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  1. Post on Diamond Rings in General

    By Hyperblast, posted
    I would love this rings in game...diamonds bro!!!
  2. Post on Help with warrior Gear! in Warrior

    By Valkary, posted
    Looking for help on any information that other warriors have that can give me something to work towards!

    I have been trying to find the end game accessories that warriors will want for their builds, most people tell me to go pure AP for a warrior but others say Do AP/DP (Sicls, red coral, etc)

    The attached is my current gear, I Am working on getting Giath, Muskan, and tree armor ( I have bhegs ) and I am working towards Dandy. I just need assistance on accessories, thank you so much for any help!

  3. Hey why isn't these rings in the game yet?! http://bddatabase.net/us/item/12125/
    I'v been holding onto all the mats since altinova was released and they are just sitting in my warehouse collecting dust and I really want these rings!!! qq
  4. Personally i'm driven absolutely crazy by the idea of losing hundreds of millions off of failing accessories. The cron stones are an awesome idea and a helpful tool, but I'm not a fan of the valks cry and don't like cash driven success rate. 
    The system i would like to see implemented is one where you can use 2 pri items to make a duo and that would significantly increase the % chance of success. I feel that the more you invest in the item going into the enhancement the more likely it should be to succeed. This would be an excellent counterpart to the people that don't want to spend hard earned cash on extra valks cry FS offering an in game cash alternative. Between that system and cron stones it would make accessory enhancement RNG a bit less terrifying and maybe keep people from blowing their brains out when failing tri ogres. 
    Let me know what you guys think.
  5. In my own opinion, this game could have more interesting Accessories than simple stat modifiers like AP DP health and Mana/sp pool increase. Lets be frank that most of the accessories in this game are worth ignoring and only a handful are even worth considering, those of which are exclusively AP heavy. I personally think that it could be reduced to Weapons give AP and Armor gives DP. Instead of accessories giving AP or DP, give them modifiers and status effects. Here are some ideas of mine that don't come down to simple stat or resistance modifiers. you can apply these stats to any and all accessories, i just want them to be in the game. The goal is to create a system of accessories that encourage players to develop their own play-style of ether being a tank or trying to avoid getting hit more. By building their accessories correctly they can develop all new ways of play-style that might include unused skills that are left for better higher damage pvp skills.
    Speed modifier: Every second you aren't hit, this accessory will give you an extra 1% move speed up to so much move speed. (Great for classes that dodge and for low level grind spots where you don't get hit that often.)AP modifier: Every second you don't get hit up to lets say for the sake of it 10-20 seconds gives you an extra AP that will disapear on getting hit. 5 second cool down before the stat kicks in again. (Good for rangers once again and encourages a play-style of not getting hit cause it will boost ap.Simple reduction of all status effect timers. Just get rid of bleed much faster than normal, not talking cc effects just bleed and such.Simple increase of the effects of potions a player takes. Just make potions heal them more while this accessory is equipped. Hell double the health the potion gives em but increase the cool down even. Just remember to not increase the cool down timer to much, i know you want balance but also remember they would be equipping this to forgo other accessoriesElixertizer(like this name) Adds buffs to elixirs such as longer use and lower cool down timer as well as maybe an AP buff for the amount of exlier buffs you have active. turn five min cool downs in to 2 min cool downs and raise the base 5 min elixir into 10 minutes, we can already do so with party pots anyway. Also add like a 2 ap buff for every active potion maybe, or a 3 dp buff.Regen necklace: I know there is already a bunch of accessories that do this, but guess what, they don't heal enough to make em remotely worth using. Make them have like a 25-45 health per second buff but then double the cool down time of potions and other healing items. (Great for players who wish to farm.) if they equip more than one the benefit of having 2 is reduced 2 25 health per sec accessories means 40 health per second 3 and you get 50 health 4 and you get 55, 6 and you get 65 and then potions are perm disabled. OR since there are such things as low health beginning players that would make this accessory OP just have it be 25 health per second and up to .75% of health per second.Glass shield: Applies a single stack of +20 - +50 at pen every 6-10  seconds up to 3-10 times. Every hit you take reduces the stacks you have saved up.(bad for tanks,GREAT FOR DODGE CLASSES)Second breathe: This one i want cause of kutum in the U.S. Stops a hit that would normally kill you and keep you at one health and give you 3 seconds invincibility. This would take   time to reset so its not spam able you know 90-180 seconds, maybe make it pve only or whatnot.Assault: Every time you hit someone within 15 seconds you would gain one ap per consecutive hit up to 15 or so. Anything that is fast and made to hit allot whiten a few seconds would beneficent.Rage bringer: Guarding and blocking will build more rage for the black spirit.Armor brace: Forces a players AP down and increases DP at low health. Making the player less of a threat but harder to kill.Trigger finger: double cast speed and more damage on a single ability if player hasn't used an ability in the last 7-10 seconds. Players can opt out of attacking for a few seconds in order to try a quicker first attack with this accessory.Turtle shell, Reduces the amount of damage received from back attacks by a percentage.Weakening braces: This accessory is going to make it to where you will never hit harder than your opponent's ap and never use more dp than your opponent has when you are hit. disables potions and places an icon above your head. Basically you where this accessory so that you can duel players on more equal footing in duels.Want to add more in the future. these are of course untested ideas for accessories and likely half of them would break the game or be just as worthless as the ones we have now but i would love just variety in the future for this game. BTW my dream is to become a video game programmer so this is what i think about a lot.
  6. So I come from playing a zerk. With my zerk I could farm roughly 2k worth of weight before needing to repair and chances are I wouldn't even need to repair.
    With my witch though I'm having to repair every 600-700 weight and a ton of my stuff (OH, Staff, Accs) all are low durability... Does this have to do with the mana drain bug?
  8. Post on More Glasses for Ninja? in Ninja

