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  1. So like usual, here is a video of the awakened 100% and 200% skills for the newest awakening, Dark Knights Vediant! Hope you enjoy my horrid editing skills in this video!
  2. i gave my friend the  Gift Package he got to lvl 30 but i did not get any thing in my account page like it said i would get 
  3. Hi guys,

    I saw 3 channels with 100% exp. I was wondering when does this 100% end for me? Is it after I hit lvl 56 with one of my characters or is there a time limit attached for being able to play on these servers?

    Could somebody please explain?

    Thank you,
  4. Wo ist der 100% exp buff hin? sollte es dieses wochenende net 150% geben? oder wurde jetzt der 100% mit dem 50% buff ergänzt?
    das lustige ist ja im event threat stand ja auch 150% exp die dann zu 50 umeditiert wurden als die server wieder on waren.
  5. Is anyone else having the problem where the launcher seems to keep downloading after it finishes the  patch. As in download the 1.04 GB patch and it continues all the way up to 2GB before I restarted it.
  6. i quit when started the p2w trend in top list of crafters (best 3-5 in almost all) 400+ energy/knowledge and forgot almost all...my only interest about play again this game is about doing 100% cuz i'm a completionist
    there is someone who reached 100% game complete about knowledge, titles and stuff?
    can post some pictures of H-knowledge circles available now?
    same about completion of game?
    thanks all x suggestions
  7. Post on Change the Ninja Ulti in Ninja

    By Djarnis, posted
    Could you guys please change the Ninja's ulti. It takes way to long to complete the combo and does very bad dmg and locks you in a position where you probably end up dead if farming at Crescent shrine or in a pvp situation.
    3 suggestions for change:
    1. Increase the completion time
    2. Increase the dmg output and apply super armor
    3. Add a cancel to it besides using V
  8. It would be awsome if you guys could add the "super armor " while using the 100% rage skill of the ninja.
    While im playing i almost never get touch by enemi but when you're using this skill you just stop moving for like idk 5-6 sec for sure so every enemi can destoy like half of your life easily and that a bit frustrating.
    thx to take it in consideration 
  9. In our guild, we see that when someone reach the 10000 contribution points, if you don't renew contract, guild gets less EXP than when you renew (just a few less). So, the question is: 
    If you renew contract, guild gets exp until 10.000 contribution points, and then stops? does it matter?
    If doesn't matter, why is a cap?

  10. So I was thinking, to help alleviate the insane amount of RNG that this game has, one way to help reduce this and also give players an option to reach the gear plateau to be competitive with others, is enable a force enchantment system for Jewelery. this has been discussed several times, and i wanted to offer my suggestion on how this system would work.
    PRI- 3 types of the same Jewelry = 100% chance
    Duo- 1 PRI + 3 types of the same Jewelry = 100% chance
    Trio- 1 DUO + 5 types of the same jewelry = 100% Chance

    With this solution, we have an option which while not easy (because of all the jewelry involved,) offers an option that both satisfies the grinders, and the people who want an option for force enhancement, while being different from force enchanting armor.

    Just like how we're getting +17 force enchant but not higher, you won't be able to force enchant past Trio. So getting to TET and PEN would still be a gamble.

  11. Do you guys have any tricks no to use decapitate 100% rage by default? This one is slow as hell and deals low damage. The attack speed buff is much more useful but decapitate is part of my rotation and i mostly use 'ulti' when i do not want...
  12. I've seen discussion about this around the forums, so I thought I would post this video a guildmate linked to me the other day. Maybe some of you will find it interesting, have more to add or refute some points made.
  13. Hallo Zusammen,
    ich spiele seit ca. 2 Wochen BDO und es gefällt mir wirklich gut.
    Ich habe aber gelesen, dass man pro Tag, an dem man online geht, 1oo Loyalitätspunkte gutgeschrieben bekommt.
    Gehe ich allerdings über F3 in den Shop, Ist dieser Punktestand immer 0!
    Ist das ein Fehler, mache ich was falsch oder wurde die Gutschrift aus dem Spiel genommen?
    Viele Grüße
  14. Good evening everybody,
    I've been playing ESO for the past couple of months and I'm already getting fed up with it. Been looking for a fresh MMORPG ever since and I remembered about BDO, checked it out and found out that it's live already. I would really like to try out this game for a couple of reasons:
    1) Check it out if it's a right game for me and experience it myself, not through other players` opinions (eventhough they might be 100% spot on about the game's current condition)
    2) Find out if (and how) it can run on my laptop
    When I discovered these so called guest passes, I was intrigued. My question is simple: has anyone got a spare guest pass to spare for a fellow mmorpg player? If so, I would really appreciate it.  If not....well....I'm going to be sad, because this game looks pretty bad ass.  
  15. I have completely downloaded the game without a problem however cannot log in as the area where you're supposed to enter your details is black and shows no sign of loading the missing section... Please find attached a screen shot of the launcher...
    this is a stupid inconvenience and would like to find out how i can fix it thank you

