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  1. invu added a post in a topic I just want to say thank you for this game   

    You realise it is people that spends a lot of hours making this game, right? 
    I'm thanking them because it means something to me. Because it is a special game that has sparked something in me that other games just haven't for a very long time. 

    I'm aknowledging their work. 
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  2. invu added a topic in General   

    I just want to say thank you for this game
    Hello Daum, I would just like to say thank you for this game. I read the forums every day and it doesn't always seem like people are enjoying the effort you've put into the game much. But I can tell you that I atleast admire the effort you've put in. 
    I truly love how the game is combining fantasy and realism. e.g. how trees, fish, ore, plants and so forth have names that abbreviate from real life. The texture for the most parts are also consistent with real life texture, like Birk trees being white and stuff.

    I also love the fact that you can derive gold, crystals, or make planks from timber or even gathering seed while picking up potatoes or milking cows for fun. 

    I enjoy that the game almost feel like one of those "app" games that you can download for your phone, like farmville or something but without the commercials and in a lot prettier and bigger setting. I might not have spent the most time in this game like other people and I might not have the best gear available but I just take my time relaxing and ENJOYING the game for once. It's been a long time since I've truly enjoyed a game because it was ENTERTAINING and FUN. 

    It seems you have some very intelligent people working on this game, because in my opinion it takes intelligence to think up all kinds of possibilities that resembles real life culture and adding a mix of fantasy in it too (like orcs, giants and such). 

    You can cook or dry fish. You can put them in crates and have your Wagon deliver them to other cities. You can gather logs, chop it into woods, refine the planks and so forth. You can go out in the wild and kill, then butcher animals and cook their meat into dishes etc. it's fantastic! 

    Thanks a lot for this game! 

    Edit: Thanks to Pearl Abyss too. 
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  3. invu added a post in a topic How the hell are characters ordered?   

    It's a hidden stat how it's organized. 
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  4. invu added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Does it look like Sephiroth a bit? and which hairstyle do you think is best?? unfortunately no 100% fitting one. Tried to have focus on getting the eyes and haircolor right. 

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  5. invu added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    I've made my Maehwa look like a "famous" character from a popular game in a female version... can you guess who it is?

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  6. invu added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Musa and Maewha sounds a lot better than Blader and Plum. Plum for me is like a Plumber.... doesn't fit in my mouth. Blader just sounds stupid. Musa and Maewha sounds cool! and very original. 
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  7. invu added a topic in General   

    Costumes should be bound to family & class not character
    As the title says, can you please make costumes able to be put into storage room? 

    I know they are class specific, but my new Valkyrie can't get my old Valkyrie's costume... Seems that since I paid 30 euro for it, at least I should be able to put it on another Valkyrie??

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  8. invu added a post in a topic Post your Goddess/God   

    Here is mine... a Valkyrie. 

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  9. invu added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Here is my Valkyrie. Made account just to show it. What you think? ;p


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