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  1.  Me and my buddy velvet wanted to pvp before DK awakening came out. Plus we have beef I'm the new 1shot class lmao. Best Fight is at 1:16:32 DK DK DK DK DK DK DK DK lmao!!!
  2. Post on RiverGod vs Two Berserkers in PVP

    By Fuji723, posted
  3. Progression Guild:
    Older established guild reforming for the server merge. Progression based guild, teamwork environment active and dedicated leadership.
    What to expect from us:
    Active, knowledgeable and experienced leadership Laid back and friendly atmosphere Play with players who look to continue to push the envelope and improve their gameplay
    What we expect from you:
    Activity...and this doesn't mean that you AFK fish or horse train. Active character and gear progression Friendly demeanor, no guild no player will win every encounter/matchup win with respect lose with grace Progression...this is a progression based game our success as a team will be directly linked to the progression of our individual members. As such you should consistently be improving your character in terms of level and gear. A self-starter...we aren't here to hold your hand, you need to be a self-started, so much of the progression of this game is done more effectively solo. I want to encourage people to participate in things like boss scrolls, or relic scrolls or what not, but if you need a Sausan's group to PL your character this probably isn't the guild for you.
    Contact Info:
    Steam: tekren77381
    Skype: tekren77381
    Ingame: Bazstien
  4. Hi, our guild is looking to recruit like minded people. Let me explain. We are an older bunch of people and by older, I mean mid 20's late 40's type old. We actually prefer to keep the guild recruits in this bracket of age. We are pvpers and are waiting for the naval warfare patch like little kids at Christmas. You better believe we will be out on the high seas causing trouble. We have a chill atmosphere and enjoy the casual nature of how things are in the guild. But with that being said we are still pounding away at guild quests and grinding to get our gear scores pass the 400 ap/dp mark. All our members are experienced pvpers in BDO and other games. We love challenges and the fact that were a smaller guild against zerg guilds just makes us more determined to get the gear and the quality players, not quantity. We plan on keeping the guild small around 20-30 all active all gear and team player minded people. Recruitment isn't a huge drawn out process but you do start at trial member status for a week and if you mesh well with everyone you're in. Requirements are active discord and a mic and above the age of 21+. We will consider 18+ but we prefer 21+. Class wise any class is welcomed. Play what you like we will make it work in pvp. 
    Passives: +1gathering+2fishing future we will have all the essential pvp passives and have life passives at +3
    All Servers as well!
    Email: matt77381@gmail.com
    Steam: tekren
    Skype: tekren77381 or just tekren
    ingame: shadzjr

  5. Xen of Onslaught
    Xen of Onslaught will be riding the storm of the P2W has caused. If you are looking for a large group of very diverse membership that attempts to participate in all aspects of the game please drop a message to anyone in game.
    For PVP, we have elephants, re-spawn flag, trained cannons, all combat skills, and beer. Tons and tons of beer.
    So is everyone leaving around you? Want people to talk to around the clock? Then join us today, and do not let your time investment disappear!

    Accolades: Check Out Our Accomplishments Here!
    Contacts: Darktide, Arzzid, Kiritani, Cattitudes, IronJawXoo
    Play Type: PvP/PvE/Winning
    Website: http://www.xoohq.com
    Recruiting Status: Open - Apply Here
    Timezone: US, other time zones may apply!
    Recruit Requirements:
    Being Active! We understand life and there will be AFK forums if life happens. So trust us we understand. But when you are here you are here to kick some major ass!TS3 When doing Guild missions, Guild Wars, Node Wars sorry our raid leaders cannot in this type of game type out what they want you to do. So being able to hear at least what needs to happen and when it needs to happen. Is important in our community.Support the fight, We have many organized days/times for everyone to get involved. Also we do guild missions daily and you should assist when online for it.
    About Us:
    Xen of Onslaught has been around for over 15 years and we strive to enhance the online gaming experience for adults through the use of actively supported forums, voice communications and dedicated game servers. There are several hundred members in our community and we are all about organized PvP.

    Xen is a PvP focused guild, however we plan to engage in every aspect of the game. Xen of Onslaught is a respected adult multi-gaming guild with thousands of members currently spanning several gaming fronts. We are a be all, end all guild that will fit every one of your guild needs for BDO and the many games to come. A community of adult veteran players we will revel in power through tactical superiority, military might and experience.

    Our Black Desert Online was preemptively built to offer the most support for the upcoming game. Feel free to drop into our forums and introduce yourself, we're a pretty cool bunch of players. If you think you have what it takes to join us on our crusade for domination and fun. We are active in posting on our forums and TS hosting an unlimited person server with plenty of people online at ALL times. 

    We are Xen of Onslaught...prepare for war and let the onslaught begin!
    YOUTUBE: HERE tons of great videos of all of our accomplishments
    If you have any questions about the gaming community, message here or go to the website and create an account.
    CURRENTLY ACCEPTING: People that want to continue playing, and enjoy the game the most you are able!
  6. Dear BDO Community,
    I have been playing on KR servers since KR OBT. BDO PvP is so dynamic. It definitely is one of the best PVP I have ever experienced. Additionally, GvG and Castle Sieges/Node Conquests offer unique opportunities for players to unwind. 

    However, a proper Guild Alliance System is missing.
    Such a system could provide:
    1) Alliance Tag next to your Guild Emblem so players can easily identify Players belonging to your alliance. This is always handy and would prevent drama with people PKing or KSing an ally member without knowing they actually are allied.
    2) Inability to PK people in your Alliance or hit them in Node/Siege fight area (which is an issue on KR servers as your AoEs hit your allies standing nearby resulting in some chaotic fights), as if they were part of your Guild.
    3) Dedicated Alliance Chat. In my opinion, this third point appears particularly important. It would enable better communication and coordination, particularly in Siege perspective. Without this all you can do is /whisper your allied Guild Masters or Officers. Of course you can also get on TeamSpeak/Mumble/Skype/etc but well, adding adding a dedicated Alliance Chat would bring no harm to the game.
    Finally, a proper Alliance System would contribute (or even lead) to better diplomatics between Guilds.
    I am pretty sure I didn't point out all the pros (not exhaustive list here above). What would be the cons? I honestly don't know. I'm quite sure it would not be too complicated to set up.
    What do you think about this?
  7. I have been taking a peep at all the classes, and almost each class forum has a section on PVP. Why not the Sorceress? Is pvp as a Sorceress that bad?
     What's your take on pvp as Sorceress??