    By Kenekii, posted
    So, I noticed that for some reason every other class has 4 or 5 glasses options, but for some reason Ninja only gets one? This isn't game breaking or anything, obviously, but does leave me somewhat wondering. 
    I mean...Why? Kunoichi has all the glasses option, and they were released at the same time, so that leaves me a bit confused... 
  9. Click HERE for the guide!
    Newer Forum Thread
  10. Hi guys! So I was grinding to lvl 50 and only did black spirit quests. I am trying to do the Quest in the title because to be honest my rng sucks and for the accessories I want to see if I can get a good one that's not based on rng. I found that theres a way through an hourly quest, (the title) but its not showing up at becker. I read that theres a series of quest that needs to be done to get it, I just wanna know what is the starting quest that will lead me to that quest? thank you so much.
  11. Post on Hourly Quest. in Wizard/Witch

    By VairyHagina, posted
    Hi guys! I was grinding up to lvl 50, only doing black spirit quests. I want to do the hourly quest given by becker for an accessory that gives 5-5 ap since my rng sucks and witch earrings are not dropping for me haha. I just want to know since I haven't done any quests, which quests should I do to start the process of me being able to get the quest? thank you
  12. TL;DR
    The accessory upgrading RNG is too unforgiving. There should be a system in place that instead of breaking our accessories, it takes durability away and we can repair it with Memory Fragments or the same item, just like our normal gears.
    Hi. Firstly, let me start off by saying I love BDO and am fully aware of the RNG elements at play with nearly every aspect in the game.
    Now, through my triumph & troubles of good & bad luck, the RNG involved with accessories has caught my attention. I've personally had my stroke of bad luck while breaking 27 Blue Coral Earrings just to get DUO starting with 30 stacks with a total of 7 PRI's used. Still haven't gotten it.
    My point here isn't to whine, but to maybe see what others think about the accessory upgrading system and if they agree or disagree it's in need of an altering. As of now, anyone with 1 or more TRI's is incredibly lucky. (The norm right now among the majority of PVP'ers would be PRI, maybe a DUO or two.)
    How many of us want to spend weeks, or even months farming up all those accessories to finally try and get those 2 beautiful TRI Witch's Earrings or TRI Mark of Shadow's? Just to be a:
    Player 1: Get them both, and be very pleased with the effort you put forth that had adequate returns
    Player 2: Not get them, and feel like you've been cheated and/or wasted all your free time for little to nothing
    Great job if you're Player 1, you've managed to get lucky after spending all that time for those accessories! Sorry Player 2, better spend a more time in the same grind spot for a few (hopefully) more weeks if you really want to keep up with lucky Player 1!
    So Player 1, now that you've got TRI's go for TET! Yeah, you heard me, go for TET because that's your next upgrade. Now that your chances are even lower, and all your previous hard work is on the line, do you still have the balls? What about PEN...?
    By now it should be overly clear to you where I'm going with this. The system is extremely brutal when it comes to enchanting now, so we can only imagine what it will be like in the future.
    I feel as though the current system should be altered to change accessory upgrading to be like our normal gear, and just punish us with durability decreases per each fail. Not only are the best in slot accessories rare, but they're also much more expensive than most commons gears. Even a Liverto is only worth 9mil, while a Mark or Witch's is 12.5mil
    I'm not going to give any numbers of how much durability should be lost, what the success/fail rate should be, or even how much each sacrifice should repair. That is for Daum/Pearl Abyss to decide way later down the road, if they choose to address this matter.
    Let's be honest though, who really wants to come home every day from work/school to play BDO and unwind while farming just to be met with bad luck later on, then lose everything they had spent the passed few weeks or even months working towards.
    The RNG on accessory upgrading shouldn't be so punishing.
  13. So just curious, I am currently leveling a warrior and trying to get ahead on the gear as much as possible until I have the funds to fully upgrade everything. My current set-up is full Grunil with Basteer sword +7 till 45 and a Vangertz shield. The main area I have issues with is the accessories, I am constantly being torn and cannot decide what would be good and/or useless to me. Currently my level is 40, but that isn't a big deal. The Grunil I am using is from my Wizard and I am thinking about changing my main toon to Warrior.

