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  1. Yuii added a post in a topic Where is OP?   

    You can't just level to 57 (possibly with subpar gear) and expect the class to instantly carry you. 
    You need the following: 
    -Remotely decent gear
    -Know what you're doing
    More specifically, Dark Knight is missing one of it's most essential flows at 57. Don't expect to be able to take on geared/leveled people without the same.
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  2. Yuii added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    patch notes when

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  3. Yuii added a post in a topic Can you please add sPvP arenas?   

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  4. Yuii added a post in a topic Awakened PvE combo   

    That's a different spin on it, and I like it. I never considered starting with pre-awakened, but it sounds pretty good. Thanks for this!
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  5. Yuii added a post in a topic Awakened PvE combo   

    Admittedly I've only maxed out Air Strike, Wheel of Fortune, Unveiled Dagger and Hidden Strike from Pre Awakening outside of passives, so I haven't run into any skill point issues, yet. The kit that I run, for the most part, gets the job done for PvP and PvE. Currently sitting at 951 total skill points.
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  6. Yuii added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Awakened PvE combo
    Below is a quick video showing a PvE combo I worked out while grinding Pila Ku. It's mostly for tanky mobs, but can be used elsewhere. If anyone has suggestions or their own combos, feel free to reply with them.
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  7. Yuii added a post in a topic If He/She wins...   

    I agree that it's dumb lol. No doubt about that. I can respect your opinion 110%.
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  8. Yuii added a post in a topic If He/She wins...   

    Nah. I'm just making the point that if you or anyone else here is upset, they should blame the people who voted for it, for having a differing opinion, and finding humor in a situation that really isn't that serious in the first place. An exception shouldn't be made because people are mad at how obviously clever the individual was about the situation. And perhaps, even, that their entry was poking fun at contests like these in the first place. People aren't willing to ask why they did it, but, rather, just complain without understanding. You just sound upset at this point because, again, it doesn't meet your standards. Your standards, and everyone else's in this thread =/= the standard set by the publishers/devs who concocted the contest. And they're pretty simple, straightforward, and neutral standards. If people can't get with the fact that these rules were put in place to promote fairness (which, in all actuality, the template was upvoted fairly) then they have no business competing in any contests like this lol. You can reply with some sort of reason as to why I'm wrong, or how you're justified in your thinking all you want, but one fact stands above all of our opinions here -- The community voted for this, and it is winning as a direct result of what the community likes. Anyone who wants this DQ'd to give themselves better chance just sounds like a sore loser at this point.
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  9. Yuii added a post in a topic If He/She wins...   

    It is valid though, because the community deemed it valid when they made it number one. The template isn't offensive, distasteful, rude, or any of those. It's a simple a face. It didn't break any rules. You could argue and say that someone who changed the hair colour of the original template isn't creative enough, and ask for that to be dq'd, but, again. 

    No rules were broken. Therefore, default or not, it is most popular, and a valid entry. Anyone who can't see that this entry is deserving of a place next to others (because, again, the community deemed it deserving -- the people who ultimately decide who wins and who doesn't) is just being close minded and upset for no good reason at this point. We could go back and forth all day about this, but that won't change. Whether or not it ends up DQ'd, it's still a valid entry because the community. Deemed. It. So.
    I respect the fact that people put in hard work on their templates because there are some really wholesome ones out there, but, again. No one is making a good point as to why it should be DQ'd other than "I don't like it" or "It doesn't meet my standards."
    The community gets to decide who wins or loses, NOT who gets disqualified. 
    If it gets DQ'd, oh well. If it wins, oh well. Blame your community for voting for it.
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  10. Yuii added a post in a topic If He/She wins...   

    It's popular because people find the idea of it enjoyable. Therefore it doesn't really meet requirements for disqualification. In the case of this contest, popular = enjoyable since the community votes on it. The community won't vote for something popular if they don't enjoy it. That's the whole point being made. 

    Again, when people make threads like these to complain about how someone made a joke, and people voted for it instead of their own or someone else's, it just comes off as being envious, or salty. However you try to twist and contort it, that template is still the most popular because the community deemed it most popular. There's no other way to put it simply lol.
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  11. Yuii added a post in a topic If He/She wins...   

    I mean, not really though lol. If people vote for it, then they obviously decided that it was funny, or enjoyable. Totally in the spirit of this competition, where the idea is to vote for the most enjoyable template. If people want to disqualify this person because their way of going about things is unorthodox, or doesn't meet your standards for a valid competitor, then it just ends up coming off as salt honestly. If people really don't want it to win, then vote against it, and convince others to do so. However, starting a thread to basically throw salt around about it is hardly the best way of going about this.
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  12. Yuii added a post in a topic If He/She wins...   

    It has nothing to do with being the fastest uploader if the first uploader is uploading the default preset for the class. If the community is voting on it, then you need to blame them for their sense of humor (which, honestly, I think would be stupid anyways.)
    This thread is full of people being salty because someone made a joke template and the community decided that was what they liked. 
    Again, blame your community, not the contest/rules themselves. You can't disqualify someone because you don't like their choice of appearance. As long as they didn't break tos, it's totally fair game.
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  13. Yuii added a post in a topic If He/She wins...   

    Can't stop a community from being stupid and downloading a stock appearance. Can't really blame the contest conditions for the bad decisions of the community.
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  14. Yuii added a post in a topic So how do you like the valk changes?   

    Best 1v1 class? LOL. Take the gear from a valk and give it to a warrior (direct transfer, save for gems and awakening weapon) and watch them 1v1 with less effort than a valk. Matter of fact, you could do the same thing with a zerker too. I'd argue and say Ranger, or Maehwa as well, but those are a bit questionable at times. I'll admit that valk has alot of utility, cc, and survivability abilities. That's the way the class was designed. That being said, there are a lot of classes that do what we do, and do it better. That's just on the subject of 1v1s, since you brought that up. We have a place in group fights, which is mostly peeling, cc botting, and general support, in addition to dishing out damage. The role itself is fine, but I don't think we're in a 'good spot'. We're still down there with tamer and ninja. 
    Again, I've been playing Valk since December 2015 on KR, and alot of the issues I have with the class are issues that alot of longtime Valk players have with it. I'm not discounting you as a player, because I'm sure you play it well. I'm speaking purely on the shortcomings of the class because PA doesn't feel the need to give us a proper buff after this long, but continue to buff their power classes.
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