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Tarn Tahar

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  1. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    I find it perplexing that anyone can say; 'this game is for X type of player' when it's clearly been described as a sandbox MMO. That line of thinking is just plain nonsensical. 
    One only has to look at the game's official website and own official advertising to see that it aims to embrace both PvE and PvP. It's just the way it is, and there for everyone to see.
    Additionally, there's a basic rule: If you want an MMO to go backwards; you continually narrow your appeal and divide your player-base. If you want it to succeed/expand; you widen it. It really is that simple.
    I'm not saying the game should be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. But there's no reason PvP and PvE cannot exist together in the same game; giving both sensible majorities of those player bases what they want. But to get there there needs to be balancing, and significant balancing, for both PvP and PvE. 
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  2. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Seal of Maehwa 4th of May extend.   

    I'm short as well, and it's unfortunate, but...
    I just remind myself that anything from the seals is a bonus, after all we got them for just logging in. So like you, I see it as just just bad luck an move on. I'll use what I have and throw away the rest. It's not the end of the world. 
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  3. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Aesthetic Snobbery: Immersive Clothes & Hairstyles   

    It's fairly head-scratch-worthy when the NPCs in the game have many far better clothing styles than the players have available. Here's hoping we get a few options in future. 
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  4. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic [NA][Uno][RP-PvX]<Skeleton_Crewe>   

    Skeleton Crewe members Keltyn, Tarn, Kukyochan (L to R) and her companion Yeongi (the ferocious looking creature in the back there) preparing to aid Hervano Tita and the local garrison at the Southern Gateway in Serendia. All had a fine time exploring and annoying the Al Rhundi Rebels into the evening and all through the night.
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  5. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic RP-PvP Guilds   

    Ha! Nothing unfortunate about that I reckon. 
    Seems there are a few folk about - RP folk - on Uno. And no doubt many more than make themselves known here or otherwise.
    Perhaps one day we can form ourselves a little army and go on the rampage somewhere, or at least die a glorious death. Either way. Regardless I'll leave such up to the bosses when, if, the time comes. *Grins at Matron*
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  6. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic {Character Bio} Mailea Vorkrunne-Windamere   

    Grand work!
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  7. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    I think your character looks unique and has character. Well done!
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  8. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Overly horny RPers?   

    Oh, it is the ownership of the context of the statement. Perhaps it wasn't written so clear, let me try and be clearer:
    ERP is not the RP community's focus, but  
    It is seemingly the focus of the wider community (basically the gaming community that doesn't RP) when they think about RP and what it is.
    That's where the minority/majority came into it.
    Just like you commented, I agree. When those on the outside think of RP they think almost immediately about ERP. But those of us that are actually involved with RP know the reality is different. And yes, your last point is sadly very true and touches on an issue that I think is frankly concerning for all RPers. And that is because the perception is that ERP is common-place it only takes one such experience of sexualized RP in any fashion to confirm to a new player trying to experence RP that it is indeed primarily driven by ERP.
    It's pretty disheartening when you think about it, because this over time will likely lead to an actual real change in RP communities as a whole. I guess it's 'evolution' (I use the term loosely). Just think back to 10+ years ago, ERP was hardly mentioned.
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  9. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Overly horny RPers?   

     *Laughs* Contrary huh? 
    Ahh, that portion of the player base that seemingly has to make a point to put down a different point of view because they don't understand/agree with it. Always amuses me when people use throw away comments with completely irrelevant substance to back them up.
    My suggestion is to read what's written and not what you think you've read, because apparently the two clearly differ in this case.
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  10. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Improving my pirate RP   

    As a pirate, personal attacks are like water off a duck's back. 
    Edit: Though to perhaps lesson the personal attacks, perhaps you could sometimes hold them to ransom? E.g. their fish or you'll sink their boat, or something to that effect. Always options.
    Sounds like you're all having a lot of fun.
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  11. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Overly horny RPers?   

    Primary goal of most? No, not at all. ERP is just one form of RP, and there are many. I'd say it's the vast minority that have such focus. Sadly though RP and ERP have become almost interchangeable terms these day by those on the outside looking in, and that gives a little unjust added weight to the whole ERP problem. Why that's happened is anyone's guess, but the reality is that it's simply not actually the case in-game.
    Keep at it, you'll find the RP niche you're looking for I'm sure. It will likely just take time, like most anything worthwhile.
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  12. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic [NA] Uno RP Channel?   

    I think, Serendia U1. Least that's what I've gleaned from reading Leaf85's posts (e.g. the link)
    They seem to be on the more active side when it comes to trying to get the like-minded together etc etc.
    So, that'd be my guess. And is in fact, for that's where I linger when out and about sellswording.
    Now in response to the latter question, I have no idea.
    Hope that helps.
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  13. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Chill RP Group in Uno?   

    Aye, grand to hear. Other folk be about. Be sure to say hello if out and about and we cross paths.
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  14. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic [NA][Uno][RP-PvX]<Skeleton_Crewe>   

    Ugh, woke up a while ago with a splitting headache and apparently amnesia. Take home message: don't drink with dwarfs. 
    I'll keep an eye out for you folk on my travels, not adverse to doing a bit of sell-sword work now and then.
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  15. Tarn Tahar added a post in a topic Improving my pirate RP   

    Sadly, from the outside-looking-in, RP has such a stigma about it that overcoming that prejudice is sometimes impossible in and of itself. Even RPers themselves are infamous for being terribly stubborn too and not wanting to involve themselves in any other form of RP than their own niche. That only compounds the problem you face. I think the best we can all do is just provide a positive experience to others when RPing as best we can, and hope that they enjoy it themselves and want to partake further in it in future. 
    In relation specifically to what you mentioned: Many players, and many RPers too (especially), often don't like RP where they lose complete control of their character. In your example, that's mostly likely making them walk the plank. Now, I personally think that's perfectly fine as in real life we don't have 100% control over what we do, so to expect similar in-game I think is somewhat counter-intuitive. However that's a whole other topic in and of itself, and just because we think one way doesn't me we shouldn't respect others that thinking differently.  To that end I'd generally steer clear of demanding/asking for in-game items. Or if done so, tread very carefully, and be ready for them to resist it. So if done, do so in an RP sense (It's always best to stay In Character as much as possible I've found), and if they actually hand over something that's great! (Some RP niches do this, though not sure that element is present in BDO). But and more importantly, if they don't be ready for that, try and maintain the RP (stay IC), and defuse any situation with humour etc.
    Finally, perhaps you all could do an 'art imitating life' approach? By that I mean, if you're all trying to work out just how to go about being pirate and successfully raid others, etc etc, why don't you reflect that in your actual RP when in such situations? Perhaps if the raid doesn't go well you could all start some light-hearted humourous infighting (always keep it light-hearted and humourous). It's the classic cliché of a group turning on themselves when something doesn't go to plan, but that doesn't mean that you all - as well as the others you're exposing the RP to - won't still enjoy it
    I guess overall the take-home-message I'm trying to say (however off-topic I've verbosely gotten) is to generally keep it light and humourous, regardless of what you all do, and be ready to adapt and change plans as situations evolve and change. I've found that generally is met with the most positive response. At the end of the day it's all about having fun, both for ourselves and being a positive influence on the community/others.
    Hope that helps in some way.
    I look forward to hearing of such horrifying activity from the locals!
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