    Solved, to fix this, if you have multiple graphics cards like my HP elitbook does, you have to disable one of them....
  16. Am i the only one finding it "weird" that as someone who pre-ordered with the 100$ pack, tho i'm sure this also applies with the 50$ pack, that we get can get an exclusive costume & weapon skin for our characters that can not be obtained from the cash shop or otherwise, but only one set of armor and weapon skin.
    These are supposed "Exclusive" skins as such they have no reason to hold them back from people who pre-ordered the game as they can't be exchanged for money as far as i'm concerned. As the costumes are at least class-bound and not a "Unisex" or all purpose (it would still be a pain switching the items between characters in such case). In the off case where they try to monetize these skins in the future it can be interpreted as a betrayal to said player-base. 
    I would see the problem if it should be like the general items, housing, or pets but these can fall under the by-server basis.
    Edit: Well now i see that these costumes are tradeable which i find weird and is probably the reason why we aren't allowed to get a set of armor for each of the classes. really wish they would remove it from being tradeable as i thought i could have them on my characters.
  17. Post on Very pleased so far in General

    By Grizabella, posted
    After playing 1 day, I am very pleased.
    I realize that the start was spotty and logging on took some time due to server loads, but I have played MMOs that are allegedly mature that could not keep their servers up or handle traffic, so in my opinion waiting 20 minutes at 3 AM was not a big deal.
    The Conqueror's Packs issue seems to make people lose their minds, and I understand the thinking but do not subscribe to it. The general rage seems centered on one of 2 themes: "I paid for this and don't have it and I am getting screwed" or "I cannot level as fast without my horse and 10% EXP gain and you suck." I am actually impressed with the response we saw to duping and glitches. It was decisive and it was fast. In other MMO's where duping has occurred, I have seen it take weeks to make a decision and then they often made weak decisions that coddled the dupers. I do not see that happening here and this gives me hope that they will be equally swift and firm with cheaters, exploiters, gold sellers and the like. 
    And finally, there is the game. It pains me that the forums are full of complaints, valid though they are, and not full of praise for the game itself. It is beautiful and smooth. No lags or glitches at all except for one transition on a bridge I keep crossing. (I'll try to screen shot it next time and send it in). I played for hours yesterday, from 3:30 AM until 7:30 AM (so basically from Launch) and again from 7 PM to 11 PM. ZERO DC's. ZERO issues. The game play itself is refreshing. By far the smoothest and most interesting ranged combat I have seen. Having all of the skills be combos off of a small number of keys and not having trees full of buffs or debuffs that have a timer, makes the experience of combat very real time. You cannot stand there and pop "Invulnerability" or "Magic Shield" You actually have to plan your attack and your exit and you have to adjust in real time to everything happening around you. I am not up to PvP levels yet, but this taste of combat versus mobs seems a tantalizing taste of what PvP and Seige combat will be like.  Finally, there is the economy and the way it is implemented. I love that there is AFK stuff like fishing and that you can just hire NPCs to grind farms or resources for you. I hated teh hours I had to spend farming in a previous MMO- Games should be Games and not work.
    That's all for now. Reporting live from Day 1. 
  18. A few days ago I got error 10060 and I didn't find an fix for it, so i'm going to share what I did to fix it (Might not work for everyone)
    The error crashes your launcher by starting.
    The issue comes by that the anti-software on your computer detects some of the ''Black Desert Online'' files to be unsafe.
    1. Download Adwcleaner from ''toolslib's'' website. Do a simple google or bing search to find this.
    2. Scan your computer and wait till it finishes.
    3. When it's finished you click ''clean'' and it will remove every folder and files from the anti-virus blacklist. It will also remove potentional viruses.
    4.Finished! The pc will restart and it's fixed.
  19. Bonjour,
    J'ai télécharger Black Desert - Character Creator sur le site officiel.
    Le téléchargement et l'installation ont bien fonctionné ainsi que la màj dans le launcher.
    Une fois la màj à atteint les 100%, on m'indique << Click "PLAY" button to launch the game. >>, mais rien ne se passe en je ne peux pas appuyer sur PLAY( ce bouton reste gris).
    J'ai déjà réinstallé ceci 1 fois de plus avec toujours le même problème.
    Merci pour votre aide.
  20. wollte grade durchstarten da kam der unerwartete fehler -100 um die ecke und hat mir die tour vermasselt... Wollte wissen ob jemand weiß wie man den behebt oder ob das an der überbelastung der server liegt? Hoffe mal nicht sonst sieht es für den richtigen launch beschissen aus.
    PS: hat sich erledigt war wohl der server. Doch nicht geht immer noch nicht... Wann wohlt ihr eigtl mal ein richtiges Fehler forum einführen?
  21. I made this account to anonymously state my anger at the poor job this company is doing. I paid for the 100 dollar tier on my main account and I have been unable to get the game to start. This has been a common occurrence since the 'character creator' came out. I have tried everything from installing it on the 5 different computers I own (most have specs far above the requirements), fiddling and disabling my anti-virus/firewall, in conclusion it was the libef.dll file according to the GM on a different forum. Said issue has been known since prior to the release date announcement. Now I have paid 100 dollars and I am DID NOT get to play the beta, DID NOT get to try the character creator, and from the looks of it I WILL NOT get to play in the pre-release I PAID FOR, and it looks like I WILL NOT get to play ever with the lack of care from the team. I am beyond enraged, WAISTED what is MORE than 100 dollars (seeing as I am Canadian so it was closer to 130 at the time.) Why would any company that cares about its customers set a release date of a game that won't even load up for me and numerous other customers. The last time i have not had issues with games not loading since I was a child, asking friends and such, the last time they had seen that kind of horrible bug was. "20 years ago." If this is not fixed before the head start I will dissuade everybody I know from buying it. As well as dissuade them until it is fixed and I can at least make a character in the character creator.

