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  1. Asentrix added a topic in Report de bug   

    XIGNCODE3 - Detecting System Files!!
    xigncode3 - 0xE019100b
    Sent them 3 emails complaining about this issue.
    xigncode3 is detecting system files in system32 and classifying them as hack files lmao!
    They only reply with automatic messages.
    "C:\Windows\System32\user32.dll" is causing my game to get shut down by xigncode3
    I literally can't remove this file without corrupting / destroying my operating system.
    It's an essential system file.
    • Tried booting in safe mode / playing , didn't work
    • Validated the file , ensured it's the legitimate file , not some imposter / infected file (signed by microsoft) - https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/1a69e7b04be6a2fb3ad7d8a6037e4bf3bbda119d81a3f1337e80a6551cc352f3/analysis/1494552005/
    Currently the game is literally unplayable
    What the hell can I do?

    Also just to note , I couldn't post anywhere else on the forum except for here , so sorry about that.
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  2. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Love me a good retard , always good for a laugh
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  3. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Doubles yes's all round, glad to see we've all come to an agreement
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  4. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Refusing is an overstatement , just CBF , wouldn't matter if I were running a radeon 290 or tri sli gtx 980 ti's , it's all the same in BDO, submitted a ticket since I'm able to get a refund up to 14 days after purchase anyways
    Enjoy your baked potato lmao
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  5. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Try it , see what happens , nothing.
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  6. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Thanks for answering my question , knew my hunch was correct
    Go to where I was in the game , take a screenshot and show me what it looks like for you 
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  7. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    I added screens to OP , tell me there's no difference between the two images
    Yep I did , thanks for voting / agreeing with me xx
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  8. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Read a book , you have the grammar skills of an inbred monkey , that's probably what you are though
    The title of this thread is 'Refund requested' , not 'Retard convention' , sorry to confuse you lot, but if you can't contribute , ----- off
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  9. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Were you dropped as a child?
    I was quoting what he was saying you moron , learn to read
    Actually yes it is Aprils first you retard lol, funny part is the only joke here is you , you foreign trash
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  10. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    I spike from  450-800ms every 2-3 seconds , insinuating they're both unrelated makes you a dipshit
    I pointed out my bandwidth so people didn't say 'Stop downloading stuff while you play , close your browser , download more RAM'
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  11. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Knew it wouldn't be long until a dipshit like yourself rolled along
    " I don't play games for graphics , it's the gameplay that counts"
    That's your opinion and personal preference , I like getting what I pay for and this game looks rubbish , plain and simple
    I'm entitled to my own opinion , if you don't like it , go sit on a nail
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  12. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Working on getting a video up
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  13. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    Why do you assume it's a troll?
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  14. Asentrix added a post in a topic Refund Requested   

    There's 30+ threads from other users all experiencing the exact the problem as me
    There's no solution other than getting a refund and moving on
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  15. Asentrix added a topic in General   

    Refund Requested
    I can't play this game , looks like absolute garbage , and that's my opinion.
    Absolutely no matter what setting I change , it still looks like crap , tried absolutely everything.
    Hooked my rig up to my mates 1440p ROG and it still looks like a potato , it's nothing like what is advertised
    Pretty disappointing considering the game has tons of potential , but right now it's a miss for me
    Also the latency is extremely annoying , 1 second delay when jumping , monsters skipping across the screen etc
    And not , it's not related to my network, 100mbps down , same with up.
    No lag issues at all on other titles.
    I believe I'm entitled to a refund because it doesn't meet my expectations , I also have less than an hour played.
    It literally looks worse than the witcher 3 on barebones minimum , it looks worse than Tera , GW2 , WOW , BNS, list goes on.

    I assume the issue is LOD or optimization related , but as I stated above , it's unplayable for me , the quality is ruining the playing experience.

    List of others with similar issues as mine
    Expectations / Advertised Graphics (Ultra)

    Reality (Ultra)

    • 79 replies