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Content tagged 'all musa / maehwa issues in here'

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  1. Musa + Maehwa Defense is Fubar right now, pls look into this. lvl 50,155 dp, 1k+ hp, +6 melee evasion and im being 2-4 shot by helm mobs. This is also confirmed by a korean player who played Musa in korea.
    Musa + Maehwa also have PvP issues, share your findings.
    Any other Musa / Maehwa players noticing issues ?
    Confirmed: So from all the posts in this thread everybody is aggreeing there is a big issue with DP on Musa / Maehwa 
    Voluntary Testing: Some of the posters will be doing some tests to give us and the CMs a deeper insight into the situation, If you yourself would like to do some testing and post your results you are welcome to. All valid results will be posted below so there will be no need to scroll through all the posts for the results.
    Thread has been recognized by CM_Jouska, and all the valid info/findings that you post here will be placed on his report. ty CM_Jouska
    What is the point of skilling the ability "Chase II" ? (There is no difference whatsoever in the description of the ability compared to "Chase I")If its not too much to ask, would it be possible to shed some light on the accuracy + evasion system ? 
    Test Results:
    Poster: Jaer
    DP Test: I did a few tests as well in a pve environment doing shadowknights in Monastary. I found that my Sorceress, with 98DP (this number includes dark armor buff) would take less damage from a wizards back attack than my plum with 111DP. 
    Edit: I just did some tests with and without armor. Damage done was exactly the same regardless of gear. So does DP give actual defense toward attacks? Or is it just to reduce accuracy and hit chance? another addition: A 50+ valk did standard swings on me avg hits were around 30-35 per swing with armor. When I took all my gear off other than weapon, I still took 30-35 dmg per swing. If armour is supposed to reduce dmg, something isn't adding up.
    Poster: WinningFob
    DP Test: ye, have problems also with the musa defence,i did like a test, with 0 DP a sorceress 3 shot me, with 165 DP she 4 shot me, something is wrong.
    Poster: Mentos
    DP Test: I tested in arena earlier today on my 54 blader with 166 DP against both sorc and warrior (lvl 54 and 55, 125 and 110 AP, respectively. ), to test different types of damage.
    The difference between 0 DP and 166 DP was minimal on blader, and I took very high dmg regardless of armor on or off, but on my other classes using same armor (166 DP), the difference was large in comparison. Guildies are reporting the same thing. Something is really weird here indeed.
    Poster: Animated
    DP Test: Just tested this in Heidel arena, 0 dp vs 162 dp, had a ranger do auto attacks and will of wind + shotgun both times, they did the exact same damage regardless of dp. I also hopped onto a tamer to check this out, and dp seemed to work on that class but not blader/plum
    Poster: Jermu842
    DP Test: So after reading this post i decided to do some testing.
    Against a Wizard (AP not an issue as i focused on testing with and without armor on and him using basic attacks)
    With armor on (148DP, +4 Magic Dmg reduction) vs Without armor on (4DP)......the dmg was pretty much the same, i think with having armor on reduced it like 1-2 points. Wich is nuts considering the difference in DP.
    Also they were 5 levels below me and they did not miss me once with those basic attacks, i have 6 ranks in Manouver training and a +15 White Horn Warrior Bow during that test, is Evasion not doing anything?
    Poster: Kanarex
    Ability Test: I've also noticed through testing that Chase and Chase canceling seems to be a bit bugged in our version of the game, I don't know if it's been mentioned in this thread yet though. The speed of the dash when canceling, and even some cancels all together just don't work...(especially once you get Chase 2). While other cancels are functioning, don't function the same way...at all, then animations and the visual effect looking totally different.

    As an example here's the speed of a Musa Chase Canceling in the current KR patch (throughout the video mind you)...I will leave it up to you guys to compare, but will record a video asap if you want.

    Poster: FancyNobleman
    Ability Test: Blooming: Phantom animation cancelled does not reduce targets MP on Musa.
    Poster: Kanarex
    DP/AP + Ability Test: Just did some damage testing, and with 130 DP, a sorc's S+Left click did 73-80 damage per hit.
    With 0 DP same sorc did 72-84 damage per hit.

