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  1. Error Code 0xE019101A:
    No anti-virus, UAC turned off, Disabled Signature Enforcement, Test Signing mode, Windows 10 full updated, No windows defender, no firewall and no cheats, and still get this error, any takers on some help ?
  2. Since the latest windows 10 update was released I have not been able to run BDO, I keep getting the following error code 0xE019101A. I have contacted support that has been more than useless, as they have blamed Microsoft for the changes, and suggested turning off secure boot as well as other features in Windows which I am not happy about.
    Does anyone know when this is going to be fixed? As the last response from a GM I got is so bad it makes BDO looks unprofessional, as the GM made it sound that as a company cannot afford to buy windows 10 to develop on?
  3. Hi. Before format my computer I could play without problems.
    I reinstalled Windows 10 (Anniversary Update) with the same programs and now I can't play, I get this error.
    The error is displayed a few seconds later when I click on "Launch Game".
    What is happening?
    >What have I done now?<
    |· I use Nod32 antivirus, disabling it don't fix nothing, I haven't other antivirus or antimalwares.
    |· Deleting "xmag.xem" don't fix nothing.
    |· Deleted "vesion.dat" and the game check all files, but nothing.

    I paid the game for nothing? Thanks for the support.
  4. Bonjour.
    Afin d'aider les joueurs qui sont ou ont été dans mon cas, je vais partager mon expérience avec vous..
    On ne va pas polémiquer sur Microsoft et les dauberies de XIGNCODE...
    Si vous avez ce message au lancement du jeu (après la vérif de XIGNCODE ou pendant le jeu) alors vous pouvez continuer à lire le post !
    Donc c'est simple...
    Déjà penser à voir pour les restrictions de votre anti-virus... des gens ont eu des soucis avec Bitdefender.. après si vous n'en avez pas... alors il va falloir taper ailleurs...
    (Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows)
    (la manip est viable aussi sur w8.1, d'ailleurs à l'époque je l'avais fait mais je ne sais plus pour quelle raison...)
    Pour se faire... je trouve que ce tuto est assez bien fait : http://www.top-password.com/blog/how-to-disable-driver-signature-enforcement-in-windows-10-8-7/
    L'option 1 ne fonctionnant pas pour moi, je vous dirais de faire l'option 2 direct.
    Pour ceux qui sont récalcitrant à l'anglais :
    Voilà, la mise en forme de mon post est un peu pourri, je fais ça à l'arrache mais j'espère que ça aidera...
    j'ai trouvé un autre moyen : virer le SECURE BOOT dans le BIOS.
    Et là ça fonctionne. Pas besoin de virer le contrôle obligatoire de la signature de pilotes sous Windows.
    Pour ceux que ça intéresse, on peut s'aider un peu de https://itsfoss.com/disable-uefi-secure-boot-in-windows-8/ après c'est du bon sens
    PS1 : Daum ou KAKAmachin... franchement revoyez votre anti-cheat...
    PS2: après recherche sur le forum, j'ai quand même trouvé ça... http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/107137-windows-10-anniversary-update-and-e019101a-error/
  5. Hello,
    today my game crashed while I was playing getting the Xigncode 0XE019101A  error.
    After that the laucher keep crashing everytime with a message saying "Failed to start the game launcher".
    Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Xincrap3 Error 0xE019101A
    I have been unable to play since I got back from vacation (7/5/16). This security software wont let me play, I have validated my files and it keeps telling me that I have a virus. 
    The worst part is that if you click the log it takes you to the folder where there is indeed a log file. but it is in MACHINE CODE, why do they even bother giving me that option if it is in a language literally nobody can read. How am I supposed to play again? After spending so much time and money on a game only to have it not allow me to play due to some software that it wont even tell me about. The other fun thing about this half baked software is that the more info redirects to a 404
    The last thing I remember installing is B.T Sync (as a windows service), however even if I stop the service I still cant play. This software seems to go too far to try and catch people... I have been playing since the week head start and I have never had a problem

  7. Folgende Meldung erscheint kurz nach dem Spiel:

    Diese Meldung wird von XIGNCODE erzeugt, ein Bestandteil vom Black Desert Online ("Anti Cheating Tool").

    Diese Meldung wird nicht von Bitdefender erzeugt, d.h. Bitdefender (http://www.bundespolizei-virus.de/virenschutz/) blockt nicht. Es scheint eher umgekehrt, XIGNCODE erkennt - wenn man so will - Bitdefender als "Cheating Tool", Trojaner oder Ähnliches und bricht daher ab.
    Rundumschlag: Active Thread Control von Bitdefender deaktivieren, so wird jedoch kein Thread mehr überwacht!

