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  1. Post on PvP 1v1 in General

    By AgnwstosX, posted

    1 Vs 1 event, the top 3 will get reward sign up now!
    Rules :
    Level Requirement : No Required
    Stats Requirement : No Stats Required
    People Per Guild: 5
    Buffs: Unlimited
    Pots: Unlimited
    30 minutes before the tournament starts please join to the discord channel!
    Permanent invite link:
  2. Post on PvP Arena Channel in PVP

    By Kola, posted
    Hey! I'm just looking to see if there is any specific channel that people tend to duel in arenas on, feels like every time i walk into heidel arena or Velia arena its empty, so if there is a specific channel people go to duel on I would really appreciate that knowledge
  3. I'm not the best, and I don't claim to be the best. Feed back is always welcome. 
  4. Hi all
    Made a new 1v1 video of the awakening and what I have learned so far. Constructive criticisms is welcome.
    Disclaimer, I'm not the best and I'm not saying that I'm the best ^^
  5. Post on 1v1 Tournament (Edan) in PVP

    By Jail, posted

    I've been hosting a daily 1v1 tourney with my guild and a few people from the Velia channels the last couple of days, and i'd like to see the turnout for a more public one.
    I megaphoned the winner today with congratulatory message and had a LOT of people whispering me about joining or asking details about it.
    I'm going to host another tournament Friday around 9pm PST (right after siege) at the Heidel arena. I don't know if this is a good idea, but hosting it on workdays and Saturdays seems worse.
    - Ruleset - 
        * Game settings: Single elimination best of 5, no going out of bounds.
       * 1 type of food buff is allowed.
       * Mana and Herbal potions are allowed.
       * Alchemy stones are allowed.
       * Rage must be dumped after every round via x. 
       * Hp potions and elixirs are not allowed.
       * Using any type of healing potion will be a disqualification. 
    - Prizes - 
    1st: 3 million silver of any food buff you want 
    2nd:1.5 million silver of any food buff you want 
    3rd: 1 million silver of any food buff you want 
    Currently there will not be a losers bracket.
    Sign up will end on Friday. If you want to
    please leave a reply in this thread with your
    name and class.
    There will most likely be people who want to ruin this by trolling and running into the arena and disrupting as it already happens in our daily Velia tournaments. 
    I currently do not know the best course of action when this happens. Currently the guilds that attend show up and war the offending guilds until they decide to leave. Switching channels is also bothersome and doesn't help as they can send one person to each channel, and 1 person can screw up a fight. 
  6. Hey, I have been playing since CBT1 and generally a huge fan of the game. Right now I feel breserkers are a bit too strong. They are so tanky with insane damage and their cc can't even be blocked. Usually if someone is low geared then you. I have a very easy time with them except breserkers. They just run up grab and start bashing away. I just have to pray that either I don't die from there damage or some how their grab combo fails (which is highly unlikely). I think breserkers should get a damage nurf or reduce the amount they cc.
    Let me know what do you guys think.
  7. Hey since a few people said I should start making gameplay videos so here is a little 1v1 video
    Let me know what you think also ill be making more against different classes soon
  8. 168 AP/ 217 DP
    Hi all, my first post here on the forums. My question here is regarding a 1v1 considering a tamer and a ranger, I seem to struggle against them since it's extremely difficult to lure them into void lightning since (I dont know if it was patched or I just need to l2p) void traveling isn't an option. Shift+Q seems like it has a very small PB-AOE and that tends to miss alot too. I tend to avoid grappling until i've already landed a stun to keep the stun chain going. 
    My question to you all is how do you deal with rangers? from what I know we don't have any ranged stuns to actually close the gap on them.
    If you all feel like it would help i could record some footage of me fighting one and i could post it here for constructive criticism.
  9. Post on Gap Closers? in Tamer

    By Vyspel, posted
    Anyone have some tips/tricks for gap closing on a tamer beyond SHIFT+SPACE and Sprint? 
  10. Tell me this wasn't a good fight
  11. Post on Sorc vs Witch in Sorceress

    By Erebus Hikari, posted
  12. Really loving the Maehwa for small scale PvP! Kinda miss my Valkyrie though.
  13. Post on [GRIND] Tamer 1v1 montage in PVP

