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  1. Paramethius added a post in a topic Questions: BDO Old Controversies Regarding Drops   

    Thanks for the replies guys!  
    Sounds like BDO is still the same mysterious RNG game as when I left it. Fun fun lol
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  2. Paramethius added a topic in General   

    Questions: BDO Old Controversies Regarding Drops
    Hi, I'm a returning player. Before I quit there was still a handful of controversies going around the BDO community. I'm curious to see if any have been proven as fact since I've been gone! So let's go:
    All drops are based off the Party Leader's node levelNode level does not affect the rare drops within the node (E.g., Witch Earrings, Mark of Shadow, Basilisk Belt, etc.)S grade is the only grade that increases drop ratesMore difficult mobs within an area, have a higher chance of dropping rare items (E.g., Green Orc Warrior has a higher drop chance to drop Witch's Earrings vs. killing a Skeleton Wolf has a lower drop chance)Your pets have a lower chance for uncommon/rare drops because they do not benefit from your Luck Level, but instead use the default of Luck Level 0 
    I'm excited to see if any of these are true. If there's any extra info you feel like sharing or even new conspiracies, let me know!
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  3. Paramethius added a post in a topic Durability   

    I'm sorry to breathe life into an old thread, but I'm having this exact same problem.
    (I'm a level 57 & 46% so I've played my fair share of Witch.)
    It wasn't until recently that a group of friends and I are working on efficiency spreadsheet, where I noticed; they can farm a hell of a lot longer than I can. 
    I believe this was intended though. The reason being that, at this point it seems like a matter of Witch's/Wizard's spending much more time using their mount to run for the repair shop than other classes in exchange for the cost of not spending (nearly) anything on pots. Meanwhile other classes suffer the downfall of spending more on pots, in exchange for more farm time.
    imo: it comes down to preference. I'm just sad I didn't realize this was a choice when I originally started playing my Witch. Too late to stop now.
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  4. Paramethius added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    Nobody even knows the obtain chance of these items, and this entire thread is blowing up before any data is collected. 

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  5. Paramethius added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    cheat boos? Pretty sure awakening is coming out by the end of summer. Not to mention I see logic in this silver event. Have you seen how many cron stones you need to protect some accessories/equipment?
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  6. Paramethius added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    When awakenings are released and you understand the importance of every point of AP when seeing the scaling, you'll understand how important it is. Aside from that, you dodged my point being that it's far from "Black Casual Online"
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  7. Paramethius added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    And how many TET/PEN's do you have?
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  8. Paramethius added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

  9. Paramethius added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    Ohh so you're talking about the Blackstone market value's because of the Blackstone droprate event next month. I see. ^^
    The big picture with the overwhelming majority of items, is what I was thinking of.
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  10. Paramethius added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    Increase? I mean with 5m items being obtained by people server-wide, it'd only make sense that they throw that money into the economy to progress their character.
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  11. Paramethius added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    The problem is only getting worse. ^^

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  12. Paramethius added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    I didn't give an amount of $ spent. kthxlol
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  13. Paramethius added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    BDO looks like a fun game... Hmm I hate starting out weak. These Dye things sell in the marketplace for a decent chunk of change, 3 Million+ if I get a black one...
    The next day
    WOW! I earned 350 Million silver!
    30 minutes later
    Sweet, full ultimate grunil +15 and liverto +15 with PRI Accessories. Nice! This is a fun game!
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  14. Paramethius added a post in a topic Brutal Accessory RNG   

    I knew very little about the stones, and if they would work on accessories. According to this picture, you're correct. This pretty much renders my thread as useless. Thanks for the info, and I'll be looking forward for the release of these Cron Stones.
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  15. Paramethius added a post in a topic Some observations about bdo currently   

    Seems to me like there's a trend with a few complaints.
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