  14. One of the biggest things that annoys me personally is the loss of progression due to rng. The accessory enchanting system does exactly that since it destroys both the items on a fail. Yes you can just stock up on extras, but that just seems more a bandaid than anything else.
    The main idea around this change is that instead of losing both items in a fail, you are now required to have higher enchanted accessories to enchant higher in exchange for keeping on of the accessories on a fail.
    PRI: normal+normal
    and so forth
    This will still keep up the churn of accessories going through the market since you'd still have to enchant up and lose multiples on failures while not losing the progress you have made. In turn it will probably make the really rare accessories such as ogre rings even harder to get higher as you are now required to get more of them. Additionally, if it is found to be too quick to get higher enchanted accessories you could lower the base chance of success to make it "harder". You could even make this optional where if you used a non enchanted version to go DUO, you'd lose both, but using another PRI, you'd keep one of the PRI.
  15. Now that Mediah part 2 is released and thus making the coral accessories available i've been pondering whether or not to go for the coral accessories or go with the mark of shadow/witch's earrings combo.
    The reason why i'm considering the coral accessories is because i'm taking into consideration the extra +3% damage based upon max SP for celestial spear and i'm wondering if it's worth sacrificing a little bit of AP to boost the damage on celestial spear with that awakened effect.
    The current combinations i've been considering are the following (All of them using Ogre ring for necklace and Tree Spirit belt for the belt. This is all assuming +5 enchants on accessories which are more than likely very very unlikely to be obtained. The number i got are all from bddatabase and i'm only calculating the values for rings and earrings):
    Traditional (+60~60 AP when all max enchant)
    Rings = 2x Mark of ShadowEarrings = 2x Witch's EarringsMax SP (+48~48 AP & +150 max SP when all max enchant)
    Rings = 2x Blue Coral RingsEarrings = 2x Blue Coral EarringsBalance between AP and SP (+58~58 AP & +50 max SP when all max enchant)
    Rings = 2x Mark of ShadowEarrings = 2x Blue Coral EarringsOther (+44~44 AP, +100 SP, +16 accuracy & +100 Endurance @ max enchant)
    Rings = 2x Blue Coral RingEarrings = 2x Red Coral Earring 
    The last one was just a combination that i read as a suggestion which i'm still contemplating if it's worth going for or not, it definitely covers a lot more areas which may come in handy but i'm unsure how useful it may be in the end. Compared to the "traditional" gearing for accessories i'm losing 16 AP, which i'm not sure how big of a difference that makes but i do get more accuracy which again is  hard to gauge how useful it is at a certain point.
    But ultimately these options depend on whether or not it's worth trying to boost the damage on celestial spear by boosting SP since it is only a very minor 3%. OR if it's just better to max out AP instead. The "Max SP" and "Balanced" option do offer a reasonable compromise between SP and AP but again there's no point if at the end of the day having more AP in general is better. I am  keeping an open mind to the "other" option especially if it will allow me to swap out the vangertz shield for an axion instead but again this is assuming of course i could even enchant my accessories to +5 which i seriously doubt will happen anytime soon.
    So what do you all think? Which option do you guys think is the "best" for PvP? I just want to hear your opinions to help me decide which of these options to go for.
  16. I was working my way to get enough Seals Of Promise when after the very first two quests 'Necklace of Enhanced Magic #1 and #2' when the unexpected happened. 
    I didn't get the hourly repeats...
    I have waited a day as well to see if that would cause any change. No luck. Supposedly, some of the quest line begins from the warehouse manager but he has nothing for me.  I have also read mention of needing to speak to everyone in the Calpheon church. But to do that i need to gain amity from the priest in abandoned land (which i cannot find (the guy)) I'm not sure if there's anyone else i need to be talking to to get started on these quests. I'm looking to get the earrings. 
    Also, my black spirit quest is bugged. He wants to give me something but has nothing to give. This only happens around Calpheon and the surrounding areas. I'm level 51 and all of my Black Spirit quests are caught up, asides from world of knowledge, etc.  I have tried to reset the UI, disconnect, restart, switch servers; no luck.
    If anyone has an idea of what else I can try to get these quests going again, or an NPC whom I need to chatting with. Please let me know! gotta get those earrings!!!
  17. Let's take for example, the rings:
    It's just a matter of will and patience versus luck at standard point?
    I noticed the only difference may be in enhancing them, 5 AP at max level.
  18. http://bddatabase.net/us/item/12222/
    That stuff. BDDatabase seems to be the only place on the internet it's mentioned.
  19. The Pearl Shop featured numerous Earrings and Eye Glasses during CBT2, specifically an Eye Patch for Warrior and some Fang Earrings. Now on launch the Pearl Shop is missing 80% of these, and each glass only has one selection of ridiculous looking glasses.
  20. So @CM_Jouska just posted the announcement of CBT2 start date and a new event! On the event page, the 1st place rewards include a black spirit figurine...
    Seeing how this is being offered as a reward, is it possible we'll be seeing these and other black spirit items that we can purchase in the future? I know I'd buy them!
    What do you guys think? Would you purchase a black spirit accessory too? If so, what types should they offer? (ex. keychain, poster, etc)