    By Yuuki, posted

    Have fun!
  14. Hi guys, we had small pvp tourney in our guild, i made a video of it with my fights - any comments on better skill usage etc are welcome
  15. Hello fellow Adventurers!
    (English is not my first language so please do not hate me for my spelling or grammar mistakes  )
    I know it is already too late for a thread like this BUT I just wanted to make a suggestion that could balance the ods in PVP for all classes. We all know awekenings for each of the classes now, however if the awekenings would be changed they could be a great way to balance pvp, both in small and big scale PVP. Below I will explain how small/big scale pvp is at this moment and my suggestion on how it could be fixed:

    So many people hate that, for example, in Red Battlefield after more than 30 ppl participate it is a range AoE fest. Usually it seems like two sets of groups standing and AoEing each other to death form afar (that's why melee clases are a bit shit in big scale pvp - that's because they die before they can reach group of their enemies). 

    So the question is: 'How to make melee classes able to fight in large scale pvp?' or 'How to make a range class able to defend itself properly when focus in melee range?' The solution would be simple:
    GIVE ranged classes melee awekenings - GIVE melee classes range awekenings.
    Perfect Example would be classes like: Giant, Sorc, Ranger.
    1. Giant (melee class) got a cannon which he can use in large scale pvp without closing to the enemy - BRILLIANT!
    2. Sorc (mid-range) - A Scythe <3 I think everybody loves it :3
    3. Ranger (Range) - Rapier (sword or wahtever) - GREAT good range skills with your bow while having that sword you can always change to just to CC - slow or defend yourself against melee. 

    So why Musa shouldn't get a range awekening? Or Warrior? Ninja? etc. I love all the classes in Black desert (I hate the gender lock while I would love to play with male ranger "hunter" class) but some of them are just underpowered because of the weapons they use. 
    For example I love Ninja awekening, but 5-6 swords and heavy-armor (refering to new costumes added in the KR version :P) is not much silent killer style as ninja class was supposed to be, ninja awekening would suit blader a bit more  Secondly why not give ninja long range weapon like a "kusarigama" (knife on a chain). 

    Same thing for Warriors (Tamers,Musas,Maehwa, etc.), I love the greatsword, but it doesn't change the way you play so much, as range awekening would. You guys could make entirely different and new class weilding a greatsword for its main weapon.
    If all classes would be able to range attack and fight in melee range at the same time then it would fix the problem where Wizards and Rangers exceed so much in large scale pvp. Everytime you see someone with a high number above their head in Red Battlefield 90% its Wizards, rangers or sorcs. 

    There is much ramble in this but I had a lot of things I wanted to talk about and I didn't list them all yet. Probably gona add more later on. 

  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4i2zbh/ksnt_tear_it_up_1v1_pvp_tournament_may_82016/
    Hey guys, new to the forum here! 
    I have been hosting pvp tournaments over on the NA UNO server and thought it was about time that i hit the forums! I normally post it on reddit every week, but i would like to start advertising it here as well ^ . ^
    Please upvote if you can to combat the downvote troll! 
    Thanks for reading!
  17. Post on Warrior vs Tamer in Warrior

