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  1. [RELIC] PVX Adult Gaming Guild - Player Progression Focused
    About Us:
    What is Relic? Quid est Vinculum Quid Nos. It is that which binds us together. History, Community and Friendship. We are a mature community that has been around since 2009. As adult gamers who understand the nuances of adult life we strive to keep things family friendly and positive in our group. We game to have fun and relax with friends, not to stress out.
    Many of our players play more than one game together and have been gaming together for several years. Our history, the highs and the lows, has brought us together as a community and has let many of us form lifelong friendships. We support each other in-game in all aspects of game-play. This community is what we invite new players to be a part of.
    Joining Relic you join an established community of gamers. We will ask that you have respect toward the community and the game. We expect our members to act in a manner that speaks well of our group. You will be asked to act in accord with this spirit of good play and be reasonably active to maintain a spot on our in-game roster. (inactive players may be temporarily expelled in game if we ever run into roster constraints).

    What we provide:
    Regular Guild MissionsWeekly Guild Boss Runs (weekend event)Weekly Node Wars (weekend event)PVP Training OpportunitiesWeekly Magoria Sea Monster Hunting (weekend event)Weekly Whale Hunting OpportunitiesRegular Consistent Scroll GroupsA Stable and Mature CommunityWhat we Expect:
    Players Must be Active - You should be active on your character and participate in the community.Players Must Contribute to the Guild - You will be required to earn Guild Contribution and participate in at least one of our weekend events on a regular basis.Players Must Progress Their Characters- Life skills or combat. We expect you to always be improving some aspect of your character.Players Must Progress Toward a Node War Ready Character. Currently we consider that 400 GS and Level 58 minimum.Contact Us!:
    If you think community when someone says guild then we might be the guild for you. Let's see if we fit together. For more info contact Sass or Meaghs here on the forums or in game [ Relic_Princess (Sassi) / MrM (Meaghs / Meagh)]. You can also contact Meaghs directly via  discord (Meaghs #4352) for more info or an invite. Alternatively post here!
    Guildlaunch: http://relicgaming.guildlaunch.com     /     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/relic.gaming     /     Discord: https://discord.me/relic
    Check out our activities on imgur!
  2. Post on [EDAN] LF PvP Guild in US Guild

    By Steel_Rain, posted
    I am looking for a mature adult PvP guild on the Edan Server. I am looking for:
    PvP and Node WarsPvE content such as dailies, grinding levels, guild boss scrolls for gear, etc.A guild with voice comms (I love TS3)A mature older guild who can also laughA guild that understands tactics and organizationA guild with an EST presence for missions/pvp/scrolls etc.I am:
    Able to follow directionsAble to do guild missions as I have multiple 50's that can kill or gatherAble to be a respectful member in your guildAble to be dedicated to the right group of peopleI have multiple 50's of ranged classes like Ranger, Witch, etc as well as most other classes. My gear scores are just under 300 AP/DP for most of my classes.I am retired but work part time for my wife. I am able to play at odd hours but I play during the daytime some and the evening some as well.
  3. Hello Everyone!
    Looking to roleplay on NA any channel. I enjoy detailed (off-game) or simple rp (in-game) romance and adventure! I can go to any area except certain places in the desert. Please let me know if interested!

