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  1. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Veila Fishing Hotspot?   

    Read today's patch notes.
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  2. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Hunting and Fishing for cash   

    Active fishing can make quite good money once you invest in gear and the time needed to level your fishing skill up. AFK fishing is a lot less.
    Hunting in its current state is a waste of time as an income source, a black hole of nothingness.
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  3. Vercinorix added a post in a topic [KR] Balenos hunting grounds   

    Thank you for sharing this, but unless these changes also include a massive increase in how much silver/hour you can make from doing hunting it won't mean much. There is something seriously wrong when the ONLY life skill that is 100% active has the worst ROI in time of all the life skills and has nothing to show for it.
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  4. Vercinorix added a post in a topic abandoned ferry   

    There are actually 2 abandoned ferries in Valencia... the one NW of Shakatu and another almost directly east of the Ruined City of Rune. You may need to check them both.
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  5. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Gathering sharps and hards.   

    Any gathering operation except bottling water can proc shards.
    Pruning/Weeding in Farming lifeskill can proc shards.
    The only way you are going to get shards via any other lifeskill profession is by doing the higher end Black Spirit guide quests for that profession (if available).
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  6. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Are named workers better then normal Artisan workers?   

    The named workers are (unfortunately) garbage. A regular Skilled (blue grade) will have better stats by the time it reaches 30. 
    Also, the named amity workers cannot be promoted or sold to other players if you no longer need them. 
    I wasted my time early on by having 8 of them... all long since have been fired and replaced by Artisan workers.
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  7. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Armor reform stones broken?   

    You can force any non-boss armor and weapons to TRI, regardless if they have been ultimated or not.
    EDIT: by non boss gear I mean any item where the base item is green or lower quality.
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  8. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Abandoned Ferry in Shakatu???   

    There are actually 2 abandoned ferry sites... the easier to find one near Shakatu itself, and a 2nd that is actually along the coast west of the Abandoned City of Rune. There is a cave leading directly to it near (if I remember correctly) the Rune node manager. Hope this helps.
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  9. Vercinorix added a post in a topic 5 pet out patch, when?, if?   

    We'll see it when the Home Office decides a revenue-bump is necessary. Just like there is room on the pet skill bar for another skill...leaving the door open for T5 pets. 
    Patience Grasshopper, your desires will be fulfilled in time
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  10. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Alt/Family questions   

    I would advise only specifically going out of your way to do the Black Spirit quests, because of the inventory space and other item rewards associated with them. Only do any other quests that you can pick up easily and are directly involved with what you are killing to level up your alts.
    The problem is, contribution quests RARELY involve cash rewards, and if you are looking to build up your contribution points while still making money I strongly urge picking up cooking, specifically activating every grain node in the game and mass producing beer. Everything you cook gives by-products that can be turned in for A) extra beer, B) Milk (this is the only way to economically get this essential cooking ingredient in quantity) C) contribution experience D) cash and E) cooking experience. Once you get high enough cooking skill you can start doing the Imperial Crafting turn ins for cooking for some quite decent cash.
    You can look up some nice vids on the topic by Incendar Gaming I believe on YouTube.
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  11. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Booger of a Clean Chick   

    Some of the responses to this are pretty trolly.
    The quest can be completed, but there is no indication of whether any particular chick is the correct one until you blow the 15 energy to find out. If you are going to do this quest come with a lot of energy. 
    There are definitely bugs associated with this quest: sometimes the interact option doesn't click completely through, and also the general bug where a character is locked into place if the target moves as you complete an interaction happens here quite a bit. This particular bug should be a VERY HIGH priority to fix because it can get a character killed if it happens in an area with monsters that are aggroable.
    Be aware that finding the correct chick IS needed to provide knowledge in the Valencia Entrance Expedition Log II.
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  12. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Cant proceed with the questline...please help :(   

    There seems to be quite a bit of confusion here.
    You don't actually have the quest, that is why you cannot forfeit it.
    Any quest in your log that is prefaced with "Unaccepted:" is a notification that this quest (generally a storyline/chain quest) has NOT been done and it might be a good idea to do it.
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  13. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Just a few questions   

    The only thing I would add to this is that the blue awakened weapon permanent durability repair cost DOES actually change to boss grade gear level when you upgrade it to ultimate, so you are probably NOT going to want to instantly upgrade it to ultimate or you will wind up paying quite a lot more to do your upgrading.
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  14. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Edan - LAG...   

    After playing on all 3 NA servers for the past few weeks, Edan most definitely had lag problems that Orwen and Uno did not. Fellow guildies from all over the world were reporting the same kind of issues. You could most consistently see the problem when attempting to interact with NPCs... on Edan there would be a lag delay of seconds in between clicking on a NPC and their menus to come up, where on Orwen and Uno the response was instant. 
    I also was doing the bird-hunting daily minigame just outside Heidel on all 3 servers daily. For Uno and Orwen it rarely took more than one shot to finish the quest, on Edan it took literally dozens to get one hit. 
    It didn't seem to matter which channel on Edan you were on either. 
    The question is, why was Edan drastically worse than the other 2 NA servers? Was it specific to Edan's hardware or was the Edan's playerbase that much larger?
    Personally I am hoping that the new megaserver performs closer to how it was on Orwen and Uno, because if it becomes like Edan.... the game is basically unplayable.
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  15. Vercinorix added a post in a topic Unable to buy shovels.   

    I was mid-collection in getting bottles of river water at Heidel and it stopped... "cannot apply item results to memory" was the message I received on all further attempts to start water collection again. Got the same errror: "Item is restricted" when trying to buy more empty bottles.
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