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  1. Post on Alchemy Stone Upgrading in PVE

    By ElCylero, posted
    I've seen a lot of guides for materials, and leveling percents and whatnot, but none of the guides mention how many weapon stones I should use when going for an upgrade. Is using multiple even beneficial? Does anyone know a good number to use?
    My mistake, you can put in multiple but it only seems to use 1.
  2. So I was wondering if the attack stones are worth it.  Some give +4 Attack or +6 attack etc.  Does that mean that that it's a + to AP?
    And is it worth it?  Or is it better to get the life stone for the weight increase?
  3. Has anyone know how much is the successful rate for growing an alchemy stone? is it nothing to do with whichever grade the alchemy stone is?  I recently upgraded my alchemy stone to Sturdy after failing over 20-30 times (did not count)... every time if i succeeded, i got the lowest grade out of 3... and just started another from imperfect and after 10 growth still remain the same... compare to the afford of growing an alchemy stone and market price of a high grade one, i dont really see the point to feed the stone myself after 100m i spent PLUS farming (Result: green sturdy alchemy stone of life*1)... 
  4. Post on Going Big (Alchemy Stone)! in PVE

    By Azagoth, posted
    Hi, I have patiently saved\crafted over 1,000 platinum crystals in efforts to go for a high level alchemy stone of destruction (Gold Sharp or higher). What I wanted to know is if anybody can share any experience with getting a Sharp or Resplendent or higher stone? Here's some questions: Can the color of a stone downgrade? Would it make sense to get the rarity (color) to gold first, and then just mindlessly go from Sturdy to Sharp?   Was it pure luck?  Did it take 5-10+ fails before it jumped to Sharp or higher?  What is an ideal situation of a stone that has potential -- I.E. - a rough gold stone?   FWIW, I am Artisan 5 Alchemy.  Should I get to Master 1 alchemy first before blowing all of these mats? I really just want a gold colored sharp alchemy stone of destruction.  Any tips are appreciated before I blow up $320+ mil in crystals.  Thanks!
  5. Hey all, 
    So I'm clear that platinum is great for polishing destruction stones, but what about the other metals?
    Does anyone have a link to or can make a guide to the various types of materials that can be used to polish an alchemy stone?
    I'm specifically wondering if anyone knows or can share information on how much various items raise exp of a stone.
    Knowing what works from highest exp to lowest would be great.
    For example, what's better to use when polishing a life stone? Special sunflowers or strawberries? What special crops give the most exp in a list from highest to lowest?
    What about woods or metals? If you run out of platinum what would be the next best metal to use?
    I've looked all over for this information, but I'm finding that things are outdated or don't specifically apply to the NA/EU version. Please any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks for the replies in advance!
  6. IMO the rng in successfully growing an alchemy stone is by far the worst in the game. Seeing as how the cost of attempting a growth is so high, it would be nice to get a little something for the cost when it fails. I think a bit of alchemy EXP when attempting to grow an alchemy stone is not to much to ask for.
  7. Can someone with a yellow grade destruction stone post video proof of the cast speed/attack speed buff stacking with the 10% awakening skill speed buff?
    Please and thank you.
  8. This failstack for stones suggestion comes from a personal experience trying to get a sturdy stone to sharp: after 20 degrades to Polished, it's still hard and tedious to get back to Sturdy and failing a lot doesnt have any 'hidden benefits' like you'd have with the weapon/ armor enhancement and, to some extent, jewelry.
    Getting to Sharp is a pain so imagine getting a Shiny 
    With a failstack system, it would help players have a slightly easier time getting to Sturdy while still having a challenge getting Sharp and beyond, since a sturdy has a very high chance to degrade.
    Please share your thoughts in the comments, and VOTE!
  9. you can craft with a golden ratio, try to skimp some materials (almost never worth it) and there are forums and sites recipes
    i do alchemy stones with the not golden ratio written here  in the patch note and after some tries and uplevelling alchemy i have RATIO IS GOOD, SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN so i tried many sites recipes and all was sooner or later RATIO IS GOOD, SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN (also doing 10 of each)
    then i finally found with 6 sinner's blood 7 powder of time 8shining 10 powder 10 liquid what i supposed was the golden ratio in eu/na servers (as is written also if u check around) and i made several stones until today leveled up to alchemy artisan 7 i tried 2 attempts :
    the first shitty 5k stone
    the second RATIO IS GOOD, SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN.......no misclicked buttons and tripled checked recipe ...WTF???
    So my question is we have the golden ratio or is another hidden not explained thing forum's bullshits filler?
    i'm loosing my cool with this  game!
    ok RNG eveywhere i craft a shitty 5k stone but throw away precious materials because SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN (what for christ sake?) without knowing a -----ing A is embarassing!
    tired of this entropy
  10. Hello friends, im really just looking for some confirmation and maby a little advice. I've failed to "grow" my polished alchemy stone of destruction for the 10th straight time last night. I am artisan 3 alchemist with full luck and make sure the stone is at 150% each time i attempt. Is upgrade at my level possible or have i been flushing millions down the drain for nothing. Is there anything i can be doing to further increase my chances of success. Thanks.
  11. I wish I did not have to post this but I can't seem to find a guide on Alchemy Stones that incorporate the recent changes.
    Can anyone direct me please.
  12. So after 12 fails from blue to yellow its finally here.
    Server Alustin EU. Artisan 2 Alchemy atm.
    I present to you Imperfect alchemy stone of life yellow proc. Time to gather some money and make it sturdy
  13. Post on Alchemy Stone Bug? in General

    By Andross, posted
    So, while taking a look at a guide I found on bdotome located here ( http://www.blackdeserttome.com/guides/viewtext?id=11 ) I started making some Stones back when i was professional Level 5 when they first came out. I ended up making an orange Sturdy Alchemy stone of Protection. The tool tip on it says I can do a growth attempt at Master Level 1 or higher. I now have Artisan Level 1. I then started to read over the guide again and noticed that "Incomplete" and "Rough" require Apprentice Level 1 Alchemy to make. It also says I need Experienced and professional to make Polished and Sturdy and then Artisan to make sharp. On my tool tip it says i need master Lvl 1. As you can see there is some mistranslation which is confusing. To put it in perspective I'll list this.
    This is what Bdotome says:
    Level required for an upgrade attempt
    Incomplete Apprentice Lv.1
    Rough Apprentice Lv.1
    Polished Experienced Lv.1
    Sturdy Professional Lv.1
    Sharp Artisan Lv.1
    This is what NA is looking like.
    Incomplete Skillful Lv.1
    Rough Expert Lv.1
    Polished Artisan Lv.1
    Sturdy Master Lv.1
    Sharp Guru Lv.1 ????
    Now with the information Above. I was able to make my stone Sturdy at professional, so the bdotome guide obviously was right. The NA tooltips are looking to be misleading. I'm not sure if this was addressed or not, but it can confuse people getting into Alchemy for the stones.
  14. Post on Alchemy Stone Guide in Guides

    By Gapaman, posted
    So Alchemy Stone will give you a 3min Buff in Attack/Def/Life with a max durability on 100 with you can refill.
    bet for more info see the video.