  4. www.MalumFactum.com
    See our poster below for more info!
    In game contacts for inquiry: SupQT, It_Is, Godrik, or Mezzidrel on Edan if you have any questions, or PM us here.
    The Skinny:
    Now that some time has passed, and as BDO moves out of it's infancy, some guilds will ultimately have a bit of a struggle putting together full teams to compete at end game (Node Wars, Castle Sieges, etc.). Here at MF, we understand these issues and want to open up the possibility of bringing on a small guild or two into our community to further strengthen our team as a collective whole. This gives us the advantage of being able to compete at the highest levels in all aspects of the game. 
    Why join MF:
    We are quite established, having formed in 2003 and grown to over 1k members as a gaming community. We have a sponsored website and sponsored mumble server capable of hosting up to 250 people at once. Not that any of this is important, because let's face it, it's all about BDO and what we can do as a team in this game. The real reason to consider MF is the kind of player and attitude you can expect from our members. As adult gamers, we understand the constraints of real life, but also have found a way to juggle said constraints with our favorite hobby. Our members take a ton of pride in their gaming and always strive to be the absolute best they can be. In our BDO chapter, we have our guild of 60+ adult members, and most level 50+, with many reaching 53/52 this past week. We would love to add to those numbers to give us the best chances at being competitive at end game. The infrastructure is already in place, we just need to get bodies into those last remaining empty spots! We do guild events 3 times a week, including multiple guild boss scrolls, guild quests, power leveling nights, etc. We are incredibly active, and fun to be around.
    What we are looking for (Quick summary as more detailed answer is below the poster):
    - Level 50+ player(s) who enjoy all BDO has to offer. While a ton of us are PvP lovers, it's not a requirement that you be blood thirsty, though pvp happens fairly often in BDO, so be prepared.
    - We do ask that our members be 20+ years in age. Exceptions can be made if a member in your group is 18+, so please contact us with any specifics. 
    - Mumble is our voip. We don't ask for 100% participation in voip when gaming, though it's preferred to ensure you are making friends and meeting people. 
    - Positive attitude. We absolutely don't do drama at MF. This is our hobby, and we love it! Bringing unwanted stress into the gaming world is a serious no go.
    *Guilds interested in joining us with some members below level 50 should contact us as well. While we are looking for 50+, we are not oblivious to the fact not all might be max level.

    Malum Factum (MF) Summary:
    We are an all adult gaming community founded in 2003 by adult gamers for adult gamers. The fly-by-night guilds where you have to remake new friends in every new game title gets old incredibly fast, so we built MF from the ground up to combat that. Our community consists of members from all walks of life and we value our diversity as much as anything else. We have built an incredibly large family of gamers who all share the same common interest....to have a wonderful online gaming experience while making quality friendships. We have very healthy gaming chapters in many MMO's and other types of games. We expect BDO to be the next great chapter at MF. Gaming is our passion, and we take a ton of pride in it. Give us a look. You won't be disappointed. 
    What we seek:
    Quality adult gamers who have passion for gaming and will put in maximum effort to be the absolute best they can be when online. We want gamers who have a lot of pride in their gaming and are willing to work as a team to adapt to overcome challenges to achieve the ultimate goal. 
    We do ask that any member applying for membership be at least 20 years of age as our community ages range from early 20s to early 40s on average. Level 50+ is a plus but not absolutely required, especially with friends/family or merging guilds.We also ask that folks have a working Mic and be willing to be on Mumble (VoiP) during guild events, etc. Finally, we ask that you bring positive attitude and your A game whenever you are playing with the guild. This is a wonderful hobby, and while we are very relaxed gamers, we always strive to be the absolute best we can be. MF has always had very high standards and has earned a lot of respect in many MMO titles for being classy, yet hard working gamers. We want to continue that trend. 
    Play times:
    We are a US based community so all US time zones are certainly the preferred choice. We do have a higher Mountain/West Coast player base for BDO, so those in the PST/MST time zones get extra cool points! Don't worry. We love you East Coasters and Central folks as well! Anyone from any time zone around the world is welcome. 
    We do play 7 days a week, but as adult gamers, we do not require a specific amount of playtime to be in the community. We understand real life constraints. 
    To Inquire or to simply Apply to join:
    We are very flexible in our recruiting and we understand that some folks might have some questions before putting in an application. We encourage you to PM us here on this site or on the MF site with any and all questions you may have. We can arrange times to do some Q&A on mumble, etc as well. We are incredibly flexible here so please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 
  5. Post on [Uno] LF Guild in US Guild