    By Tsinatsil, posted
    Hey guys,
    Im 80ap/146dp warrior atm, though I dont have deep thrust and counter maxed out yet, how do you guys deal with tamers? Dueled a tamer around 115ap/110dp.
    First problem im having with my skillset I cant cc chain grab>counter>ground smash without proccing cc immunity and counter doesnt seem to be so consistent cc, atleast with the first rank unlocked. So far I have tried using grab>counter>chopkick>spinslash>ground smash>chopkick +slash etc. Might be resistanses too tho.
    Problems with dealing tamer I have is the big pet aoe (batshit amount of black particle effects) that interrupts my combo after grab + allows tamer to knock me down. I can deal with this and avoid getting ccd by blocking after my grab, but this way I lose uptime on my dmg. Is there another way to deal with the aoe cc, that doesnt seem to have any cd? Going for this more defensive route I can survive longer but my dmg uptime is poor.
    Second problem im having is the mobility, especially sometimes it seems like they just teleport behind me when tamer charges from in front of you. There might be some desync issues with iframes tho, wouldnt know. I can try to avoid the situation just by shield charging forward, but sometimes the tamer seems to be able to cc me before I can shield charge. How could this situation be avoided, could i try to turn my block backwards just before tamer gets close to me to block the cc etc? Dunno if it would work since they atleast got some cc that go trough block.
    Also dueled without the tamer pet and seemed like it was quite abit easier, but still had the problem with the mobility + desync.
    Would appreciate some tips how you guys fight tamers. Do you play it defensive or go straight for the kill etc?
  18. Hello everyone,
    BDO sounds very promising but we kinda need standardized arena PvP in this game. By this I mean the following:
    - phased arena battleground for 1v1 fights (Deathmatch, with locked HP pool. That means: There are 3 consecutive battles. You lose after dying 3times. Your HP pool wont reset before each battle. Each damage you take, thus matters, comparable to other successful fighting games)
    - players can enter at a certain arena and only play vs players entering at the same arena (to keep up immersion as much as possible)
    - gear+skillpoints of all entering players has to be either standardized (every player has the same stats after entering the phased battleground zone) or create PvP gear which can only be used in these arenas (PvE gear cant be used, otherwise we have again unfair arenas which will result in alot of frustration!)
    - no potions allowed
    - ranking/ladder system, maybe comparable to other online PvP games where players receive special rewards after each season
    - give rewards for winning/losing (what most games do: non-PvE relevant items so no blackstones/silver. Instead you can earn Tokens which then can be traded for special mounts, pets, armor+weapon skins. That way PvP will feel very rewarding, give longterm goals and wont create an advantage between farming/PvP)
    I really hope for the sake of this game, that 1v1 standardized Arenas with appropriate rewards+ranking system (for prestige+competetive scene) will be a thing soon. Otherwise a big part of the community will be left behind. Especially standardized Arenas will not just create a fair and competetive environment for all players but also remove alot of frustration that is currently inherrit of the PvP created by huge item discrepancies.
    I wish Daum will think about this aspect of the game, not necessarily do I want them to go eSports like BnS, but rather enable a huge part of the community fun and engaging content being available without massive grinding!
    Best regards!
  19. I have noticed a significant number of players asking for ranked 1v1s similar to the system Blade and Soul offers. IT IS CLEAR TO ME that this system has NO place in the uninstanced, immersive world that Black Desert Online boasts. What if there was a way to satisfy the needs of these players while staying true to the game simultaneously?
    I present to you my idea of a 1v1 based gladiator arena in Valencia or a tavern brawl arena in the upcoming Dwarven zone.
    Location Gladiator Colosseum in Valencia Tavern Brawl Arena in the possible Dwarf Main City
    How it works Step 1 - Registration Players will locate the registration NPC who will be located in close proximity to the arena. Players will play a registration fee to enter the event. After the player registration cap or player registration time limit has been met the event will begin (player minimum is also required).
    Step 2- Participation In order for registered players to participate in the event, they must be within a certain proximity of the arena at the time of their fight. If the player is in the area upon the NPC calling their name they would be zoned into their waiting room. Another option is upon their name being called a player will have 30 seconds to speak with the waiting room guard who will allow them inside only if they are the correct registered player. Once both participating players are confirmed to be in their waiting rooms, the announcing NPC will commence a countdown which will open their gates thus commencing the fight. If players are not in the participation zone when their name is called they will be disqualified after a 30 second window.
