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  1. Hello dear BDO Team, dear players^^
    My suggestion is to add AFK Channels, where people can switch to for AFK Life skilling. This would
    reduce FPS drop down in Cities/Towns. It could make Cities/Towns more enjoyable for non AFK players,
    a better immersion and experience for people playing this game non AFK.
    Not everyone do own a "high end gaming computer" and running BDO at high graphic settings but 
    you could probably do that, if you have less Game Assets (AFK Players in this case) to render.
    Why there is a need to render AFK players anyway?
    AFK players are just there and "consume" your graphic card power as in being rendered. Since you
    do not interact with someone who is AFK, there is another option/solution. The Game could "flag"
    players as being AFK after a certain amount of time, let's say after 15 minutes being idle, game will flag
    you as AFK player and render you invisible.
    This is kinda the same Solution as we have it for pets already (visibility Pets on/off). So it would
    make sense to add an option for AFK players in game settings too (visibilty AFK player on/off).
    I would use an AFK channel myself (EDIT: if I was a lifeskiller), maybe the whole Channel could be a
    safe zone, so you can go to any place and fish, level up a horse or whatever your heart desire without
    being killed by someone.
    Thanks for your time.
  2. I'm sure some if not most will agree that killing players while fishing is just plain wrong and not the way PVP should be used.
    I refuse the accept the argument of "If you don't want to get killed then stay in the safe zones" because I'm guessing the developers did not envisage PVP being used in this cowardly manner.
    I propose that while fishing you are immune to all PVP aspects please, If the continuation of of players killing innocent fishers continues to rise I can only see players being deterred from fishing altogether eventually. Its only a matter of time.
    Many Thanks in advance
    P.S - Please refrain from trolling, flaming, insulting and abusive comments please, Lets keep this civil and constructive.... Many thanks
  3. Post on Auto-fishing guide in Guides

    By Saarith, posted
    Been wanting to do some BDO guides so I made a fishing guide specialized for auto-fishing as I felt some of the previous guides were a bit outdated.
    If you take a look can you tell me if I am missing something.
    - Saartih
  4. KILLING AFK fishermen = HIGHER prices for Ancient Relic Shards. I don't want to pay 600k for an Ancient Relic Shard. The demand is already high. You scrubs are making it worst.
    I DON'T FISH or AFK FISH. I'm not being salty. The point of the thread is about the HIGH Ancient Relic Shard price.
  5. Post on PKing AFK Fishers in General

    By WebKnight, posted
  6. a while back i already started a topic about this but i dit not get any decent reactions so now il back it with math. oke so lets talk afk fishing do you have to ? no you dont but its retardedly rewarding to leave your pc running for the night. do you have to to stay ahead in the high end competitive game ? yes i think so  i personally make about 500k a night fishing and my inventory is about 50 slots. the max inventory if you pay is 192 wich means if i leave my pc on for the night if i pay il earn alot more. and now dont come and say you can buy inventory with loyaltie aswell here are some calculations.
    people say you can buy inventory with loyalty. oke you have about 50 slots for free 1 inventory slot cost 1000 loyalty lets say you wouth only spend your loyalty on inventory you will need to buy 140 slots right ?.        140x1000=140000/100=1400 wich means you will need to spend all your loyalty on inventory for about 4 years yeah thats not a thing. and on top of that you need it for boss scrols to stay ahead so you can not affort to buy inventory with it !
    the rod will break. FALSE you can have a fishing rod with 200 durability 
    you wont catch that much fish FALSE lets say you catch a fish every 5 mins(wich is slow) and you are afk for 10 hours. 5/60=11x10=110 wich means i am missing out on 60 fish if i fish on a crap spot.
    lets say the average cost of a fish is 10k if you have decent fishing 60x10k=600k 4.2mil more a week and this is at a bad situation i am not even talking about more xp rate increase and bether fish and higher fisher and so fort. 600K A DAY IS NOT A GOOD SITUATION YOU CAN MAKE ALOT MORE !!
    wich means a paying player on top of all the xp bufs he wil get and pets and the other junk. he  will earn 600k more than me each day wich is unfair because money is gear in this game and gear is faster grinding it is a snowball effect. i think the devs are just in here for the money and i dont like there attitude at all alot of people complain about the treant costume and bufs but i never hear of this permanent way to make more money. and i am not even talking about the storage increase in city's and the weight increase or that you cant crystals without paying.
    soo how do we fix this problem. i say increase the inventory expension for 1000 loyalty to about 6-8 slots that way a paying player can have them faster wich is an adventage but not that big so i wouth be fine with it. or make daily's for inventory slots an other options is to just stop being a money wolf and make the max 100 slots and give them for free.
    and to the people that keep saying inventory is convinience ITS NOT earning 600k more a day IS NOT convinience its ITS BUYING IN GAME MONEY
    edit: olso the price for inventory slots is stupit 1 euro a slot wich means you will have to spend about 142 euro for a max inventory
    EDIT 2: 600k a day is not alot BUT lets say you do this for 30 days 600X30=18000k so what can you buy with 18 mil ? a 14 + wep thats insane you will snowball from there at a really fast rate you will be miles ahead i play this game alot and i dont even have a 14+ weapon ! 
  7. I set up for afk fishing before bed last night over at Eastern Gateway. When I come back in the morning, my character is in the stable in south Heidel and no fish in my inventory. I was really confused; There were no mobs nearby to aggro on me, and my character is below lvl 20 so it couldn't have been PKed, AND I'm pretty sure the spot I found myself in isn't a respawn spot.
    Happened again earlier today, set up in the same place, went afk for over an hour, came back in the Heidel stable. Went back to the fishing spot and the player I had been standing next to was still there, confirming my prior deductions. A check of my equipped rod tells me my character only cast it once, and I had no new fish in the inventory again.
    What the hell happened?
  8. this really bothers me and i cant find it anywhere else so i will make my own topic. i really like to do afk fishing but if i leave my pc on at night my inventory will be full , but i got max inventory that you can get without paying ? . well this is what bothers me a player that bought a big amount of inventory slots will make double if not triple the money i make. i think its unfair and i feel like im being forced into buying inventory if i want to make decent money with afk fishing .
    edit: since this is the suggenstions tab and someone afsked if it i wouth say downgrade the loyaltie cost for intentory or make it so that it gives you 4 slots insteat of 1 for 1000 loyalty that way it is more doable and fair 
  9. Double posted cause of site error. Delete this.
  10. This is starting to annoy the **** out of me, it cant be right that every time i lave the game and afk fish, i get bloody thrown off the server.
    I dont care if theres other posts or not about this issue, so many flaws keep apperaing, so please fix them !
  11. Post on Balenos Fishing rod in PVE

