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  1. Recent member of the Awakening Club. Any opinions on which Add-on is the most effective/efficient for the level 56 slot?

  2. PureLuck Recruiting For Endgame GvG & Node Wars
    Are you interested in having some of the most entertaining and fun PvP in Black Desert you've ever had? Want to be at the top of the node wars fighting at castles? Want to be in a guild where you make a boat load of money from regional tax money? Then PureLuck is the place for you!
    While all of that above stuff sounds nice, the hard line is, we want good PvPers, we are one of the Top 3 PvP guilds on Uno, and we WILL take a castle for node wars. We are almost constantly war dec'd against other guilds and large scale PvP is an everyday occurrence for us. We are however not slaves to anything, if you can show up and PvP that's great, but at the end of the day we want people that are active and fun, we are not militaristic or a zerg, we are just a group of tryhards that like to win.
    If you are interested in joining us, please make sure you meet the following requirements and them message either the GM or one of the officers below and we will give you an interview and see if you fit in with us. We may also test you in PvP to see where your baseline skill is at, you don't need to be god tier at PvP but you need to have a solid base and we can show you the ropes.
    Active mostly in evenings, and available for at least 1 node wars nights, Friday/Saturday/Sunday
    Well geared and level 56+
    Love of PvP, you don't get discouraged when its 20v100, you get excited instead
    Constant strive to always improve and wanting to stay at the top
    GM & Officers
    GM: Vindicta
    Officers: VincentXXVII, Meralux, Liza, Ozs, Devilhealer
    Here is a taste of what you can expect on a daily basis when you join us

  3. If you guys don't start doing something about the lack of content concerning the sieges and the node wars that are supposed to be in the game you are going to destroy it.  It's the only reason that I play along with anybody else that plays the game whether they realize it or not.  "BUT MY KUNOICHI!" No ----- you.  This game is missing it's core right now and if you guys don't realize that then it's already dead.  "BUUT MUH PVE SERVER" Never going to happen, quit the game you're bad.  Fix your -----ing servers fast or release the content on your broken ass ones that you have done nothing to improve.  This shit's getting old.  "HERE HAVE MOAR GRIND CONTENT AND MAKE YOUR CURRENT GEAR MOAR IRRELEVANT THAN IT ALREADY WAS" I will -----ing end myself.
    Edit: This is nurd rage and I need to go outside. Got it, any other feedback?
  4. Hi all, I have a suggestion, something small to add.
    Would be nice and would appreciate if you can consider on adding the pet tab/info Icon on the menu button in the UI.
    It would be easier to access instead of going to your inventory under equipmnet or pressing (esc) to go to the pets Info, or even have access to add a keybind for it would be nice. 
  5. ----- Welcome to Villoux’s TeamSpeak Community -----
    TeamSpeak Server IP: villoux.clants.net:8182
    Villoux's TeamSpeak server has an extensive community with a wide variety of players. 
    Whether you're brand new to MMO's such as Black Desert Online or a veteran player we'd be glad to have you with us!
    Gather and exchange tips and tricks within the community to help propel yourself through the vast world! Nobody knows everything, but I'm sure everyone will figure out something that's worth knowing!
    If you really want to get ahead in this new world, then join us so we can conquer the map together!
    We offer private channels for clans or guilds with at least five TeamSpeak users.  Contact the section leader, IronRain if you are interested.
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our community, our staff would be more than happy to address them! 
    The Villoux Server System already has thriving communities for other games, such as Realm of the Mad God, League of Legends, Counter Strike and Minecraft.
    Join us on TeamSpeak for a community of great people with awesome servers, tournaments, and guilds!
    Happy gaming, and we hope to see you soon!
    We use TeamSpeak 3 as our primary means of communication. 
    Download TeamSpeak at: http://www.teamspeak.com/
    Villoux TeamSpeak server IP: villoux.clants.net:8182
    To learn more about our community, please visit our website at http://www.villoux.com/
    Join our Steam community:
    Like us on Facebook:
    Follow us on Instagram: