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  1. T Man added a post in a topic Fix your servers! Sick of the disconnects!   

    Posting to support this issue, been having this issue myself for too long now.
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  2. T Man added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    You're not the only one.
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  3. T Man added a post in a topic [Recent] Failed to connect.   


    Replying back in relation to my above post. Happening yet again, starting around the same time as usual. (time stamp as below)
    10:10 amWednesday, 11 May 2016Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
    I decided to try and connect to the EU server and make a toon, no worries at all and not the slightest bit of lag.
    It is purely my connection to the NA server itself.
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  4. T Man added a post in a topic [Recent] Failed to connect.   

    Yep, having the same problems here. (I'm located in Australia)
    I've noticed, for me, this occurs roughly at a specific time of night and goes on for roughly 2 - 3 hours.
    I'll be playing the game fine, all of a sudden I'll cop a butt-load of lag and suddenly crash. I'll be unable to "Start" back into the game (as per the OP picture above) for the next hour or so. Once I do get back into the game, it's a lag fest and I'm pretty much unable to do anything.
    Quite disappointing, as this is the only game or program that does this. (And believe me, I've tried every troubleshooting option there is).
    Daum better fix their sh!t, or I'll go Demolition Man style on their office.
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  5. T Man added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    Happy to see the maintenance has gone from five hours down to four
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  6. T Man added a post in a topic 100$ Pearl Box Disappeared   

    Same thing has happened to me.
    I purchased $20 (2,000) Daum Cash 48+ hours ago and I tried buying pearls. Didn't receive my 2,000+40 Pearl box and lost my Daum Cash.
    I have submitted a ticket as per request. Request #79858
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  7. T Man added a post in a topic Pearl Store and Customer Service   

    You're not alone, a lot of us are having the same issue. I used PayPal to purchase my Daum Cash, then tried to purchase Pearls, in which never received any and lost the Daum Cash.
    I'm starting to lose my patients and I think I'm just going to retrieve my money through a PayPal dispute.
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  8. T Man added a post in a topic Purchased Pearls and they Disappeared   

    This has happened to me too. I'm usually a big spender and this has definitely put a halt to my future purchases of Daum Cash.
    You would think a money hungry Pay to Play company like this would ensure their payment/pearl system was flawless . Huge disappointment. Request #77987
    EDIT: If they don't have this fixed soon, I'll just process a dispute over PayPal and get my money back. It really can't be that -----ing hard to refund our payments/pearls or whatever the ----- it is.
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  9. T Man added a post in a topic LOST 1000 DAUM CASH ON PEARL SHOP BUG.   

    Literally the same thing has happened to me for 2,000 Daum Cash. I have submitted my support ticket.
    If they don't reply or give me my purchase back soon, they're going to lose a big spender.
    Did they resolve your issue?
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