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  1. Mtl added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Fixed the issue where damage was not properly applied when the skill Kunai: Evasive Throw was used after learning Kunai Throw III.
    The skill Flow: Ankle Break has been greatly improved. Cooldown time of the skill Mach Explosion has been decreased and attack motions have become faster.
    30 sec. → 17 sec.
    The number of hits for the skill Sudden Decapitation on a double sword stance has been increased.
    2 Hits → 4 Hits
    The issue where Bound effect wasn’t applied when using the skill Sudden Decapitation on a double sword stance has been fixed.
    Players can now repeatedly use the skill Murderous Intent and Ninja Step when using the skill Corrupt Sword Dance or Sudden Decapitation on a double sword stance. ?????????????????????????????????????
    Players can now repeatedly use the skill Murderous Intent and Ninja Step when using the skill Dual Sword Canceling.????????????????????????
    The text of “100% Critical Hit” has been added on the description of the skill Aftershock.
    And in english?.... 
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  2. Mtl added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    i play in kr dude, theres barely anybody online in comparison to NA thats why you can get 60 fps
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  3. Mtl added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    only in kr sorry.
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  4. Mtl added a post in a topic Low damage output   

    Yes. Look at serpent ascension scaling lol. Katana shower also gets some small buffs at 60. the 60 flow is situation though  
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  5. Mtl added a post in a topic High AP build   

    Yeah i feel the pain 100% LOL.. at least you got ult off before a zerker grabbed you
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  6. Mtl added a post in a topic Low damage output   

    lvl 60 matters more than 200+ ap as ninja.
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  7. Mtl added a post in a topic Tips on dealing with good warriors?   

    if a warrior does that jumping slash thing from far away to gap close then tries to do a gravedigger i q block gravedigger and i start to use lmb (no reduced damage in pvp its pretty strong and free damage) then i grab after the gravedigger damage is done so you don't get reduced attack speed. I do serpent ascension, blade spin blade. If i see a float on blade spin blade then i black moonlight into shortsword grab, follow it up with a crescent slash into shadow stomp/ clone combo then swap to awakening using c with clone and go into katana shower. 
    You basically play around their kit and try to harass, if they run away to heal off mobs because your float will most likely NOT go off against warrior then you should take that time and go invisible in a good location and surprise them with a grab into some burst then back away. Your playing the long game against warriors. 
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  8. Mtl added a post in a topic Ninja: Bugs, Class Issues, and Suggestions   

    you most likely have a buff of attack speed up without realizing it. I purposely grind with attack speed buffs up because its significantly faster clearspeed. I thought the decap animation stuff was a bug until i was able to repeat the instant animation. I've tried to do the "instant decap bug" animation for 30 minutes on dummies and couldn't ever get it to trigger. 
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  9. Mtl added a post in a topic Ninja: Bugs, Class Issues, and Suggestions   

    i've never done transition stance decap because if i use it, its during pve, and i have the creascent slash and seamless attack speed buffs up a lot. transition Decap is like instant. 
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  10. Mtl added a post in a topic What buffs(villa, elixirs, food etc.) do you use?   

    calpheon, valencia, king of jungle. for elixirs hands down detection is the best with sky and a fury elixir or frenzy elixir. Your damage spikes crazy with those 3 up though. It's how people like pessle or that fei moca dude in kr are able to get away with 180ish AP on full evasion ninja builds and still hit like a truck. Serpents ascension is a 100% crit already, it can do air attack damage, and fury or frenzy will give u +15 or +25 Attack. Which scales different than AP but I feel like its way stronger than your Z buff that gives 30 flat AP. 
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  11. Mtl added a post in a topic Evasion vs boss "build"   

    Rocaba gives 4 more evasion if used as set in comparison to boss gear at same rank. Get an alchemy stone of protection if you notice any minor improvements and you like it run rocaba and protection stone.
    Just know that at 240+ AP opponents don't need much bonus accuracy on classes like warrior, witch, wizard, dk, tamer, sorc, maehwa to kill you consistently if you aren't using dp accessories (personal experience from playing an evasion build for 5 months most of these classes have enough quick succession high burst scaling to kill you). Hoy who is 260+ AP witch on NA can one shot combo me perfectly fine and has no bonus accuracy outside of bhegs and zarka. Needless to say the only areas where you are probably going to bump into people with this kind of gear is rbf at peak hours and pirates/pila ku/ gahaz bandits from time to time. The chances are quite slim unless your like me and choose to go out of your way to fight people that are quite geared. 
    Also, from personal testing, 2 tri rce and a tri accuracy offhand completely negated bonus evasion from a duo sicil and duo centaur belt combined with rocaba/ alc stone and the evasion crystals in helmet/chest with smokescreen up at lv 60 ninja vs pretty much every class that I could find that owned an accuracy offhand. They could still miss but the people i was fighting had usually 200+ ap with this kind of gear. It felt like normal hit rate against tri boss armor with no bonus accuracy but with smokescreen up it was a bit harder to consistently kill me with same combo. Haven't done actually accuracy test vs this much accuracy though as most people aren't interested in going this extreme accuracy on NA.
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  12. Mtl added a post in a topic Ninja: Bugs, Class Issues, and Suggestions   

    blade spin blade, beheading the dead, black moonlight.... 0% accuracy. There is others but i'm not ingame atm to check. 
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  13. Mtl added a post in a topic GVG Buffs   

    wtb guilds that are so bad they don't even chain lightning inside their base
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  14. Mtl added a post in a topic Recent RBF data   

    yup, i 100% relate to that lol. i remember 2 instances last night in rbf where i got KD by a ranger from 20 feet away and then 10 massive aoes rained onto me cause she saw me go invisible.
    You don't feel safe assassinating targets, even with 230 AP your going to have to do more than just serpents ascension to kill most people in rbf situations where people are usually geared. I used to just straight one shot most people with 263 DP with 230ish AP now I can't cause i either get hit as using serpents ascension, desync makes me miss completely, or they've used the rbf buff and take zero damage as well as the V key existing... Doesn't help that I honestly feel like our ult does less damage against tanky targets in comparison to a serpent that floats the target. Kuno is honestly in a much better spot than ninja in terms of rbf lol. 
    I also have one other issue with the class, I feel like half the time i use block jump, katana shower, ghost step or my awakening e buff the ability will go on CD but nothing actually happens because i got hit right as i used the ability. I haven't played in almost 2 months, I don't remember it being this bad and this consistent. I'd be interested to hear others experience with this issue.
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