    The damage test shows that DP made 0 damage difference.

    For reference they had a +14 Khzarka.

    Also, Tiger Stance -> Dragon Claw Ultimate should have ~950% damage, but when used does around 100 HP of damage on someone with 134 DP. 950%x4 should do WAY more than that.

    Actually Tiger Stance in general just doesn't do damage.
    Poster: Kanarex
    Ability Test: Another point I would like to bring up about Tiger Stance, I have Dragon Bite awakened to give me hp back on hit, but in Tiger Stanxe this awakening is not acknowledged. 
    Same goes for my attack speed on divider, and crit debuff on Draw Claw. 
    while in Tiger Stance awakening effects do nothing. 
    Poster: Deska
    DP Test: I can confirm that DP are bugged. 
    My Valki got around 20/30% less DMG from helms than Blader 130DP on both characters. 
    Poster: Fin
    DP + AP Test: 52 plum here, can confirm this, even though blader/plum is supposed to be squishy getting almost one shotted by helms with full +15 armor is ridiculous and has nothing to do with 'git gud'. For comparison i went with my fresh level 50 sorc (lack of skillpoints) to helms with the exact same gear 110/155 and i was on a whole new level. Amulet is only +12 compared to yuria blade +15 it feels like it deals more dmg.
    Poster: Hezrou
    DP Test: I got 109 DP on my Musa atm and I noticed shadow knights hit me pretty hard. And its no love tap either. I lose like 50% of my health to a mage whereas my ranger in the same gear takes far less damage than that from the same mob.
    Poster: Hamstermascot
    DP Test: I've already tested it with 3 different classes. All the same level. It's quite sad how shotgun ranger is out performing the other classes. Each using their best attacks. Same equipment +7 ultimate basteer with a +1 atkspd/crit gem. (not using my +12 Yuria for blader and +15 Azwell for Ranger) and +7 accuracy weapon. I had them use my main +15 armor set. They all had 70AP +5 from the grunil helmet/gloves. The secondary is just +7 because I have a Tri: Ring of Good Deeds and DUO: Ring of good deeds.
    Tamer: No heilan used in the test. Need to move around the most, but took care of them in 2-3 skills. When it got hit the tamer lost like 15% of her health.
    Ranger: Don't even need to say it. OHKO and sometimes 2 hits. Ranger did miss the most out of all 3. Also loses around 10% health when hit.
    Plum: The saddest. I had to go from Redmoon to full cleaver combo and finishing it with bloom to finish it off. This was in skill percentage the highest in dps and yet it couldn't even do it in two/three hits. Lost over 50% health in a single hit. Which is the saddest thing ever, considering they were all using the same armor.
    Poster: ColdParadox
    DP Test: I can't reproduce your findings with DP not giving damage reduction, at least in PvE.
    Lvl 53 Maehwa vs Agile mane (the archer one) front attack :
    With 161 DP :
    77 damage85 damage59 damageThere was also a notable amount of dodges with the armor on.
    With 0 DP :
     151 damage 142 damage 143 damageSo for me at least there is a huge difference with and without armor , however I can't tell if these values are "normal" for that amount of DP(don't have another lvl 53 character to test with)
    Poster: MartinBlom
    DP Test: Blader vs Wizard
    This test is based on pvp not pve. This test is only based on Wizard attacking Blader with Lightning V -> Residual Lightning IV.
    Blader: AP/104, DP/176, HP/1407, Level/52
    Wizard: AP/71, DP/47, HP/980, Level/50
    Test 1:
    Wizard attacking Blader with Lightning V -> Residual Lightning IV. Blader with 176 DP.
    First attack: 1407 - 1175 HP = 232 HP
    Second attack: 1407 - 1133 HP = 274 HP
    Third attack: 1407 - 1218 HP = 189 HP
    Total: 232 HP/damage
    Test 2:
    Wizard attacking Blader with Lightning V -> Residual Lightning IV. Blader with 126 DP.
    First attack: 1407 - 757 HP = 650 HP
    Second attack: 1407 - 857 HP = 550 HP
    Third attack: 1407 - 763  HP = 644 HP
    Total: 615 HP/damage
    Test 3:
    Wizard attacking Blader with Lightning V -> Residual Lightning IV. Blader with 35 DP.
    First attack: 1407 - 350 HP = 1057 HP
    Second attack: 1407 - 359 HP = 1048 HP
    Third attack: 1407 - 432  HP = 975 HP
    Total: 1027 HP/damage
    Test 4:
    Wizard attacking Blader with Lightning V -> Residual Lightning IV. Blader with 4 DP.
    First attack: 1407 - 142 HP = 1265 HP
    Second attack: 1407 - 184 HP = 1223 HP
    Third attack: 1407 - 147  HP = 1260 HP
    Total: 1249 HP/damage
    -> Test 5: MOST INSANE ISSUE (Damage test with Blooming) <-
    Blader attacking Wizard with 'Blooming' -> Damage 627% x 3 hits, Critical Hit Rate 100% etc. Blader (level 52) with 104 AP vs Wizard (level 50) with 47 DP! Only noted the second test down.
    Wizard Health: 980 - 294 HP(with blooming and bleed effect)
    Total: 686 HP/damage