    Best of luck making a functioning game, 
    -A screwed over customer

    the downloading just stops at 100%....

    anyone has same problems please??
  23. Hey,
    Just looking for a little bit of help, just finished downloading the game and working through the installation. Every time the installer reaches 100% it ends up not-responding.
    Also attaching a image to clarify.
    If I could get any help with this I'd be very happy as I'm excited to have the ready before CBT-1 opens up.

    fixed - just in case anyone else needs it, I logged in before starting the install and it seems to have worked through.
  24. I read somewhere that a 100 floor dungeon was mentioned at one point, but was never confirmed or denied. I've also seen various threads where people are arguing about the system that dungeons should have.
    My idea for the one dungeon to rule them all would be as follows.

    1: Take some hints from other games that aren't MMO's but are challenging. Diablo 3 has a very great system. Greater rifts are able to go up to level 100 and before some game updates the highest completed was like 54 if I recall correctly. If you created a 100 floor dungeon that progressively got harder and the items that dropped progressively got better, but getting anywhere near the end was neigh impossible it would create a challenging PVE experience where guilds would have to pool resources instead of contesting each other for monster kills.

    2: Items should be randomly generated rares. Let's say past a certain point the dungeon is harder than any other PVE area in the game, I'll say floor 30 just for the heck of it.
    Items that drop past 30 could start being random generated, no specific sets. The immersion factor of such a system would be unlike any MMO before. Imagine if somebody had the strongest sword known to the game, but then the very next day on the next floor someone unearths one even stronger? It would add to realism instead of everyone having the same "high level gear" To counteract this from being OP in PVP, that gear could be gear that only works in the 100 floor dungeon, and scales back to whatever the strongest "normal" gear is in the game when you're not in the dungeon.
    A system like this where the game isn't meant to be won but challenged would invigorate a rather stale PVE system of dungeons, where you simply grind the best gear and win.
    The whole dungeon would be limitless in the amount of players it could hold, but if there is too much traffic on a certain floor someone could always go down a floor.

    3. Boss rooms should be limited to a certain amount of people, a clearing group so to say of 30 to 40 people(But not limited to 1 instance.). In the system I talked about earlier with each floor getting progressively harder and harder, getting stronger gear for a number of players will become more of an issue depending on how much you decide to make the boss drop. Clearing groups would become a thing of guild alliances formed among the strongest players each guild has to offer in order to attempt being the first group to clear the current floor boss.
    4. Don't shy away from making it a grind fest if that's what people want. The reason I said to set floor 30 as harder than anything outside the game is because you should set floor 1 in the low levels, so that way anyone can participate in the dungeon. And if people want to, they could just grind the dungeon instead of actually just questing outside of it. The feeling of getting stronger and climbing down floor after floor would be immersive. Someone who might be a mid level player and has an hour or so to play before work/school might enjoy hopping into the dungeon for a little while with some friends.
    5. Make it hard. Among the normal spawns even in the first floors make chance encounters with hard monsters that if you're not prepared will outright kill you. Don't make it an easy grind fest, make people work for it if they are on the floor that is their limit.
    That's my 2 cents. I can't wait for this game to come to NA, I love everything I've seen and heard about it. But I've seen a lot of people bickering about dungeons and did not see any real good suggestions so here's hoping mine is.