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  1. mikess added a post in a topic [ESP][Blacksail][Semi-Hardcore][PvP]   

    Tienes oficiales de contacto en el post, si hay algun problema te puedo pasar nuestro discord. Un saludo!
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  2. mikess added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    We also love u Tekeii <3 , but national instead of international (Make Spain Great Again)
    We got our second t3 node this week against high dawn, we wanted a nice 1v1 and we got it. Nice fight and gg, u finally got some contest didn't u? Was pretty fun guys.
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  3. mikess added a post in a topic [ESP][Blacksail][Semi-Hardcore][PvP]   

    Up! Seguimos reclutando, 5 cupos!
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  4. mikess added a post in a topic [ESP][Blacksail][Semi-Hardcore][PvP]   

    Seguimos reclutando! Gente que les guste pvp y nos echen un cable en nodos y territorios. Con el merge, toca reinventarse, españoles por jordine!
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  5. mikess added a post in a topic [ESP][Blacksail][Semi-Hardcore][PvP]   

    Thx tekeii,u are a beast! I'm trying to convince our gm to finally go to a territory war! I hope u don't have to wait that much. See u in game!
    Estamos preparandonos para el merge! Tenemos segunda guild sin obligaciones, casual y para aprender todo el mundo sobre el juego, si te unes a la aventura, BlackSail academy te permite disfrutar en companía, marcándote tus propios tiempos!
    Si por el contrario quieres caña, actividad y mucho pvp, la principal sigue reclutando gente comprometida activa y con ganas de petarlo tras el merge.
    No tienes excusa! Vente a Blacksail!
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  6. mikess added a post in a topic [ESP][Blacksail][Semi-Hardcore][PvP]   

    uP! Buscamos gente que quiera hacer node wars y open pvp, gvg y que aspire a lo más alto! Tienes lo que hay que tener? 10 cupos.
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  7. mikess added a post in a topic [ESP][Blacksail][Semi-Hardcore][PvP]   

    UP! Seguimos reclutando gente para pvp!
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  8. mikess added a post in a topic [ESP][Blacksail][Semi-Hardcore][PvP]   

    Volvemos a reclutar! 5cupos de guild. Gente activa y que pueda asistir a node wars preferiblemente
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  9. mikess added a post in a topic [ESP][Blacksail][Semi-Hardcore][PvP]   

    seguimos reclutando, 10 cupitos!
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  10. mikess added a topic in European Guild   

    Somos Black Sail, una guild de Black Desert Online creada en Marzo de 2016. Venimos de EU (Jordine) y contamos con más de 80 miembros en nuestras filas.
    Nos consideramos una Guild semi-hardcore, donde nuestros principales requisitos son el compañerismo y las ganas de pasarlo bien. Para nosotros ante todo está la persona, no el personaje.
    Buscamos gente comprometida, Hacemos node wars 2 veces por semana y buscamos mejorar cada día y crecer para llegar a ser una guild española top.
    Pedimos respeto, actividad y equipo mínimo para PvP (idealmente, armadura tri y armas tri), pero se puede hablar.

    Aquí encontrareis algo más que una Guild; encontrareis una familia muy especial con sus más y sus menos, a la cual, os iréis enganchando cada día más y más.
    No encanta hacer el payaso, cantar y trolear con el bot del discord, pero también pedimos compromiso y seriedad en las node wars, misiones de clan y distintos eventos de pvp y grindeo que realizamos a menudo. Si lo tuyo es la buena compañía, disfrutar del juego aprender y mejorar, únete!
    Contacto ingame: Dragon_Axel, Sokyy , Ashara_Stormborn, Ylahs, IZeusSI, Ziaus, Sajorami, Politoxicomana o pregunta por nosotros en channel.
    PD: Aceptamos grupos de amigos o guilds que quieran progresar y estar en un clan con posibilidades de realizar pvp organizado a mayor escala.

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  11. mikess added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    They do if u severely outgear a class, if not, u can get like 20 or 30% with full megaultimate 6 cc combo. If u can only get 1 cc and 2 autos, u can't even kill a pig. Zerker makes a super grab chain and gets 10% of my hp, now a zerker will almost never kill me. Tank fights were imposible to win if u dont outgear and outplay via cc, now, will  be even harder to kill, block, 2 autos when grab, block... 1 hp pot, block...
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  12. mikess added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    What's the logic on the grab bound + no cc change?
    Thats kills the chain on the tanks, wich are supossed to provide cc. That massively nerfs the class, while dps got only buffs.
    Why the hell u want to buff all clases and nerf 3 clases wich need desperately cc to do anything? Zerker and war cannot do shit if they don't cc, and also u can get cc resist to even make them more useless. Witch cc resist, tons of superamors and even making cc chains a lot of harder(valk has like 3 bounds wich can only be applied with a knowckdown being only reliable counter and has long cast and hard to get). Berserker grabs and does nothing. Well, seems like berserker changed to be a dps tank instead a cc tank, all berserker players will be proud, because they use to make a dp build and now is like no dmg and no cc. Cool.
    Wars can make 0 combos, 99% time is grab + something, so u have to knockback, hard as hell, and then grab and thats all.
    Valk has to start with counter, then grab and gg wp. 0 mobility. Valk could make cc chain and berserker, but no longer, so valk and berserker have to build ap, because no cc, and war is like bottom tier in everything.
    But hey! buff ranger, melts as they do and less mana. Buff wizard, wich is god in gvg, to be even more protected.
    Imo, u should put super armor, or limit the cc by like 3 or 4 max, but 2 is a total nerf while other get buffs.
    Other and the dmg changes in war and valk are so bad. Scars are insta grab or dodge. Divine power is expensive as hell and only viable post 56.
    As the patch says, that changes the gameplay of tanks, and will make either kit, because they weren't intented to be dps with no cc, or try to learn the combos, if they still exist.
    Man, this is a total nerf to tanks while buffing other, only could be explained if the awakenings are like another class,  0% similarities to playstyle and op, if they are similar, and expect to cc, the change has 0 logic.
    Even if u want to kill the cc chains, i hope at least has like a 3 second timer to another cc. Like grab +hits + spear + hits + bound + hits, and has counterplay and doesn't kill classes. But if its like hey, u cc'd me once, so u can do nothing but attack now! The change is complete garbage.
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  13. mikess added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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