    Step 3- Rewards Each event may have a different entry fee ranging from low to high costs. Big money fights will be announced server wide. The victor of each event will have their registration fee returned as well as all participating players fees awarded to them. The game already has a leaderboard system, depending on where you place in each event you will be awarded with points towards your score on the leaderboards. The top 10 players on the leaderboards will be displayed on a great banner hung in or near the arena. The number one ranked player will have their name and/or portrait displayed throughout the world in villages, cities for all to see.
    Balance Upon entering your waiting room prior to the fight, you will have to consent to leave your potions and food buffs with the waiting room guard. These items will be returned to you after your fight has ended. Players WILL be allowed to wear whatever gear they choose to bring. Buffs will be removed from each player at the start of the fight and returned to them afterwards.
    Frequency At the end of each event, there will be an hour to two hour window until the next event begins. This allows time for registration and preparation as well as player interaction. Big money events may take place once or twice a week. I feel these events will give more incentive to practice at the arenas in Velia, Heidel and Calpheon.
    Open World All arenas will be open world and can be visited by all players. Depending on the structure of the arena there will be a large amount of seating for all players to spectate the events. Players WILL NOT be allowed to enter the fight pit and waiting rooms (to avoid trolls). The arena will be full of life with NPCs spectating the events and cheering as well as walking about selling their goods to players. The sounds of cheering, booing, laughter and life will fill the air. I would like to see the Colosseum at an epic scale or the Tavern arena with a gritty dark theme.
    This is my idea so far and really feel it will mesh perfectly into the vast, immersive world of Black Desert Online. More sand in the sandbox never hurt anybody. Feel free to give suggestions and voice your opinion! Thanks!
  20. Bonjour les gens,
    Je suis nouveau sur le forum et je suis un joueur de MMORPG depuis longtemps et d'autres jeux essentiellement axé sur le PVP, je ne vais peut-être pas faire mon CV en détail car j'imagine que ça ne vous intéressera sûrement pas.
    Je ne connais que très peu (et aussi depuis peu) le jeu et bien évidemment, il me semble intéressant (sinon je n'écrirais pas ici :D) et peut tout à fait correspondre à bon nombre de mes attentes (notamment concernant le contenu PVP).
    Malgré ce que j'ai lu concernant le PVP dit "sauvage" qui m'a l'air étrange et punitif pour la personne qui tue (alors que dans un tel jeu j'aurai tendance à récompenser ce joueur et peut-être protéger le joueur tué en l'immunisant aux agressions pendant un temps pour que tout le monde puisse avoir un certains terrain d'entente et éviter les "chains kill" ou autres "camp"). J'imagine que ce parti pris à de très bonnes raisons et que ne connaissant encore que très peu le jeu mes propos sont surement maladroit et inadaptés.
    Tout ceci étant dit ma question est la suivante :
    J'ai cru comprendre qu'il y avait un contenu sympa en terme de PVP HL. Cependant, je me demandais si il y a un système d’arène cotée et plus précisément si arène cotée il y a, y a-t-il que du 3v3 ou trouve-t-on du 1v1 ou 2v2 ou même pourquoi pas du 5v5?
    J'ai cherché un peu (peut-être trop peu) mais de ce que j'ai pu voir sur certains commentaires ou topic sur ce forum ou d'autres, il semble y avoir de l’arène 3v3 mais je n'ai pas vu si il n'y avait que ce modèle.
    Voilà j'espère être à la fois lisible et compréhensible
    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses
  21. First post (last post?) incoming:
    I recently ordered the $100 preorder set for Black Desert because I did a bit of reading, watched a few videos, and read the word sandbox and immediately thought that Star Wars Galaxies was being reborn in spirit. Then I read these forums about being punished for PvPing in the open world, and I just emailed the team asking for my money back. Look, I'm not calling people carebears or saying that PvP is for everyone, but seriously, why in the world would you punish me for PvPing in a game that has PvP? Why not just take PvP out altogether because it seems like a total waste of time. 
    Here are my thoughts as an avid lifetime (I'm old) PvPer:
    1. Don't call yourself a sandbox game and then have instanced PvP. Don't. Do. It. You're a liar. 
    2. Don't complain that PvPers want to PvP if you aren't a PvPer. I don't tell them to change your PvE content because I think it's idiotic to hit scripted mobs. Stay in your lane.
    3.  Create PvP and PvE servers. The two communities don't mesh at all. And if you're a PvEer and you roll on a PvP server, cry into your hanky when no one is looking because you're too stupid to pick the right server.
    4.  Stop catering to one side or the other and start catering to both sides.
    5. If you want open world PvP, flag for it. If you don't, unflag for it. Everyone at level 50 should be perma-flagged. You're level 50, grow up, life's hard. 
