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  1. Khayman added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    My wife and I've reached this point after playing since beta. We're pretty casual. For me, once I Tri'd my full set of boss gear,  weapons and accessories, did all the main story quests and grinded all classes to 56, I've found it hard to be motivated to actively play anymore. I've no interest in gambling for TET. Now all I do is train horses and manage my 45 workers. Occasionally I'll process stuff. 
    There's just no excitement anymore. Nothing new to do or explore.
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  2. Khayman added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    God you're an idiot. Yeas, you can breed a t8 with a 30 t7 and 27 t6. Also, no where in his post did he mention selling t8 for pearls. What is wrong with you. Are you missing a chromosome or have down syndrome?
    totally agree with you here.
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  3. Khayman added a post in a topic Unbalanced PVE.   

    I've done the same with my ninja and blader, it comes down to how well you play to your classes advantages and skill.
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  4. Khayman added a post in a topic Help ~~   

    I know it may seem obvious, but in the sound column there is a box to click that mutes all voice chat. Did you look there?
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  5. Khayman added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    QFT, this has been my experience this week. I never burn through all my energy using magic tools and not leave with 2-6 shards. What gives?.
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  6. Khayman added a post in a topic Would you pay for a premium service with high quality guides, a profit dashboard, dedicated support and an app?   

    People would pay just for the convience. Time is money if it saves time people will pay.
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  7. Khayman added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    There has to me some fix already in game as I've never noticed this. I've it on max setting with most of the combat effects set to 0.
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  8. Khayman added a post in a topic Review from a New Comer   

    Decent honest review. Don't see these very often.  
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  9. Khayman added a post in a topic Mediah Fishing Rod and Maple Float +10   

    +10 Balenos rod, plus branding, plus pearl shop main hand weapon -10% durability loss item absolutely allows me to push close to 24 hours of afk fishing without having to repair. My bag becomes full long before the durability reaches 0.
    edit: Maybe I'm just one of those lucky accounts, but this has been my experience. Try it.  
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  10. Khayman added a post in a topic [Event] +2 Silver Embroidered Clothes Box   

    Sure hope it's not random.  
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  11. Khayman added a post in a topic Mediah Fishing Rod and Maple Float +10   

    Love my +10 Balenos rod for afk fishing. The plus durability and -25% auto fishing time (along with a -10% durability add-on) with the maple float allows me to fish almost 24 hours and catch a full pack load from doing nothing. 
    Love it!
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  12. Khayman added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    I have 4, my wife has 10 Tir 8 horses hat we've breed. So we have 20% of the total tir 8's in game? That's really hard to believe. That stat at least seems a bit obserd. Unless the stat was taken just after they were patched in, which could explain a lot for the discrepancies. 
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  13. Khayman added a post in a topic Help gearing please   

    Just as a side note, the reason I'm having you focus on your weapons first is that they do have hidden values that make them more beneficial than the accessories at higher enchanting.
    Kazarka and dandy are your long term goals as they provide the best bang for your buck compared to all else. Worry about armor later as DP is less important if you play your toon right.
    A green Tri awakening isn't completely bad as it does provide the extra +5 against mobs so you can effectively add that to the total AP for the weapon, however in my experience it doesn't hit as hard as an equivalent blue, and definitely not as hard as a dandy. Think it has to do with the hidden bonuses of said weapons.
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  14. Khayman added a post in a topic Help gearing please   

    My advice to you is focus on your weapons. Buy the duo blue awakening, tir if you can afford it then use the Ultimate Weapon enhancement to make it an ultimate weapon. If you can't afford a Kazarka then get your Laverto to tri as well since your awakening skills use 40% of the main hand AP. Lastly get your off hand to tri. Use the AP weapon since you have the Ancient set for your acc. Then after you do that you can work on your accessories. Just focus on AP as you're PvE mostly and the acc you have from the set is enough.
    this simply put is the best course of action for you IMO
    Use the 52 stacks to TRI your Laverto. You can easily Pri and DUO it starting at 15fs. Same can be said for your awakening. If you do go with the blue awakening then the same applies with the Laverto, save the 52 for a tri attempt. This however doesn't guarantee a success however as I've failed with more stacks.
    unenchanted blue coral's, or Pri are enough for rings and earrings for now.
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  15. Khayman added a post in a topic Does the horse training skill do anything?   

    The only advantage I've experienced is it increases the rate that you gain exp in training the horse skills. I'm Artisan 3.
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