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  1. Recruiting for the guild SCAM we offer +2 fishing, +2 gathering and +3 accuracy. We are looking for active players and welcome people that are new or veterans to the game, we do PVX and lifeskills. We also offer max contracts for guild members who contribute by actively doing guild quests with us. We have a discord but it is not mandatory but if you do join us in voice chat, please use push to talk as a courtesy to everyone We are a fairly new guild created about few weeks ago, so we are still growing towards a bigger size.

    Please message IGN: Steamm , Nkri , Chuu_desu, Maeyue or Denkou in game about joining or more info.
    Hope to hear from you soon and yes we have memes.
    Hello everyone! First time posting to the BDO forums! I had been interested in BDO since it was announced for KR. Then followed the game religiously till it hit NA. Got my pre-order in the moment I could. When the game officially launched in the USA I couldn't wait to try it, only to be so confused on what actually I needed to do!! Then RL stuff came up and had to step away as I didn't have the time to learn all the new things BDO had to offer. It was a real downer as I waited so long for it! I think BDO has amazing depth to being fully immersed for todays standards in mmorpg's, minus the short rendering distances, and graphical issues from PA :)! So in short I came back, have the time to fully play, and learn the game/class/mechanics. I have learned everything from trading, gearing my class short/long term, enhancements, fishing, world boss timers, knowledge, nodes, workers, and still continue to educate my brain as I type this. 
    So now I feel its the time to look for friends to join in my journey through BDO. Just like everyone (mostly) I have been playing mmo's since the 90's and have played at a very high level in the past. Now as I'm getting older I still like to be competitive, but I just can't be committed like I used to be. In the past I was locked to my PC 4-6 hours a night for progression in w/e game I was playing. I'm currently playing anywhere from 6-15 hours a day, so I'm no slouch to the game. Its just that I can actually walk away if I need to. This DOESN'T mean that I can't commit to days during the week for guild events FYI. My goals long term is to do guild events, pvp, grind bosses, and overall just help the guild as a team player.  I'm purely focused on my Wizard for end game content, and will have a warrior only as a filler class in downtime. You as a guild are getting someone that is mature, committed to learning the class, active, respectful, good listener, can follow directions and not do something after I'm told the first time!  I only ask the following if you message me
    Discord for team voice chat (Very resourceful tool, and I just like it).  You can be hardcore, but please have a personality like (Friends and Family guild). I don't have time to deal with drama/trolling/elitist/jerks. Be somewhat established to the game. Not looking for starter guilds. I offer more long term, and like to learn from more experienced players that actually started with this game or at least got their feet wet. Please message me on here with your Forum post to your Guild, Discord channel, or anything you like to sayCST "Preferred"Active guild, not a fan of guilds that don't purge every so often from non-active players. Lastly, I finally ask that you please keep this post constructive, and polite. I don't need people to flame me for anything I may or may not have posted above. I'm reaching out to join someone thats looking for a mature active gamer! Any question please feel free to ask!
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post!
  3. Im skilled 3 cooking how do i lvl it up fast ? (dont be vague)

  4. DesertRats, a friendly and active guild is reqruiting memebers!
    We are a not too long ago formed guild with 8 members in as write this post.
    We want to do the following stuff with our members!
    - Grinding: (Pirates mostly, sometimes some go Sausan and valencia when more people want to)
    - Guild quests: In order to pay our members and afford stuff for our guild we need funds! 
    - PvP/Node wars: We would like to get into this as soon as we have enough good people so we make a good chance at winning!
    As Long as you are progressing and willing to gear up/grind. You are welcome to join regardless of your current gear/level. You will get there eventually (which can be really soon).
    We would really like you to join our guild and hope you'll choose us to be your companions. Please leave a reply if you want to join us or whisper Ichiiko or TheBeardedGuy.
  5. {DeWm} NEWLY founded  pvx guild looking for fun and active ppl to fill our ranks, we are a newly founded guild of new and returning players who are aiming for the top. Discord is required if you are interested in joining please pm me on discord for more info (mlovejoy12#0261)