    Besitzer von Bitdefender möchten aber ggf. nicht auf diese Funktion verzichten. Was muss man also ausschließen, welchen Thread darf Bitdefender nicht überwachen (oder anders: wo überall schnüffelt XIGNCODE auf meinem Rechner)?
    Nach Prüfung im Taskmanager, nach Start vom Launcher:
    Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64
    Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2
    Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\2
    Die xm.exe meldet sich, sobald die Fehlermeldung aufgeht.

    Vielleicht hat noch jemand einen Hinweis, was im Detail alles im Hintergrund passiert.
  8. Post on 0xE019101A in Technical Issues

    By Havenbrook, posted
    Xigncode error 0xE019101A
    Blackdesert64.exe has stopped working
    My avast "Enable Deepscan" has been unchecked. I do not use bitdefender.
    I do not have the following software.
    - Comodo Internet Security
    - RivaTuner
    - MSI Afterburner
    I can play for 4hrs+, but then if I change a character and get disconnected, I have to login again, and I receive this message on a daily basis since this game has launched. Restarting my PC is the only thing that fixes this issue. But, it will repeat it self.
    Still happening.
  9. Post on 0xE019101A in Technical Issues

    By DaniGTA, posted
    - No other Programs open
    - I dont have bitdefender
    - I have scanned the PC with malewarebite's
    - The Error pop up after 3-5 min
    = No Virus = No Programs open = HELP
  10. Bonsoir voila je vous explique j'ai depuis hier fin aprem  (14/03) le message d'erreur [Security alert] 0xE019101A et la j'avoue que je comprend pas j'ai jamais eu ce souci j'ai fait la CBT1 & CBT2 et je suis sur le jeux depuis le 1/03 mon anti virus c'est [Avira] et le seul logiciel qui tourne en fond c'est [Discord] j'ai rien télécharger depuis des mois et je vais pas sur des site bizar j'ai tout mes logiciel a jour et je fait au moin 3 foi par semaine un coup de [CCleaner] etc... j'ai recherché une solution sur le forum et j'ai rien trouvé qui m'aide en tout cas ca parle beaucoup de [Bitdefender] mai bon la du coup moi ca viens pas de ca j'ai juste remarqué que une foi que j'ai ce message d'erreur et que je veux redémarré le pc je suis obliger de forcé le redémarrage et hop une fois le pc redémarré bim la ca remarche jusqu'au prochain message j'aimerai bien avoir de l'aide svp.
  11. Kann das Spiel nicht wirklich spielen, nach kurzer Zeit schließt sich das Spiel und eine Meldung erscheint (siehe Anhang).
    Auf deren Seite steht dann zu dem Fehler, dass die Dateien von xigncode korrumpiert wären.
    Nach kurzer Recherche habe ich nun aber herausgefunden, dass in Bitdefender die "Active Virus Control" deaktiviert werden muss. Das scheint damit dann so auch zu funktionieren, aber das kann kein Dauerzustand sein?!

  12. Post on Error Code: 0xE019101A in Off-Topic

    By Briory, posted
    I have no idea what's going on with this. One minute I was playing the game, and the very next second the game just up and crashed and this happened. It seems to be different with the most common error code people have been getting; the error code: 0xE019100B which I have been seeing all over the internet whenever I type this (0xE019101A) error code. I tried doing all of the troubleshooting these people did for that particular error with no luck whatsoever. I play the JP version of the game and this happened when I was running back to Keplan to turn in a quest; when all of a sudden the game up and kicked me out. I tried re-logging back in and then I encountered this error (attached a screenshot).

    So afterwards I tried logging in the Black Desert Character Creator which also has Xigncode3 and lo and behold, guess what error code I got again? I tried ending processes from all sorts of media, software, plugins, etc to no avail. I ran my anti virus -bitdefender- (both a quick and deep scan) to see if I have any malware, spyware, trojan or the like, it did find 16 issues that i was able to resolve. But when I tried running Black Desert, same error code, over and over and over and over again.
    I could care-less about my JP version characters. That's fine, take that away. But when Xigncode shows potential of -----ing up my actual NA preorder (based on what I am experiencing from BDO Character Creator) then that's when we'll have major problems. I plan to invest a lot of time and already have spent a lot of money on the preorder and if this is going to be a regular thing for Xigncode, then I am not so sure about things anymore.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.