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  1. Hekki added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Main reason is fact who played ranger - losers who pick the most OP class in game. It is true ranger is not top 1 anymore, just a little behind wizard and DK. And this all trash players who chose class because of OP just relloring. But ranger it self is still insanly OP compared to other classes.
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  2. Hekki added a post in a topic Manos Ruby Earring   

    So tri give 5 evasion and 10 dr
    tri token of friendship have 11 dr and is far cheaper (far easier to make tet with 13 dr than tri manos). While evasion is completly useless if not full stacked.
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  3. Hekki added a post in a topic Manos Ruby Earring   

    If this earrings have evasion, not dr then this earrings are useless for dr build.
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  4. Hekki added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    Need this numbers to create builds. Right now I have under one number (DP) evasion and damage reduction - this things have completely no correlation. How can I create tank build if there is no information if items allow to stack damage reduction or evasion?
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  5. Hekki added a post in a topic Wear it with pride   

    As you wish.
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  6. Hekki added a post in a topic Valk shield bug - breakdown of communication?   

    This method must cause bugs. It is 100% kakao fault because they agreed to make versions mishmash
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  7. Hekki added a post in a topic PvP sucks in this game   

    You WoW players have problem understanding MMO may go different way than WoW. Thing what you complain is PvP sandbox game design. If you do not like it, do not play because that is the way how the game was designed from core.
    Other thing devs failed and game is broken. Whatever if you want to see this design successfully implemented look at games like: Lineage 2 (C0-C6 and classic), EVE online or Ultima online.
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  8. Hekki added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    They killed PvP in Tera (same as BDO) and in terms of PvE IMO Vindictus is far better.
    For PvP Lineage 2 classic.

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  9. Hekki added a post in a topic reduce castle money cus this is ridiculous   

    So recruit your own band of nolifers.
    So do it.
    Shit servers are separate problem. We have the most expensive and the worst version of this game, say thx to kakao.
    Class balance is separate problem. That is obvious this game is balanced by idiots.
    No, people play the game for this sieges. That is only form of PvP that left in this shitty game.
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  10. Hekki added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    Spoiled ranger players, used to the most OP classes. Now you have wizards, witch and DK higher in ranking. But you are too spoiled...
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  11. Hekki added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    I doing it since 15+ patch - that is the true point where valk became completely useless as tank.
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  12. Hekki added a post in a topic NERF Nolifers, BUFF AFK Life Skills   

    Buff offline players.
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  13. Hekki added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

  14. Hekki added a post in a topic The current state of the game's economy   

    Your examples are based on real world. MMORPG from base idea is bubble of completely new world (substitute of world) without connection to real world, only avatar in this new world - and that is base contract between game publisher/producer and consumers (players).
    Now, P2W is ingerention in to our substute of world and give advantage in this new world.
    Now me and many players do not like this ingerention in this new world. And here is where Capitalism realy start to work - The publisher have to chose: P2W or quality of product.
    And effect of this is clar. Just compare bunch of companys with P2W games and Blizzard.
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