  6. Hello,
    Are there any active dutch or belgium guilds in black desert online? I'm looking for a guild to do missions with and naval battles.
    If there are any please contact me.
  7. Guild closed.
  8. Hi guys ! My friend an I made a guild name RedFrizz .   We are currently only 2 but i hope we could find people to play with : precisely we want to do Guild missions  .  
    Hope to see you IG with us !!!   RedFrizz

    <Swift> is a relaxed and friendly PvE guild on the EU server. We aim to create a fun, mature environment where members can enjoy the game at their own pace. We do daily missions and currently have Fishing +3, Gathering +3, Accuracy +5, AP +5 and Hp +40, Damage Reduction +1. We also do weekly scroll runs, awakening and regular. We're a PvE focused guild looking for people who enjoy this side of the game. We don't take part in node wars or any PvP activities so if that's something that interests you we may not be the right fit for you
    Whether you're into life skills or love to grind, or both, it's all good by us, everyone is welcome.
    Age requirement is 25+, we welcome players of all levels, a lot of us have played BDO since launch so have experience/knowledge of the game and are more than happy to help newer players out. Having active members is really important to us, that being said we don't expect you to be online 24/7, we understand that RL comes first!
    So if you're up for a bit of friendly banter and don't take yourself or the game too seriously, why not give us a shout? Feel free to pm me or one of our officers anytime and we can give you all the information you need, you'll usually find us hanging about on Balenos 6. Alternatively you can go to our website at www.swiftguild.shivtr.com and fill out the application there..oh, and we have discord too
    Here's your go-to people if you want to get in touch:
    GM - Lapowinsa
    Officers - Tilia_Cordata, Pajia, Promethius
    Hope to hear from you soon!
  10. Desert Pirates
    International PvP focused guild
    Who are ''Desert Pirates''?
    We are an international PvP focused guild with a past of 2 years in another MMORPG.  The guild is planning to build up in BDO now and start a new guild in the game.
    Our guild is very interested into the PvP aspect of the game (as example Nodewars, Sieges, GvG or the new Naval GvG's). But we are also interested in the other content too as example professions or guild bosses. Currently we just started with the recruitment, wich is the reason that we can't do our current goals yet, but were planning to start with trainings in the guild as preperation till we can afford the strenght to join them.
    Wich are the main goals of our guild?
    As already mentioned above, we are planning to do all espects of the PvP content but we aren't interested in ending up as a mass guild. We are more interested in knowing eachother, having fun together and trying to improve without zerging our enemys by pure numbers.
    Another important goal of us is, that our guild members are interested to play together with the guild (grindgroups, scrollgroups for an example) instead of doing everything with random peoples. For us a great guild is the main goal wich is respecting every part in it, dramas aren't welcome!
    Why should i join the guild?
    1: If you are interested in a friendly guild wich is active and motivated to play together as often as possible, it might fit you.
    2: We're doing all we can to respect every member in the guild no matter about its orientations, religions and so on.
    3: The guild isn't a hardcore guild, wich is forcing you to play all day for hours. We want active players, but aren't forcing you to play every day a tons of hours, neither getting better geared in a unrealistic ammount of time.
    4: Our guild own Discord, an own forum and a Teamspeak for a better communication between it's members ingame and outside of their play time (of course you don't need to contact us when you arent ingame, its only for the peoples wich are interested to chat with us outside the game!).
    5: As mentioned above we just started the recruitment, means even some new players can join as long they agree with our rules and got a minimum level of 50 (if your below we still could make a deal)
    How to join the guild?
