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  1. Preaux added a post in a topic Easiest class to play and gear to end game ?   

    There is a field of view option at the bottom of the graphics settings page.
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  2. Preaux added a post in a topic Do you find this fair?   

    Man that sucks. Hopefully Daum can get you back into action.
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  3. Preaux added a post in a topic Where Is The Megaserver   

    I had a lot of fun and exploring the desert on my 41 musa. It's massive and kinda scary having 1k HP, everything is deep purple, and the environment itself wants to kill me.
    it was more engaging than any pvp I've had in this game. Bring on the mega server and mega guilds that inevitably follow who will lockout the bosses and grind spots. maybe then there can be fights that matter
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  4. Preaux added a post in a topic Why is this patch called Valencia pt 1   

    The patch notes are a -----ing mess.
    i didn't see the single line about no valencia
    these translations are just awful.
    lol Daum is so inept. Label it Valencia update but no Valencia.
    Further reinforcing my decision to quit weeks ago was the right one
    rofl this game is so -----ed
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  5. Preaux added a post in a topic Most Expensive Horse to Date   

    My purebred 57 black has all the skills except forechop, hind kick, and 2 seater.
    goes for 52 mil
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  6. Preaux added a post in a topic Pearls refunded for Ghillie suit change   

    Ghillie still works in open world, just not instances pvp.
    if you're crying about losing an unfair advantage that you technically only ever had in rbf, then you really are a sad piece of shit and should drink bleach. The ghillie has no place in structured pvp. Good on Daum for realizing that.
    this thread is filled with so many delicious tears 
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  7. Preaux added a post in a topic Pearls refunded for Ghillie suit change   

    Oh this is gonna be good.
    if it wasn't a pvp advantage, then losing it shouldn't need a refund.
    if it was a pvp advantage, I guess there will be plenty eating crow.
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  8. Preaux added a post in a topic Pearls refunded for Ghillie suit change   

    You are the one that made an assumption. You got the value for your purchase.
    unless you bought it just for pvp advantage - in that case you're scum and sorry, no 
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  9. Preaux added a post in a topic [Video] Most overpowered in the game - please hotfix   

    So tell me, in what way can a ranged class passively punish a melee class for the melee class doing their role?
    having wizards kill themselves from doing their job (AoE) is retarded.
    this game is failing harder than even I could've imagined
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  10. Preaux added a post in a topic RNG too brutal for game to ever be popular   

    I basically quit this game weeks ago due to the RNG hell that is accessory upgrading. I'd rather not play than put up with a system designed that way. It's a shame because the game could've been so great.
    i come back just to watch this game crash and burn. It's like a train wreck in slow motion - super terrible thing happening but I just can't look away.
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  11. Preaux added a post in a topic Simple Fix to re-introduce spot defending!   

    What do I think?
    that the op is a baby whiny cry baby pee pants and should abort themselves.
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  12. Preaux added a post in a topic The removal of pk penalty means that 50 people in forum won over the thousands that play and dont whine every day   

    Op is whining crybaby pee pants and should go play in traffic.
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  13. Preaux added a post in a topic EXP loss removal already being abused   

    Switch channels
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  14. Preaux added a post in a topic I called it   

    What's pathetic are the pvp whining tryhards complaining about a change that the pve crowd had nothing to do with.
    get over yourself you egomaniac.
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  15. Preaux added a post in a topic Is Exploiting Rampant?   

    It took me all of 5 minutes of google searching to find the popular cheat program. About 8 minutes to find the Russian version, and about 12 minutes to get to the point where it could be ordered.
    you either haven't even looked around for the evidence of this being incredibly rampant, or you suck at research.
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