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  1. Kliessen added a post in a topic Add kibelius awakening weapons please   

    not as nice as them reviving that costume every few months instead of pushing out some from the ever-increasing pile of costumes we still don't have.
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  2. Kliessen added a post in a topic Event Quest Bug   

    same. could get the initial quest on one character only but after i talked to valentine the next quest wasnt there
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  3. Kliessen added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    if the question is literally which class is the worst to try and take to 60+, probably Ninja, valk, and maybe maewha. they're limited in the AoE damage they can do so it takes them that extra few seconds to clear camps, which makes grinding in the long run significantly slower.
    as for PvP. Ninja does well in 1v1s but falls off in groups. it feels weak simply because it lacks Super Armor on 90% of its skills and has a harder time fighting classes with SA on 90% of their skills. (Read: Zerk/Warr). Ninja is the best example of a Rock Paper Scissors class being that it has a much easier time with certain classes (Read: qq'ing sorcs) but a harder time with others.
    Valk probably doesn't do quite as well in the damage area compared to ninja but has a bit more to work with in regards to CC and has some fantastic AoE CC which makes them still have some legitimate usefulness in zerg fights.
    Maewha does perfectly fine 1v1 and can do alright in groups provided you play backline. at least as far as I've seen. an actual Maewha might argue it.
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  4. Kliessen added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    its a popular combo lately. looks fantastic depending on what angle you see it from but the other side has kind of an obnoxious clipping issue T-T
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  5. Kliessen added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

  6. Kliessen added a post in a topic CANNOT DELCARE ON A GUILD NOT READY FOR WAR   

    Maybe it's not a clan, but a fan club?
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  7. Kliessen added a post in a topic Tell me 60 is worth...   

    just take it slow. do an hour or two or whatever you can 'Comfortably' (key word here) manage on the weekdays and strive for more extended grind sessions on the weekends. if you don't have any other obligations to the game (Node Wars, life skilling with that character, ect.) then just leave your character at your grind area.
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  8. Kliessen added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    guy was a ----- to be sure, but calling him a psychopath after the way you decided to retaliate, pot calling the kettle black.
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  9. Kliessen added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    see you in a month m8.
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  10. Kliessen added a post in a topic Do you still believe the class is over-reliant on Shortsword to be viable?   

    I use it for varied CC options and combo extensions. it's definitely not as relied on as the comments pre-awakening would say.
    I think the key point is that it is a necessity to use for pvp in one way or the other unless you just one-shot whoever you're fighting. our class definitely uses our mainhand more than most others but it is still only out maybe 20% - 30% of the time.
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  11. Kliessen added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

  12. Kliessen added a post in a topic Nexon or Kakao   

  13. Kliessen added a post in a topic Are ninjas really that bad?   

    I think with the direction theyve been drifting with classes, we'd be less likely to see that degree of a nerf unless they just reworked CC and super Armor as a whole.
    it'd be more likely for them to just give a few additions to the classes falling short than to work down the classes on top as a whole.
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  14. Kliessen added a post in a topic Are ninjas really that bad?   

    but is it really that much of an increase compared to what most classes get default?
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  15. Kliessen added a post in a topic Are ninjas really that bad?   

    Ninja is an extremely fun class, Something I don't think anyone argues, I think the hardest points to justify for Ninja are probably larger group fights and PvE grinding. Compared to just about every other class (besides maybe Maewha and maybe Tamer) Including out sister class, Ninja has a pretty lackluster clear speed. This will result in slower grinding and income (not sure if its a common thing for other ninja players but I have an alt with a better clear speed for farming silver.). Larger group fights (Read: Zerg balls) will usually end poorly if you try to fight in them. The best thing to try and do in this case is work backline, focusing on the ranged classes. The problem here is since the class is so combo heavy it's difficult to get more than a couple hits in before someone else comes in to jump you (Read: every zerk peeler ever.) and keeps you from combo'ing. so you have to take a very hit and run approach, which feels ok but you don't feel as contributing in those fights as say a witch or wiz nuking everything or a zerk locking a group down, or a warr jumping into the middle of the ball, ect.
    Tl;Dr: Very fun class and well worth trying but will feel a noticeable hit to clear speed and performance in mass fights.
    P.S. While I don't feel as though Ninja needs an overhaul of buffs, I do think a couple of additions, namely super armor for Serpent and maybe a very slight increase to the length of our I-frame for ghost step, would go a long way for our class.
    P.P.S: Please Kakao. Gavi and Chungho. we've been waiting. for. ages.
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