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  1. Hello everyone.
    As we all know, after a month of absence, returning players can log in for a month to channels that grant them 200% EXP bonus.
    This is a nice concept but it would be much better if this would work from 24h of absence. You can't log in or just want a rest from grinding for one or two days, you get back to the game and you have 200% EXP bonus for one or those two days of rest.
    It would also benefit players who go on holidays for a week or two, having a 7 or 14 day brake from the game can sure create a significant gap between you and those who didn't stop grinding.
     This would raise the overall pleasure from gamming, because people can take rests from everyday boring grinding and later catchup with others who actually like to grind and don't need a rest.
  2. So like usual, here is a video of the awakened 100% and 200% skills for the newest awakening, Dark Knights Vediant! Hope you enjoy my horrid editing skills in this video!
  3. Post on Error 2001 in Technical Issues

    By GeekDoom, posted
    Hi, i need help im downloading the game, and have this error 2001, and i have a 50% of the game downloaded   How i can fix it? ty for ur answer
  4. Post on Erro 2001 in Technical Issues

    By Eleyx, posted
    As title i try to download the patch of today but i receive "error 2001" and now nothing work....
  5. I would like to know what the 200% looks like, however after a long while of looking up I cannot find it. A bit curious atm, guessing people have much better luck at finding stuff like this. If you do, thanks o: !!! Also, have a wonderful day!
  6. While trying to install the most recent patch, I received an error from the launcher screen saying "An error occurred while downloading file. (errorcode : 2001)." It automatically closes the launcher and I have not been able to patch ever since. I tried running as admin and did basic troubleshooting. 

    Is anyone else getting this error or have a solution to this problem??
  7. I'm gonna move far away and by that I mean on the other side of the wall he builds since i'm Mexican.
  8. Hi, 
    I've been playing since the Feb 28th with no problems but the latest patch this morning (March 3rd) has resulted in my launcher crashing with "errorcode : 2001". I've looked on the forum and haven't found any solutions. I've already tried running as admin and all the normal troubleshoots. Hoping to resolve without having to re-install. 
    Puddin <3

  9. Guten Morgen,
    ich habe das Game jetzt zu 99% runter geladen, mir fehlen noch ca. 200 mb.
    Habe meinen Rechner neu gestartet und jetzt bekomme ich wenn ich den launcher öffne folgende Fehlermeldung!
    Finde auch nichts im Internet wegen dieser Fehlermeldung!

    Konnte das Problem lösen.
    Deaktivierung des Virensystems und das Programm läuft wieder!
    Als Verbesserungsvorschlag definitiv ein Punkt draufzuschauen.
    Des weiteren, der launcher überprüft jetzt alle bereits runtergeladenen Daten mit genau 60mb/s.
    Habe eine SSD, dass sollte eigentl. sehr viel schneller gehen.
    Aber funktioniert falls jemand das selbe Prob. hat