    Again, this isn't about being a PvPer or being a PvEer. It's about finding an easy balance for everyone. Blade and Soul does it. Star Wars Galaxies did it. Stop limiting your sales and your gameplay based on sides. Enhance the experience for both sides and build player-driven content at the same time. Read #5.
    It's surprising how well companies tank games today simply by choosing sides in a conflict instead of creating balanced solutions. Punishing a PvPer for their side is not balance; it's idiotic.
  22. So after reading several threads, having a few out of forum discussions, and thinking it over myself, I realized: We don't actually need 1v1 trading.
    Now some of you might be shaking your heads, but hear me out. I also thought we needed it. I want to help my friends, I want to actually play together! However, I realized, we can still do all those things, just not in the same way.
    One of the main draws of Black Desert is the sandbox, you can do anything you want system. Now, many of us play with other people, and were disappointed when we discovered you couldn't do things like trade wood so that you friend could finish their boat faster. Now, some of you might look at this as you being unable to help people, since after all, if you can't actually trade items (save market board based transactions) that makes it harder to assist in ways we're used to...
    ...but we can still help.
    Maybe, instead of thinking so small, we should think bigger. Maybe we can't help build that boat... but we can build something ourselves. Maybe we build our own boat. Or maybe we build a wagon. Maybe we focus on weapons so we can fight to protect that boat our friend worked so hard to build. Maybe, we just take the time and travel together while we each build our own boat, and our own wagon, and then use them together (or apart) for mutual (or personal) gain. I think we've been thinking to small, to fast. Black Desert is a slow, long term game, and we've been thinking fast-paced and short term.
    From a combat perspective, maybe, instead of trading your friend that better weapon so they can kill that monster, you go and help them kill that monster. Maybe you teach them how to make it themselves, showing them how to gain the skills, where to find the materials, and what the best house to purchase for the best weapons is. Maybe, instead of simply giving your friend that wagon so they can start their own merchant empire, you let them build it themselves, and let them feel the reward of having completed the task. Maybe we focus on the long term. We think less of the physical items we can give people, and think of what we can teach them. How we can help them, without just giving them the end goal. Help them reach it themselves.
    Maybe, we think bigger. Instead of focusing on the small, on the things we can't do, we think about the things we can.
    Sure, we can't help out friend build that boat by giving them some wood.
    However, we can help them rule the seas by building our own boat, building our own armor, our own weapons, and traveling alongside them as equals.
    We learn how to play the game together, we reach our own goals, and we can still help each other.
    Just not in the way we're used to. And you know what? Maybe that's not such a bad thing.
    Now, one thing we could do, is implement clan storage. I've seen people talking about this, and it makes much more sense then 1v1 trading. This way, we can still help each other, we can still pool our materials... it's just more restricted. Maybe we have a time restriction for how long we have to be in the clan before we can put items in or take items out. We could also have it be items only, or any other variety of restrictions possible. Really, I think we should focus more on this then 1v1 trading if we really want to be able to help each other with smaller things.
    After all, that's why clan's exist. They exist to help each other.
    Plus, this way, we still avoid the gold sellers just like we do if we don't have 1v1 trading. With the possible restrictions (time limits, amount limits, value limits, type of item limits, etc.) we can still avoid gold sellers, with out removing the ability to help our friends. We just have to wait a little longer to do that.
    And you know what? Maybe that's not such a bad thing. After all, Black Desert is about the long game, so maybe making us play it won't be such a bad thing.
  23. So I came with the idea that would be good to have a Battleground 1 vs 1 where you have to queue or another method to play it with a scoreboard, and every player can stream it, be able to stream a game can help to persuade people to play it and players like to stream their games to have some kind of fame or be known, what i'm trying to say is have something that you can stream will help the game. Also make a event in a specific day. For example every Sunday a war between guilds to hunt a treasure,conquer a island or something like with a reward/guild points. Another thing would be a hunt of world bosses or another kind of things in a specific day too. 
  24. To the experienced who have seen end game pvp. How effective is Ranger in wpvp and 1v1 situations? How is damage output? Any particular class that ranger is weak against? Would you choose berserker over Ranger for overall better performance?