm able to run BDO on medium but I still get lag spikes in major towns on high settings.
    NOTE: I only know a little bit about computers.
    CPU: Intel Core i5 4670k 3.40 GHz
    RAM: 8 GB
    Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 960
    Power Supply: Thermaltake TR2 RX 850W
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    DirectX 11
    Uhh I don't know if I'm missing anything else but if I am, just say and I'll post it.
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  12. MindBlowing added a post in a topic One time in BDO   

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  13. MindBlowing added a topic in Tamer   

    How do you Void Lightning cancel?
    So how do you guys do it? I always wanted to try to learn how to do but I always fail. The only Void Lightning cancel I know is Void Lightning -> Fearful Trembling but some Tamers are able to cancel w/o FT letting them have another CC ready when VL is over. Are you suppose to do Evasion at a certain time or something? What skill do you use? 
    • 6 replies
  14. MindBlowing added a topic in General   

    Question on the Field Boss Event
    So when the event field boss is killed, is the only drop we get the anniversary box or can the bosses also drop their usual drops ? Like Red Nose CAN drops Red Nose's Armor, Bheg CAN drops Bheg's Glove etc. etc.
    Just wondering.
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  15. MindBlowing added a topic in Tamer   

    LF> some PVP tips ):
    So I been practicing 1 V 1 PVP but I feel kinda clunky playing her when transitioning from awakening to shortsword. I'm currently 57 so I may be missing some key flow skills but how do you guys switch from awakening to shortsword smoothly and fluently? The ones I know of currently are hotkeying that Pierce move (forgot the name) and doing Jolt/Bolt -> All round spinner. And to get out of awakening I either grapple or Jolt/Bolt. I feel that when I try to switch I'm super exposed and get ----ted on. Also are there any neat little tricks you guys wanna share? I been practicing Leaves Dropping/Flow:Gust -> Flow:Intimidation and feels so good to do properly :D.
    • 2 replies