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  1. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic Too much of an issue to have a non-redhead Valkyrie?   

    I am here to serve.
    Elion Bless.
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  2. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic Too much of an issue to have a non-redhead Valkyrie?   

    Do as you please. Although, it is the norm, and required for Calpheon Valkyrie's to have red-hair, by birth or by dye, that is no reason for you to change your wishes. Besides that, you don't have to be a Calpheon Valkyrie either, and therefore making that 'requirement' null and void. You could also go with your ideas and have some rebel hair-colour (etc). You may have any hair colour you wish, and, just like real life, it is not up to the discretion of others to say so (unless you're in the Calpheon military, of course). This should not be a problem going forward, and, if you wish to have full light-blue hair with some extreme shine, many others (including myself) will support your endeavours.
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  3. Jayvrekk added a topic in Roleplay   

    New Threads for [ALL SERVERS] on the BDO Roleplayers Site!
    After a large, explaining message I created and sent to the moderators of the Black Desert Roleplayers site, (Unsure if this was the deciding factor, or not) they decided to discuss and add two new forum threads for the other servers outside of Jordine (EU) and Orwen (NA) for Roleplayers like ourselves! This is a major help to the people who either chose a server first, or bought and received all their items on another server, and are unwilling to change to the other server (besides that, it's usually full of lag). You can find them by clicking FORUMS, and going down past the two main servers. Now, you can look in more places than one for roleplay on your server, and channel! I hope this keeps everyone informed, and together! A big thanks for Sorora for answering my application within a timely manner, and with a respectful tone!
    For the Delphe Knights!
    Elion Bless.
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  4. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic [OOC] Toggle walk (How-to)   

    The best part is: I'm an Animator. Toggling a walk is not hard, and if their system is set up anything like the Unreal engine, it's a simple 'When Button Pressed' 'Button "\" Key' 'Blend Space, Run-Walk Animation', 'Play Animation Walk.'. The toggling would much be set up like the crouch, where Q toggles the 'Crouching' animation through the use of nodes. Most systems use nodal code, like this. (Picture is not mine, however, I could create one in no time.)

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  5. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic RP Groups in NA Uno   

    Hey, there!
    I've started one of the main RP groups on Uno to keep the people of Uno together! Like most others, I started playing on Uno unbeknownst that Orwen would become the main RP group. I've asked the Black Desert Roleplayers site to open up a forum for the Uno server, so that anyone on Uno can stay in contact with eachother. If you're seeking friends, or a group to roleplay with, (Still), let me know! The <Delphe Knights> can always use allies! We're usually on Mediah U1, or Calpheon U1.
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  6. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic Lack of RP community?   

    There's a good deal of RP on Orwen, especially in the major cities on Calpheon O2, but, there are other quality RP guilds and others on Uno and Edan as well. I've tried out Orwen, but I personally like Uno. There's a fair deal of RPers mostly in homes, or already in guilds, so, save up your loyalty points, and recruit through the server-wide chat! It's what I've been doing. Works like a charm to find the RPers in the rough, who kept out of the "This is the RP channel and server, so you should go here" dilemma. 
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  7. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic It seems the definition of "Casual" has changed...   

    It is not the job of mere plebians to decide your fate. Go fourth, and claim your title, SirMisses HardcoreCasualDestroyerOfEvil. 
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  8. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Great update! Can't wait to explore Mediah! Berserker's needed that buff, even if I don't play them.
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  9. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic Black Demon   

    The player is left in the dark for most of the Black Spirit story for a while. All you know is, he has your 'memories', and you have agreed to aid him to restore himself through objects and beasts of great power. As the both of you gain power, he will begin to evolve into the great spirit he once was. He's practically a mooch; until he gains more power than you, that is (which, I assume will happen).
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  10. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    Jayvrekk Condar, Knight of Delphe.

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  11. Jayvrekk added a topic in General   

    Class Sensing / Dialogue Updates?
    So, I've been playing since the Beta, and I've noticed one simple thing that hasn't really been fixed. The NPC dialogue and class recognition. Depending on the Class you choose, you're either a Male or Female, so, it would make logical sense for the NPC's to detect your class, and determine to say "Sir" or "Ma'am", "Him, or "Her", and so on. I've also noticed NPC's speech, knowledge about other NPC's, or in quest-logs referencing another NPC in-game with the wrong gender, or name completely. One example of this can be found in Serendian Territory within Glish, when Caeser is called Chaeser by the Chief, and the quest is actually labelled something along the lines of "Meeting Chaeser". Now, I know it's a lot to complain about, but come on. At least have the NPC's  speak about other NPC's with the correct name and gender, lest they speak to a Ranger by saying "Is he alright?" while seeing the Black Spirit speak to you in the Ancient Stone Chamber. Has anyone else really noticed this, or, in part, bothered by it slightly?
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  12. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic 6 Days, No S Rank   

    Look on the bright side, sometimes you get titles for massacring thousands of the same enemies, over, and over, and over, and ov---Zzzzz.... Oh yeah, I was killing Imps, wasn't I?
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  13. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic It seems the definition of "Casual" has changed...   

    As for your list, and the word "Casual", I believe that's a bit of a harsher word than needs to be. I do all the things in your list as well (though, I may play more and do a few more things), but don't think of myself as just a 'casual' player. There are many types of players in games, and the word 'casual' doesn't just describe slow or fast pacing. Casual gamers would not be playing Black Desert Online, but rather, Candy Crush, or Clash of Clans. Little, uneventful, at work on the Ipad time-wasters. Instead, classifications should be based on charts like so, (See below) as most video-game designers and animators (I'm an Animator) use these to rope a more generalized public into their games.

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  14. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic DAUM just confirmed: They won't release Blader/Plum Ninja/Kunochi!   

    Disappointed I saw this 15 minutes prior to 12 AM... Daum-It. Hah... Hahaah. 
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  15. Jayvrekk added a post in a topic BDO is Pay2win   

    You have nothing to back up your claims here; there is no dedication to your own topic. You do not need to buy a single thing in the game to "WIN", as nothing in the Pearl shop grants any major feat. There is nothing that you can buy (with the exception of the Treant Armour Costume) that gives you anything that a player who hasn't spent a single dime on Pearls can't get. Mostly, Pearls are for aesthetics and individuality.
    If you really did play the game as much as you said you do, you'd know that skill, combined with dedicated time and the proper armour, as well as class mastery can put you vastly ahead of other players. Pearls, on the other hand, do not. As any MMORPG, or RPG styled game, it will take time to achieve progression, mastery, and to properly skilfully learn to combat those who challenge you.
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