    1: You need to be friendly, motivated beeing with us and play active.
    2: Respecting our rules on the own forum and register afterwards on it with the family name: http://desertpirates.shivtr.com/ As soon you made an account our leaders will trying to contact you as soon as possible, please make sure you can be contacted trough the name you registered as!
    3: Or contact SkygirlGaming (Family name) / Skygirl (Main Name)  ingame or respond on this post till you got a reply! 
    I hope we will see us soon in the guild! 
    Greetings Sky 
    We are already 12 players in the guild and will soon improve the difficult to join the guild. We already play active together at grindspots, guild missions.
    Here is a video of our guild killing a small guild boss 
  11. We are a small guild looking to expand our ranks. We're active, sociable, and focused on PvE as a whole (though some members do PvP as well). We use TeamSpeak3 and are open for experienced and new players alike. We are online a few hours before and after daily reset. All we ask is that people be friendly, willing to contribute, and ready to have fun.
    Message me here or whisper DevilBear (family name: Eoinrie) in-game.
  12. Desert Pirates
    International PvP focused guild
    Who are ''Desert Pirates''?
    We are an international, PvP focused guild with a past of 2 years in another MMORPG.  We are building up in BDO and are looking into another long term development.
    Our guild is very interested in the PvP aspect of the game (for example: Nodewars, Sieges, GvG or the new Naval GvG's). We engage in various guild activities such as guild bosses, guild missions and of course EXP grinding with a party. Currently, we are still within the stage of growing into a [medium guild], thus we would like to see some new members that would help us grow and improve.
    What are the main goals of our guild?
    As already mentioned above, we are planning to be involved within all aspects of the PvP content, however we are not planning on becoming a massive guild that doesn't have any order. We are more interested in knowing each other individually, having fun together and trying to improve without zerging our enemies by pure numbers.
    Another important goal for us, is that our members should strive to play together with the guild (grindgroups, scrollgroups for an example) instead of doing everything with random people or alone. For us a great guild is the main goal which is respecting every part of it, drama queens aren't welcome!
    Why should I join the guild?
    1: If you are interested in a friendly guild which is active and motivated to play together as often as possible, it might fit you.
    2: The guild is not a hardcore guild,  which would ask you to play all-day-every-day. We want active players, but aren't forcing you to play every day for an extremely long time or asking you to get better gear in an unrealistic amount of time.
    3: We have our own Discord channel for communication between it's members in-game and outside of their play time (of course you don't need to contact us when you're not online, it is only for the people that are interested to chat with us outside the game!).
    4: As mentioned above, we are still at the stage of growing into a [medium guild] which means relatively new players can join as long they agree with our guild rules and have a minimum level of 55 (if you're below we can negotiate further).
    How to join the guild?
    1: First things first, you need to be friendly, motivated and be active.
    2: Have a quick read at our rules on the forum and afterwards register on it with the family name: http://desertpirates.shivtr.com/ As soon you made an account our leaders will try to contact you as soon as possible, please make sure you can be contacted trough the name you registered as!
    3: Or contact SkygirlGaming (Family name) / Skygirl (Main Name)  in-game or respond on this post till you get a reply! 
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Greetings Sky 
    There are currently 19 players in the guild and we will soon adjust the criteria needed to join us. We already actively play together at grindspots and guild missions.
    On a side not, here is a video of our guild killing a small guild boss 

