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  1. Post on Datamining in General

    By Dracule Mihawk, posted
    Hey guys ,
    I wanna talk about the datamining , I got a spreed sheet of DP datamining (talk to me in PM if you want it ) but i never found AP dataminig  i would like to get the AP guys .
    Feel free to coment below nuck it up maybe say reaults if u test some AP ,Accursey etc 
  2. Welcome dear travelers,
    It seems you have found yourselves at the GrandBasar. Why not stay for a moment and listen to what I have to tell:
    This is a new place, for people that seek their own freedom, but also a sense of community. Because, some task are more fun together.
    The Basar doesn't judge. The Basar doesn't wage wars. The Basar crafts/finds. The Basar sells.
    The Basar admires the Arts of Life, and supports them.
    You think this might be the place for you, then please come in.
    What does this mean:
    - This guild is casual and laidback. No hardcore grinding, playing. (Unless you yourself want to do that, then go right ahead. But dont expect anybody else of the guild to follow)
    - Everybody is accepted (but please be 18+). No required LvL. No required communication software (I have discord and can make a channel if demanded).
    - This is no guild for war.
    - The guild has no real goal, but if I would have to describe one it would be "becoming a somewhat known merchant guild". So yeah, find or craft stuff and sell it.
    - If you need help, ask we try to work together.
    Some stuff about me:
    Ingame Name: Fefhal Biyaemo LvL 53.5
    I am a casual player, so I play around 2 hrs a day (if I have the time). I am online in the morning or evening.
    If you are interested PM me
    ~ TS
  3. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/1/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ New Year Salutations / Various Topics
  4. Many time by mistake i pressed the button Reset All in the setting options. It doesnt ask you to confirm or anything. And it reset EVERYTHING in your setting just by misclicking it. This is really annoying and im not alone that have to deal with this.
    The fix would be simple and just put a confirmation button after the Reset all.
  5. ITT: Everyone who fails reading comprehension. I feel the need to say this in the beginning and end of my post. I am not discussing whether or not it is profitable to craft a fishing boat and sell it on the market. I am talking about the pure cost in silver when it comes to buying the materials for the boat vs buying the license outright from the market place. I don't give a damn about the crafters trying to make profit. And yes, maybe at launch the boat license was cheaper when materials were scarce and supply and demand drove up the cost of the materials, but the cost of materials has been dramatically reduced for a while now so why continue saying this shit is beyond me
    "The market is stupid and borked! You can buy a fishing boat for cheaper than the material cost"  
    - The fishing boat is not cheaper than the material cost. 
    I'm going to do your own damn math homework for you and show you the material cost using current prices on Edan:
    25 Bronze ingots (around 11k per) - 275,000 silver
    50 Birch Plywood (around 6.5k per) - 325,000 silver
    25 Usable Scantling (2.8k per) - 70,000 silver
    30 Pine Sap (2k per) - 60,000 silver
    30 Blackstone Powder (2k per) - 60,000 silver
    Total material cost - 790,000 silver
    Cost of a fishing boat - 1.4 million silver
    Total savings for buying the materials your goddamn self - 610,000 silver
    The materials almost half the cost of a fishing boat. So kindly erase any notion you might have of the contrary. The material cost would need to be nearly double than the current prices in order to make this claim true. So there is room for material cost inflation, though the materials have been on a downward trend in price, at least for the plywood and bronze ingots.
    I am not including the cost of beer. Beer is cheap. It's even cheaper to craft it yourself (*gasp*). You can figure the math out yourself but if you're spending 600k on beer for your workers just to build your fishing boat, you're doing something drastically wrong and you should probably just stick to fishing in the river in Calpheon.
    And I just KNOOOOOOW that you hive-minded baby sheeple are going to completely miss the point of this topic and somehow pervert and twist it and end up talking about how you think the market should be fixed, or how 1v1 trading should be allowed, or how greedy Daum is because of cash shop prices or any of the other stupid issues that appear every day and everyone seems to think they have the answer so they need to make an Nth-thousand post about the same topic that's been discussed heavily. 
    If by chance you HAVE learned something valuable, please evaluate your life choices and be ashamed at how easily you were convinced by the [insert blanket insult about the forum community here]
    EDIT: I'm not talking about SELLING the boat vs SELLING the materials for profit. I'm talking about BUYING the boat vs BUYING the materials to make it yourself. The goddamn 30% marketplace tax has NOTHING TO DO with this topic. 
  6. Webshrouds is an active guild that has a focus on all major aspects of BDO, we use teamspeak/groupme for communication. We respect our members, stay true to the guild and our alliances. We currently have 4 guild alliances which ensures if you're more PVE oriented you can have the protection required.
    Interviews are necessary before joining, all recruits will have a 14D contract unless discussed otherwise during the interview. If this sounds too much, or uninteresting we aren't looking for you. We're looking for the ones who want to make a difference in BDO for now, and the time to come. Email: Webshrouds@gmail.com for further details. Thank you -Nao

  7. Greetings dear players,
    Let me introduce myself first, otherwise it wouldn't be very polite! My friend and I were playing MMOs since a long time, but we always played in duo groups. This time, we decided to open ourselves at most, and created a guild just a few moments ago!.. Yeah it's true, we are only two, but this is why i came here, fellas. As the title says, it has just been inaugurated and we are searching for any type of players who want to help us with this project, who just want to chill in this game, have new friends to progress throughout the story .
    Just an add-on: We mainly speak english, french and german, but as I repeat, everybody is welcome !
    Cheers, Xelask
    Node Wars are upon us! <Afterlife> is looking to add to our roster and bolster our fighting force. We are looking for hardcore GvG/PvP minded individuals who value teamwork, competence and a willingness to be the best at what they do. Apply today at https://afterlifeguild.org/join/
    All member's goals are as follows; lvl 57+, 170+ AP for damage and 300+ DP for tanky.
    Focus: GvGServer: UnoWebsite: afterlifeguild.orgVoice: voice.afterlifeguild.org (discord)APPLY HEREIn-game contact: Archy, Git, Calyie, Thott, Lokkenn, Buttah, LilAcornOur Mission:
  9. Can it be put on the far left, or at least be given a confirmation? That'd be nice. 
    Original thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/46uwst/can_this_button_not_be_so_close/

  10. They don't have to be yours, but give credit where you can.
    I'll start:
    Gandalf/Ian Mckellen - youtube.com/rendermax

  11. I am not educated in the least when it comes to composing music, but what I do know is that the feelings portrayed in a song or BGM are supposed to convey some sort of feeling. A feeling of anxiety,romance, action, or maybe one of mystery! In Aion,TF2, WoW, and even FlyFF had some pretty solid wonderful tracks, but in BDO it sort of falls flat. You listen to the same song the whole time over a large portion of the map. A swamp is supposed to 'sound' murky, a fog covered area is supposed to feel mysterious and suspenseful! Do we need a unique track for every area in the game? Heck no, but the music we have should be something spectacular.   Now I know you guys have a lot going on with localizing the game and that this request is a huge undertaking, but maybe in the far future could we please get some more game music? We're all going to be spending a lot of time in this game, might as well listen to something pretty while we're at it! :3