    By Vyndetta, posted
    Hello and thanks for reading!
    Looking for a laid back guild of adults. I finally hit 30 tonight after starting over on Uno.  I had originally started on Edan with my husband, but the chat was so toxic, it was a complete turn-off from the game.
    I would like a guild of "normal" players.  Face it, we're all a little off being gamers, but in all reality, I'm here to have fun.  I have thick skin but would rather not have my game time filled with idiotic chat, politics or any other real world crap. I play this game to get away from all of that.
    So, I work full time during the week and being a wife and mother, that has me needing to afk a bit at times.  Here's the list!
    *M-F Play evenings after work
    *Weekends Play pretty much the entire weekend minus a little sleep time
    *Have all voip type programs available on my system, but only get on if I'm doing something that it's needed for
    *I deal with idiots at work and have kids, I don't want that in my game too
    *Enjoy taking my time in this game
    *Not a PvPer, but will participate for fun here and there or to help others out
    Anyway, it's late, stayed up way beyond usual tonight! I'm sure I rambled here, so may edit after some sleep.  If you don't think I'm nuts and you have a good fit guild, please let me know either here or in game (IGN: Syralin).
  6. I'm an adult player looking for a guild of the same:  My main is 39 currently and focusing mostly PVE/crafting/exploration; I play ~30-35 hours/wk.  I look forward to a healthy amount of PVP/GVG after lv50/gearing.  I have a moderate amount of squad/solo PVP experience in other games such as Guildwars 1/2, ARK, Rust, EQ, CS, and Warframe.  I have a headset and can use whatever client, live in the Eastern US Time zone, and play mostly in the evenings.
    These things are most important to me in my future guild:
    -Large active player base for scrolls/grinding/questing/GVG/ETC (Especially a good amount of eastern US evening players)
    -Prominent use of Team Speak (or alt)
    -PVP player base to run with when i get there.
    -Mature adult players base
    -Some crafting subject matter experts to learn from and grow with
    If you would like to have me, shoot me a PM here or reach me in game (LlaLana Primulas.)
    Sinister Savant is a group of laid back mmorpg veterans who play games at their own pace. We do our best to experience every single aspect of the game and will do so in BDO as well.  We need Crafters, Gatherers, PvPers, PvEers - everyone can find a place in our guild.  We have lore nuts, PvPers and everything in between in our guild, as long as you can manage to be respectful to others you are sure to find a great home here.
    We are pretty laid back as a group.  Nobody here will try to fore anything on you, you can play what and how you want to.  All guild events are optional just as is participation on our guild voice server.  We are here to savor this truly great new mmorpg as if it was a bottle of truly exceptional wine of rare vintage.  Devs crafted an incredibly detailed and beautiful world for us, and we are looking for people who really enjoy mmorpgs.
    We are looking for positive people, no whiners or drama queens.  We have a zero drama tolerance policy.  If there is anything that playing mmorpgs for the last decade has taught us is that that drama and whining are toxic and need to be eradicated asap.  We've been through 100's of games and have run out of patience for both drama and whining.
    Time Zone:  Most of us are from Central or West Coast but we accept everyone.  We would very much like to one day have a sizable representation in all time zones.
    Requirements:  Just don't be an a$$, life is too short to waste on drama.  We really don't care about anything else.
    Website:  Our guild website is located at http://www.sinistersavant.com please visit it for more information & register before we move ahead with your membership.
    Voice Chat:  We do have a guild voice chat server, participation is optional but highly recommended.  We use Gamevox for our guild chat https://www.gamevox.com/en/
    How to join: Step 1 = Register on our guild website as per above.  Step #2  Contact guild leader as per below.
    Region: NA
    Server: Orwen
    Server Instance: MEDIAH 01 (this really does not matter but if you are going to make a character might as well make it in the one we all are in)
    Guild Leader: You can contact me here or on our guild website (preferred) http://www.sinistersavant.com/index.php?action=profile;u=1
    Guild leader Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/cryptortv
  8. Focus: PvE, PvP, Endgame, Progression, Crafting, Social, Hardcore, Casual Friendly
    Time Zone: Eastern to Pacific NA; All TMZ welcome
    Voice Chat: Dedicated 512 slot Teamspeak Server
    Website: http://badwolvesgaming.com
    Size: 38+
    Allied Guilds: TBA

    About Us: Bad Wolves is an adult oriented community for casual and hardcore gamers. We meld our play styles together to compliment each other with a focus on co-operative team play with competitive tendencies. We do not require members to play any particular way in order to be a member although our members are commonly group oriented, competitive and unabashed by adult environments.. We have members that at times do not participate in any of the games we play and are around just for the camaraderie. We like to operate by the idea of if we are not having fun, we are not doing it right. Our team is lead by seasoned leadership from many corners of the gaming world under the shared vision of staying united no matter the paths and games we end up playing. Our leaders are veterans of successful endgame progression guilds dating back from EQ, EQ2, WoW, Aion, Final Fantasy XI, AoC, AO, and FFXIV. We have seen too often what the instability of fickle and unsteady leadership does to groups of gamers and friends and hope to unite all those who find appeal in our vision so that we may have a community in any game our members decide to delve into.