  13. First of all Welcome To the Red Cloud, And May Blood Rain From The Red Clouds
    Second, we are a Small Guild, looking for new members, we are wanting to do guild quests and need more people on in order to do this, we are willing to help you grind and level.
    any ap/dp welcome, As we are prepared to help you maximize this .  if you wish to join get on the discord and we will work with you on the membership  

    Our Main Server is CALPHEON 3.
    We use Discord this is our link: https://discord.gg/AscDj
    And we are allied with Beast.
  14. The Hurrian Order

    We are an active Guild that focuses on helping each other and the Order. Our philosophy is "Improving the Order, while Improving Ourselves." We work on Guild Quests, Leveling, World Bosses and more. Eventually we plan to focus on Node Wars, but we will need more interested, qualified members. We enjoy helping others and being socially active!
    Here's how we work the Contracts:
    All players are recruited on 7 day contracts. This puts them on a "Trial Period" where they can leave after the first week with no penalty, and they can be kicked after the first week with no penalty.
    The more helpful a Hurrian is, the more contracts they will be offered. Helping with Guild Assignments/Quests will give a 7 day contract. This means you can claim more funds from the Guild daily. More active members will also be more likely to have their contracts doubled!
    Hurrians who have been consistently helpful may be offered some sort of job or position within the Guild. They will be offered 30 Day Contracts. This means that they can claim 30,000 silver from the guild daily.
    We are looking for players who are not solo players, instead that want to be a part of the growing Hurrian community. We have no level or gear score requirements, only that you be active and join our Discord server. A microphone is not required. Most info is put out on our website, such as events on the calendar and the likes.
    GM: Androtar
  15. Post on Looking for a guild in Roleplay

    By xIsaacx, posted
    Hello! My Musa's name is Hachiku, but you can just call me Isaac. ( or whatever u prefer between the two. ) I know only the very basics of BDO, but I'll try my best to put my time into learning more about it. I'm usually active on any day between 3:00pm-10:00pm ( central time ) I'm hoping to join a roleplay guild that could do pvp//pve, but if not it's okay. 
    Here's what my Musa looks like!

  16. Server: Uno/Veila 1
    Focus: PvE/PvP/Life Skills/Guild Progression (Guild Quests, Bosses, Scroll Nights etc.)
    Time Zone: Currently mostly US/Canada, however we do have international members, and are happy to welcome more :).
    Who we are:
    A lot of guilds like to claim they are Legendz. A lot of guilds hold on to previous server wins like it's a badge of honor and brag about it whenever they get the opportunity. IProLegendz is a guild that you can show what  true LEGENDZ look like
    - Awesome? Yeah, we've been around for a long time...
    - Experienced gamers? Most of us have been gaming for 15+ years.
    - Big guild? We're more of a community than a guild.
    Goals: To progress the guild and have fun while doing it.
    Current Skills: (we are working on increasing these now)
    We are PvE/Life Skills based, if you want to PvP that is fine, as long as you aren't giving the guild a bad name.
    We will be doing regular guild quests, and are working on a schedule for weekly or bi-weekly guild bosses.
    If you plan to be away from the game for more than 4 days, just let an officer know beforehand
    If you think this is your kind of place, contact in game <Suiemoto> <Misa_Torie> , or contact here
    **Since I have been asked - we will also absorb groups/small guilds, we want everyone to find good homes!
  17. Post on Open Guild in US Guild

    By Mystik_Galaxy, posted
    Hello Im starting up a guild for anyone of any level who wants to join in the hopes of just having fun playing the game. We just want chill people who just wanna play the game with no issues and not alone. Also we plan to advance far in our ranks, which could start enabling us to start investing in the major parts of the game. We are a PvX Guild investing time and effort into every aspect of the game. We do any quest, any boss, and any other type of grinding needed. We communicate with each other over teamspeak (though its not required). Theres no major requirement besides the contract payments to the guild so we can grow stronger and complete the missions. We would love for you to be active as much as you can but we wont force you to play all day/every day if you cannot. We help with whatever we can to assist our other members. We want to be able to work together with many other people around the world and enjoy the game for what it is and what it will become. I only played on one server so far so find me on the UNO server as Mystik_Galaxy and just message me there or add me! 
    We are well involved and plan to keep investing time into learning everything we can about BDO so we hope you want to join and be known and a friend, or just be another number in another guild

  18. ~ The darkest of nights produces the brightest of stars ~

    Group picture after we win our second node in 1 week

    Zodiac, previously known as Rukh, is an international PvE/PvP semi-hardcore guild focussing on participating in endgame content, helping our members reach new horizons and having fun as a community! We are always looking for more active members who are willing to level and gear up, and help the guild out as we grow both in our ranking and as a community!
    We currently have over 50 active members playing regularly and are close to be in the top 100 of guilds! (only guild points wise though). We allow our members to be free. No rules about PvP and we will come to your aid if you are in trouble, although we do expect a reasonable attitude against others while wearing the Zodiac guild tag. If you are looking for a bright, mature but still free environment, read on

    International, english speaking EU guild (schedule times based on CEST)Level 50+ active levelling/gearing communityWeekly Node WarsScheduled missions and eventsWeekly boss scroll groups (daily/weekly scrolls)Weekly guild bossesPvP events, inc. arena sessions and group vs groupDiscord serverHelpful bright environment 

    We have 3 major goals in mind for Zodiac:
    Being competetive in Node Wars and aiming for higher ranks as we goHelping our members level and gear up while providing a relaxed, free and helpful communityHaving fun!We hope to achieve all of this by having weekly node wars where everyone is welcome, having an open community (both in guild chat and in Discord) and having a variety of original events.

    Atleast 1 level 50+ character and willing to push for higher levels actively10000 Activity every 2 weeks (your contract will be 14 days, so you have to hit 10000 activity within each contract). This takes 4 missions on average.Notifying us about your Node Wars participance. You can do this through the use of a command to our Discord bot. PARTICIPATING IN NODE WARS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, TELLING US IF YOU ARE COMING OR NOT THROUGH THE DISCORD COMMAND IS.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    We are currently NOT recruiting. If you have any interest in friendly wars, alliances, merges and general guild to guild politics contact one of the 3 people below:
    Main Character Name (Family Name)
    Norazan (Kharyrll) - English, Dutch
    Junya (Sayla) - English, Dutch
    Katrinye (Infigar) - English, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian
  19. <Dibs> A PvE Guild for people over the age of 30. A Dibster enjoys a less stressful game. Honorable in the field, and willing to share, a Dibster is powerful, but cares nothing for gear score. Dibster's have a stable home, good reputation, a voice chat filled with knowledgeable, well spoken, calm, and admirable men and women. If this sounds good to you check out our guild website or message Hadu in game.
  20. We are For_Profit a top 20 guild on the Uno server 
        for profit
    We are Node war ready, and recruiting active mature players.
    We realize work and real life can interfere with gaming time and have no hard participation requirements. However, if you're going to be absent for longer than 10days you'll need to contact an officer or risk being booted for inactivity.
    Enjoy crafting and life skills?
       Participate in guild missions and/or create Food/Potions for our PVPers.
    Enjoy PVP?
       Join the PVP squad and/or node wars. Wars are always coming up (usually over sausans! ) and there's almost always someone to fight.
    We also do boss scrolls, guild bosses, and whaling.
    Teamspeak required for PVP
    Seeking active players, preferably 52+ w/ 175+ combined ap/dp, but will accept others with desire to learn and good attitude (or lifeskill focus).
    Guild Bonuses: +5 AP +5 ACC +3 DR +3 Gathering +3 Fishing

    The Order of Marr is yet again reqruiting and looking for new active members as an addition to our community.
    We're searching from Calpheon to Valencia, from beginners to pros all over europe and all we ask of you is your activity, contribution and respect for the rest of our members on Serendia J2. We want to create a sense of family there everyone can feel right at home no matter age, nationality, your sexual preference, man or woman, as long as you can contribute to the friendly feeling and the guild, you're all welcome! That's right. We are not looking to create an army there the members are pawns and their leaders is their king. Here we are all equals. 
    Order of Marr is an allround guild maining Serendia J2 looking to provide a little bit of everyting such as daily missions, PvP events, guild wars, guild bosses and even RP with more. The guild have an ongoing allience with the guild Red Illusion which we ocationally arrange friendly guild wars with for practice, completely optional. In this guild we reward activity and follow a payment plan all based on the player's activity in the guild. To read more please follow this link: oomarr.shivtr.com/pages/rulesandterms