    By Feverila, posted
    Does anyone know the % of the balenos fishing rod when you get it to +1 2 3 and so on?
    It starts at 10% 
  12. Why am i ,everytime i leave the game on for the night afk fishing, at some point not long after always disconnected ? Whats the point in wanting players to always be online if you cant even prevent the game from getting booted every night ??
    And now were at it, why prolong the autoloop feature ? instead of making it proper worthwhile for ppl spending money, time and electric bills on a game thats is ment to have this feature...
  13. Post on Hotbar item fix in Suggestions

    By XsyLocke, posted
    Okay so I'm currently making use of the auto fishing function, I love it, I've learned to create macros that help benefit my auto fishing by equipping a new rod after the first one has broken. My problem is however, is when you assign an item to the hotbar. The first item sets up fine, the second item (in this case a second rod of the same name and same type but not same item) is loaded up as the very first item that is assigned on the hotbar.

    Example, Rod 1 only has 29 durability (to show difference). Rod 2 has 30 durability
    Assign slot 1 of the hot bar to the 29 durability fishing rod.
    Assign slot 2 of the hot bar the 30 durability fishing rod.
    Slot 2 of the hot bar, consistently shows the 29 durability fishing rod and will not switch to the 30 durability fishing rod.
    Slot 3-0 do the same.

    The equipped rod breaks, and I tap 1 to equip the assigned slot fishing rod.
    the 29 durability fishing rod gets equipped, however what takes its place, is the 0 durability fishing rod.
    all subsequent slots (including the original first slot) in the hot bar, even when attempting to replace with the NEW 30 durability fishing rod, now only allow the 0 durability fishing rod to be assigned and will not change.

    I'm requesting the ability of some sort for the items to be individual subjects, instead of being grouped together like that. It is quite annoying having to deal with not being able to equip any new items, when only the old item presents itself at all times no matter what.

    This situation doesn't just apply to fishing rods, but all other items as well.

    Example 2,
    Equipped Yuria Sword +5 has broken durability

    I've assigned slot 1 and slot 2 with other Yuria Sword +5's with maximum durability.
    Tap 1 to equip the new Yuria Sword +5 with maximum Durability.
    Broken Yuria Sword +5 replaces slot 1, and then magically replaces slot 2.

    attempt to replace broken Yuria Sword +5 in hotbar with new maximum durability Yuria Sword +5.
    attempt failed due to broken Yuria Sword +5 over riding all slots containing Yuria Sword.
    Unable to equip new Yuria Sword +5 due to broken durability Yuria Sword +5 being unusable.
    Now replace "Yuria Sword +5" with any and all duplicate items in inventory that have become assigned to the hotbar.

    That is my consistent problem that I hope becomes remedied. 

    Edit: this also happens even if items are placed in random numbered hotbar slots. so instead of it being in slot 1, it could be first put into slot 5 and the second in slot 6. The old broken replaces the slot and won't allow another new to take its place.
    Hello folks! 
    I recently started making quick guides for BDO, here is all of them!
    More are on the way, trying to balance actually playing the game and making the guides. 
    If anybody has ideas on what parts of the game that I should make guides for please leave your suggestions. =)
    AFK/Auto Fishing and Fishing in general.
    How to connect nodes
    How to get workers
    How to make beer
    How to get pet food
    How to increase Breath Strength and Health
  15. I think it'd be a good idea to add a rarity below white, most likely gray, for the actual junk. This could be what is categorized as actual "useless items" when the box is ticked.
    When I go afk fishing, if i check the box on 'throw away useless items caught during auto fishing' it will also throw away the white rarity fish (worth 1-2.5k). This is nice because I only get green/blue and lets me fish longer (probably later with a better rod and more inv slots), but when doing a quest for a specific fish or just afk for a few hours (not overnight) I'd like to fill up my inventory, and not have to manually sort through the white rarity ones.
    This leads into stackable fish. I've sat at a spot for a while and caught multiples of the same type, only to have them take up different inventory slots. I'd suggest that having them stackable (like potions are) would increase efficiency. I understand that's what buying inventory slots are for... but still, it'd be a nice QoL change.