    Our Mission: We aim to be a progressive endgame entity but are openly casual friendly. We are an adult oriented community that follows a no drama policy and our guiding rule is respect. Although no community is perfect, we strive to provide a relaxed and fun environment for whatever playstyle your into. Our membership vets each new member to ensure that we maintain quality over quantity. So come get to know us and if you have time hop on our teamspeak and say hello. If your interested or have questions feel free to reply here or contact us via our website or steam group
    What We Are Looking For:
    Experienced or Aspiring Leaders to assist our pack in deploying and growing in full force across Black Desert
    Experienced or Novice gamers looking to get all they can out of Black Desert
    Streamers, Artists and musicians looking to capture their time spent in Black Desert
    Gamers looking to be apart of a different kind of community
    That is Rank Neutral; meaning that titles and ranks are about function and not power
    Is not family friendly; meaning you don't have to watch every word or thing you say cause you might offend a child
    Is adult oriented; the majority of our membership is 18+, childish behavior is not tolerated
    Is Team Oriented; leechers and whiners are prohibited
    Is Community Vetted; rank and file members are apart of the membership vetting process, not some singular entity
    Is a Community; we are a community of gamers, which means when you want to take a break there is more than just Black Desert for you to partake in
  9. Post on Ah, Unrepentant! in US Guild

    By Styxtribe, posted

    Black Desert Online 
    Unrepentant Guild   www.unrepentantgaming.com  To submit an app
    We are Unrepentant Gaming, a group of like-minded adults who enjoy a nice after-work beverage while grinding an mission. Unrepentant is a casual guild of overgrown kids out to have some fun times running around killing stuff.
    Unrepentant is a socially-driven, casual guild spanning multiple games, with a focus on freedom. Freedom to play games the way you want to play. We have families, jobs, life obligations. You wont find any play time quotas, extensive guild taxes, mandatory events, or drama-laden infighting here. However, we recognize this freedom comes with a responsibility: We are free so long as that freedom does not deny our fellow members the right to enjoy the game.
    Central to Unrepentant is our sense of community. We believe the games you play arent as important as the people you play them with, and to that end we strive only to admit the kind of members youd want to hang out and have a drink with. Our slogan is "once a member - always a member", and all Unrepentant are welcome in any game we play regardless of what game you started in.
    Freedom, friendship and fun times - this is what matters to The U. You dont have to be a good player to be Unrepentant; but you do have to be a good person to join our ranks. We don't cheat, we don't exploit, we don't abuse mechanics. We're here to play the game and build friendships.
    If you're looking for that type of community ... relax, crack a beer, fire up a stogie, and get comfortable. You have to be 18+; our average guild member is around 30, our members range from their 20s to 60s. Sobriety is optional, but pants are not allowed.
    Its dangerous to go alone. Take this: www.unrepentantgaming.com
    Games we play:
    Black Desert Online
    DDO Unlimited 
    Final Fantasy XIV
    Guild Wars 2
    League of Legends
    And many more!
    Please join us online in BDO put in your App and you can be in the Guild!
    Let The Age of pants off begin!
  10. Guten Morgen,
    ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Gilde, welche mein Interesse weckt, indem Sie folgendes mitbringt:
    - nicht inflativ Member aufnimmt.
    - keine Standardtexte im Sinne von "Respekt und Freundlichkeit ist uns sehr wichtig" verfasst - klar ist das in gewissem Maße wichtig, aber es explizit aufzuführen erscheint sehr fragil.
    - Progressorientiert ist.
    - Kein Multigaming Clan ist, oder den Fokus hauptsächlich auf Black Desert legt, ich bin an keinen Sidescrollern interessiert.
    - Unter nicht diktatorischer, manischer und monarchischer Gildenleitung steht. (Erfahrenes, objektives Leading)
    - Nicht der Meinung ist, Leute mit 17 nicht in die Gilde zu lassen weil Sie nicht reif genug sind nur weil Sie ein bestimmtes Alter nicht voraussetzen. 
    - Humoristisch bis schwarz-Humoristisch offen, obgleich Reife und Konfliktmanagement ausgeprägt ist.
    - Keine Member in Ihren Reihen hat, welchen den Voice Chat aus diversen Gründen auch immer meiden oder Dateileichen in der Gildenliste sind.
    - Keine Raids mit "Schatzi" unternimmt.
    - Keine "Gangster-Rager" im Stamm hat.
    - Keinen/Weniger Wert auf Foren legt - persönliche Kommunikation sollte hier im Vordergrund stehen, Absprachen sind wichtig, aber sollten keine Voraussetzung sein.
    - Noch immer hier mitliest und nicht denkt: "Der ist aber Hochnäsig! Ich und meine Gildies kommen auch so zurecht :-))))"
    Dann seid Ihr hoffentlich die Gilde, die ich Suche.
    Ich bringe 10 Jährige MMO Erfahrung, Gute Erfahrung in Gilden- und Raidleitung, ein Ohr für realistische Probleme, 70 Std BDO Beta Erfahrung, Interesse am Lategame, viel Humor und einen 26 jährigen Körper mit. Und stelle mich gerne per Voice Chat vor - nein - keine Forenanmeldung, schriftlichte Bewerbung etc.
    Sollte hierauf keine positive Antwort erfolgen, wovon ich sogar fast ausgehen darf, basierend auf den Voraussetzungen, dann erachte ich das als realistische Reaktion auf dieses Gesuch. Dennoch würde ich mich über eine Antwort freuen, sofern Ihr diese Punkte erfüllt, versteht sich.
    Wundersüße Grüße
    Gildensuche beendet - 
    Membersuche gestartet

