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  1. daanny added a post in a topic Complete Evasive Explosion Shot question   

    As a side question - anyone having issues with EES in terms of getting the iframe ? I find myself mid air still getting cc'd while having ees still go on cooldown.
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  2. daanny added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

     @PM_Jouska With the new expansion, class, and other info we received about the future of the game, is there anymore talks about a bounty system or karma rework being added into the game ?
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  3. daanny added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    Sounds a lot like Rangers except for the whole iframes at all times bit
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  4. daanny added a post in a topic Breezy Blade Bugged   

    I'm dumb so can you explain it to me. You're saying that using wind step followed by breezy blade, you lose the i-frame while moving. But do you pick up the i-frame from the breezy blade ?
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  5. daanny added a topic in Ranger   

    Reroll to DK ?
    Pretty much what the title says, How many of ya'll plan to reroll to Dark Knight when the class hits NA servers and how many plan to stick with the class until the second awakening ?
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  6. daanny added a post in a topic State of ranger (opinion)   

    Makes me wonder if the nerf to rangers a while back was needed. I'd like to have EES back on a shorter cd to have a another decent i-frame as well as having a kd on TA:PW instead of living and dying by the grab when I don't have the kit to survive a missed/resisted, or dsync'd grab.
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  7. daanny added a post in a topic Edan Guild Rankings (November Finale)   

    Doubt anybody cares but my ranking system would be this and why..
    S+: Gravity, ManUp (Still apex on the server seeing as the only people that can contend with them are each other)
    S: FML (Only guild that can hang with S+ but not quite there yet due to still having lower member numbers than those mentioned above. The barriers between S+ and everyone else)
    A+: -------
    A: Vision, Mooncake (Vision is similar to FML but lacks a strong leadership which hurts them on Saturdays. They prefer trolling over everything else.  Mooncake lacks the gear and skill but makes up for it in bodies. This tier *might* be the last on this server that will be considered factors when server mergers happen)
    B+: -------
    B: ChoNation, Critical, Support (These guilds show potential but are in the phase where having a solid ally is crucial and they can't seem to get/keep one.)
    C+: Savanna, Intrepidus, Kyoukai, Spaghetti, Duneriders, Eternidad (everyone else...)
    C: Illuminati (rumored to have paid ManUp $500 usd for a territory....)
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  8. daanny added a post in a topic Vine Knot   

    You might need to be closer to target. Typically only works if youre right on top of target
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  9. daanny added a post in a topic [POLL] Which boss armor did you get?   

    why Rednose was even in the roll is beyond me....
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  10. daanny added a post in a topic Edan Guild Ranking(10/15/16)   

    How is Gatekeeper ranked so high ?
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  11. daanny added a post in a topic EDAN has been Liberated!!   

    So wait....
    1. Gravity, FML, and ManUp decide to party up for ONE seige to fight 4 guilds and they are the bad guys ? 
    2. None of this would have happened had Breakthrough not tried to backstab ManUp
    Am I missing anything ?
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  12. daanny added a post in a topic Release ranger awakening   

    Pre-awakening rangers in terms of pvp are only good for group pvp. And that's because you are relying on others to get the KD's for you. Why this is difficult for people to understand is funny to me. Same gear 1v1, I can't think of one class that a Ranger has an advantage over for all the reasons mentioned already. CC is king and a ranger currently doesn't really have any. KR Rangers got  a decent amount of nerfs to their bow skills but buffs to awakened skills and we got the same. For example, KR Rangers had their evasive explosion shot with a ~7 cd timer on top of havin all the other cc's available to them in the awakening tree. They toned us down by making the cd 12sec. In NA, we received the same nerf. Only problem is that we don't have awakenings... So until we get awakenings, we are going to be a bit lack luster. Only OP Rangers you see running around dropping people left and right are the 1% with over 205ap. 
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  13. daanny added a post in a topic ☯<Kyoukai> [Edan] R> Lvl 56+ & 400+ AP/DP Node War Focus Members | 18+ Age | Chill | Active | PvP & GvG & Node Wars | TS3 Mandatory | Guild Bosses/Buffs   

    Now this is what makes it all funny...shout out to ezpzlemontitties for having a twitch name that helped start a war. Fight looked fun non the less
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  14. daanny added a topic in Ranger   

    Awakening Prep
    With the warrior finally getting awakenings and ours not too far behind, I wanted to know what was everyone's focus to prepare for when we get our awakening. Running disco's, grinding for more/levels, still chasing/upgrading boss armor, etc. Thoughts ?  
    • 8 replies
  15. daanny added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Just to reiterate the 214 or so pages in this forum, please don't add this feature to the game. Just mentioning it has caused a lot of people to drop the game and if it goes live, this game will die. Nobody is sticking around...If you value our feedback, I think 99.999999999999998% of the player based is yelling NO. Please listen. 
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