    As a member you will be given access to our Teamspeak 3 server, a membership on our website and an invite to our closed Facebook group.
    Joining teamspeak is optional but we highly recommend it since we always look forward to get to know a new member, having a chat and share a laugh. During guild bosses our more experienced members will also warn about incoming AoE and discuss strategy during PvP events and wars.
    Our website is where we store necessary information regarding the game, post events, pictures, art, character rp info and more. It can be find on www.oomarr.shivtr.com and finally our closed facebook group is as well for events, pictures, art, game updates or anything you have in mind... like bad memes. Membership is optional as well.
    So how do you join?
    All you have to do is simply to whisper one of our three guild leaders. Our head Serenya, me Vittra or Kristabela when online.  If you wish you may also message me Vittra directly on the forum but you may have to wait longer for reply. We will also advise you if you wish to leave your current guild to join ours which will put you on a 24h cooldown due to ingame mechanic. Oomarr does not have a ap/dp or level limit to join, all welcome. However lvl 50+ players are extremely welcome.

    Guild Leader: FoxieMoose/ShiroSayuri
    Server: Uno
    Officers: Sniipe/Jorvar/Megalomania/Vangest
    Focus: PvP
    Any Level - A level requirement does not exist to be in this guild. Our members will be guided to become players that are a force to be reckoned with.
    The Will to Progress - So long as the member is willing to progress, they will succeed in this guild.
    The Ability to Use TS3 - It is a requirement for Guild War/Skirmishes/Guild Bosses/Node War. Other than that, you do not have to get on unless I need to talk with you.
    Dedication - Be dedicated to the grind in Black Desert Online.
    About Us:
    KSNT is a driven guild, focused on the preparation of node wars and life skill progression.
    Other Info:
    The host of PvP tournaments on the NA Uno server.
    PvP Practice
    Player Progression
    Guild Boss
    Top 100 Guild
    Life Skill Leaderboards
    Daily Sausan Grind
    We PvE as well!
    420 Friendly 
  23. Check us out, and if you don't think we're a good fit we hope you find it! 
    A guild that is a family, active, supportive, and determined! <Webshrouds> 
    To all who view have a nice day! 

  24. Hey Guys my guild Work In Progress <WIP> is Recruiting! We are a Casual MultiGame Group of pretty friendly people focusing in BDO currently and looking to build up and expand within the game. We Are on NA/Edan & mainly hang out on Mediah E2 but move around occasionally.  We welcome any and all players that are interested in joining to talk to us, our main goal here is to have fun and do everything the game has to offer. We have Organized Boss/Scroll farms and Guild missions. We are also  getting some Guild Events and Meetings Going again like we have done in our other games, as well as do ALL Things PVE/PVP/Crafting (really excited for node wars here on NA). We are all happy to help out with anything IG you need and pay you guys pretty well ;D. We have a nice TS and a site (that’s currently being renovated) and are just eager to have some more fun active players.
    ALSO ! 
    Its almost Node War time so if there are any small or medium guilds looking to merge we have the points and the slots if need be to accommodate them!  Just shoot me a message &  I'll be happy to talk it out ! 
    So!  If you have any questions, need info or if you are interested in joining feel free to comment here, shoot me a message or find me in game. My name is Kasara_CH of the Orndeir Family and I am the guild leader. Happy To answer anything !  
  25. Hey just started a couple weeks ago and got me and a buddy lvl 50.
    I play Wizard/Sorc as of now and he plays Musa/Warrior.
    After joining about 3 different guilds to find out that no one does anything in the guild together and some days no one types in chat at all.
    Cant find any other person in the guild that wants to do scrolls or grind, just seems kind of inactive.
    Im posting on here to hopefully find a guild that is active and does interact and play with other members.
    My main focus right now is PvE, but would really like to get ready for PvP.
    Let me know if you have a guild that would be a good fit for me and my friend.
    Some sort of voice chat is a plus(Ventrillo/Skype/Teamspeak)
    Edan Server