  11. Welcome to Immortal Vanguard Gaming!
      We are seeking some more active NA members pending attitude!
    We are a multi-platform gaming community that is based on a close knit group of friends that have been playing together for over 15 years, which includes many experienced leaders, battlefield commanders, and players,  across many games and platforms: GW2, SWTOR, LOL, COC, EVE, Battlefield, RIFT, WOW, Warhammer Online, ARK, overwatch,COD, etc....We are an adult gaming community and reflect that as such, hence the 18+ title (Exceptions may be made for extraordinary individuals).We are always there to help our members in any game/games we play and are looking to expand our base with more like minded adult gamers.We are all working class professionals with families and jobs and everything else that comes along with that.WHAT WE ARE ABOUT
    We believe in a fun, competitive, exciting online gaming experience.We are an ADULT community, we drink,smoke,cuss, eat red meat and salute the flags of our countries origins. You need to have a bit of thick skin and a little off the mark sense of humor here. There will be jokes, pokes, tokes, negativity, laughter, tears of our enemies, trolling, farming, fun, and always with a slight hint of racism..... We hate everybody equally.We want to enjoy gaming period. That means no drama in the community. Not ever, never, not now, nor never. Get it? Got it? Good.Community Team Speak that holds over 500 players! So yeah, invite your friends to play with you here with us. We love that. The more the merrier! We also have out own DJ site system where members can join, host play lists, and listen to each others music selections if wanted.WHEN DO WE PLAY?
    We are a U.S./Canada based community that is most active weekends and quite active on weekdays as well. We play all timezones from PST to EST NA, we also have several members reigning from Canada, UK, and AUS. But we would love more oceanic players! Aussies and Kiwis I'm looking at you right now.WHY DOES I.V. EXIST?
    We are a community of friends that started gaming together over many games spanning many years. We wanted to have a home permanently. Always have an active Team Speak for us to talk to each other, and a website for us to share information.We tried other gaming communities and just felt that they were not for us, We are different, in many very cool ways. Our community is structured to allow real life to happen. You can step in and out of games for any period of time and if you need to step away? Then cool you can! We will be here waiting to play with you again as friends when you are ready to come back.HOW DO I JOIN?
    That's the easiest part! Visit our site and Click on the Create Account tab. Read our 3 golden rules. Fill out the application, and the rest my friends as they say is history!    -   http://immortalvanguard.com/   -  Note, we may also do a quick interview in TS to be sure that applicants have a mic, are an adult, and completely understand us.“TRULY IT IS MY HONOR TO CREATE SUCH AN AMAZING GAMING EXPERIENCE WITH THE GREATEST PEOPLE I'VE NEVER MET!”--FROZEN - CL
    IMV members will be joining the BDO ranks, we will work together to create a known, respected, and feared guild amongst the ranks.We will work not only as a guild, but as a community to help each and every member to the best of our abilities so that they succeed, have fun, and kick ass as they so choose to do.We will participate in all faucets of the game, some members choose to craft, some choose to farm, all will PVP and they will win!Some of us will also TROLL on numerous levels. 
    Thank You
     - Neuro - Neurotic - [IMV] Community Officer
    P.S. For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message me or a fellow [IMV] Community Officer