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  1. Diggerton added a post in a topic Player to Player Trading, Do YOU want it? Cast your Vote!   

    This is a suggestion forum, nowhere should the consideration on whether or not to post a suggestion take into account the time it may take to code the suggested changes.  That is for the developers to worry about.
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  2. Diggerton added a post in a topic An idea on how to stop 'Gold Seller Bots'.   

    This is a factually incorrect statement.
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  3. Diggerton added a post in a topic Stop spamming with trade topics !   

    So, what is wrong with wanting to profit from trading?  
    I await your logic based argument.
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  4. Diggerton added a post in a topic Crafted Items on Marketplace Severely Under-Priced   

    I don't think it's merely the quantity on the market, rather the transaction volume.
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  5. Diggerton added a post in a topic Repair Kit for Boat   

    I would be for recovering some durability as long as each time you do so, the maximum durability lowers.  For example, if it recovers 10% of your durability, you lose 10% of your durability cap, meaning, the boat would eventually die but be delayed.
    1) No it won't
    2) Yes it will
    3) Okay
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  6. Diggerton added a post in a topic Words That Need Filtered   

    I eagerly await the day that people are able to be mature enough to ignore or block people who offend them.  All you do, by shining a light on them, is encourage the behavior.  
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  7. Diggerton added a post in a topic Energy to attack mobs - Updated with solution for energy   

    Sounds more sarcastic and you're meter is off.
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  8. Diggerton added a post in a topic Energy to attack mobs - Updated with solution for energy   

    By far the worst way to have a constructive conversation about a game in the suggestion forum.
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  9. Diggerton added a post in a topic Chat spam   

    IP bans will never work and would only stop someone legitimately trying to play the game.  Using a VPN to circumvent an IP ban is far to easy and common for it to ever work.
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  10. Diggerton added a post in a topic A couple modest Suggestions   

    Channels are effectively different servers and there is little advantage to splitting up the population and many to keeping the population on any single server as high as possible.Lore is very important..  Not every class will have a counterpart/mirror, this has been discussed since CBT1.I would love to have a Necro as a class, however, I don't think we'll be seeing anything new anytime soon.I'm not sure the game is really designed to support a trinity style gameplay.  You should be using your skills/potions for primary mitigation and healing as well as group buffs from other group members, such as the Valkyrie or Wizard.
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  11. Diggerton added a post in a topic Get Rid of Gender Lock!   

    Lore > you being offended.
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  12. Diggerton added a post in a topic Stronger captcha + marketplace massbuying   

    Having CAPTCHAs is useless and only serves to slow down legitimate purchases.  Bots have been circumventing CAPTCHAs for years now.
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  13. Diggerton added a post in a topic Possible way to stop spam chat   

    Don't say "end to this issue" because we all know it's a never ending battle!
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  14. Diggerton added a post in a topic Add Ability To Hide Other's Wagons/Horses At NPCs   

    There have been far more immersive suggestions to this issue.  One involves ensuring you tie up your horse at a horse post, which could easily be phased to only show a half dozen horses.  These horse posts could be littered all over any city/town.  If you don't tie up your horse, it wonders off and could even die.
    Another issue is the highly restrictive range of NPCs being able to interact with your mount/wagon.  The trade manager, for example, nearly requires you to run him over with your wagon to auto-load it with a trade pack.
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  15. Diggerton added a post in a topic Crafted Items on Marketplace Severely Under-Priced   

    Here is the thing.
    The current marketplace model was designed for a system in which energy is valued for far less because it was used for less manufacturing processes.  When they added an energy cost to the crafting station and manual processing cycles, the value of energy dramatically increased yet the market prices were not adjusted to reflect this (my observation).
    To make matters worse, there isn't any player-player trading which would have easily helped in this regard.
    To make matters even worse still, the market prices appear to adjust based upon the volume of transactions.  What this means is that for items like Beer, that goes through thousands of transactions a day, the market price seems to move, even if slightly.  However, for larger, more complicated builds, such as the Fishing Boat, there are so few sold that the market prices never increase enough to warrant mass production.  This is simple, economics 101, and where the game's economic system completely fails.
    So whether you agree or disagree on player trading being enabled, you cannot deny that the current marketplace mechanics are not acceptable with the current energy system.  There have been numerous suggestions to remedy the energy system woes;
    Add processing workshops
    and/orTriple+ the manual processing input/output (meaning you put in more and get more for each energy consumed for the cycle).They will also need to adjust how the marketplace works.
    They will first need to adjust the range at which an item can be sold using the volume sold as a guide.  Meaning, the lower the volume, the wider the range.  They will need to increase the speed at which the range increases/decreases.  Meaning, if the calculation requires 1000 items to be sold for the range to move, they will need to drop that threshold to 500 or so.  Essentially, the market prices will move quicker and be more responsive to standard market forces.My personal preferences are to have both of the above suggestions to fix the energy system while not removing the energy cost for processing.  I actually like the cost and if the marketplace is adjusted to be more open, people can move towards more of a processor who supplied the market with processed materials.
    As for the marketplace, I believe they should remove the range as a whole and allow the marketplace to find its own equilibrium.  If they are worried about RMT, you can just ensure that a transaction happens between the buyer and the lowest priced seller.  That way, the currency purchaser cannot put an item up for an extremely high price so the currency seller can buy it, thus transferring currency.
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