    -> Keep in mind that we are against a Wizard with: AP/71, DP/47, HP/980, Level/50 <-
    Poster: Reaven
    DP Test: 
    Did my own tests, 
    Helm archer.
    I am 51 123 DP.
    with 123 DP 1000 hp. 
    Helm archer hits me for.
    With 0 dp 1000hp
    To me it seems my dp reduces it a minor amount. 
    This is after maint. 
    Poster: Kuz
    DP + AP Test: 
    I play Musa, Uno Server.  I have tested both AP and DP in PVM and PVP seems to work fine for me.  AP obviously works (Although we could probably use some minor damage buffs on some skills).  DP worked fine in pvp, Wizard used a skill on me without any DP and hit me for 300.  Put my armor on ( 170 DP ) hit me for about 80 with the same single hit spell.  Also i will add that i evade quite a bit and pvp especially when they dont have accuracy.  As far as DP in PVM... I went over to the Helms took my armor off and one of the stronger Helm's hit me for about 450's, Put on all my gear once again ( 170 DP )  Same exact Helm hit me for about 150-220. 
    I clearly do not have bugged stats. That being said I am not discrediting anyone else possibly having an issue.  This was just testing of my own doing for science.  Would appreciate if this was included in the OP for proper bug testing.  The bug may be related to a single server? Maybe something happened to a certain wave of characters made at a time? Just throwing out ideas.
    Poster: Nebz
    Ability Test: https://youtu.be/st3NogdJPzc
    Poster: MishaX
    Ability Test: 
    New bug found lol
    Normally you can Dash + Kick to dash quicker but it's using your stamina right? key to hold: W + right click + F
    Upgrading chase atm isn't needed as it is totally bug.
    But with my character the 1st dash is a normal dash but all the other dash are the same than if i used W + right click + F but isn't using my stamina.... So in fact i m just using W + right clic it goes near at the same speed than with the kick.
    Poster: Kanarex
    AP/DP Test:
    Except actual math has been posted; although the thread is extremely long now, so let me copy and paste it here. 

    As has been noted several pages back, the %'s are scaling the base damage correctly, but the base damage with 134 AP = 4 damage against someone with 140 DP(139 but w/e). This base damage is ungodly low for 134 AP. My archer's base damage with 98 AP is ~19...Less AP ungodly higher base. Seeing that skills are % modifiers, this is a massive increase. Let's look at this for a second.

    The total damage multiplier saying all hits connect with Red Moon at max rank is 55.2 with 100% crit rate so you double your result.

    at 4 damage this is 441, at 15 damage this would be 1656. Either the class is meant to deal subpar damage, or some math somewhere isn't allowing base damage to calculate correctly for this class. Either way this is the current math. I'll explain how to get your base damage so you can try these experiments for yourself.

    Do you basic left click attack noting it's hit number and %. If it's 113%x2, if both hits connect divide by 2, then remove the 13% by multiplication, and like magic you have your 100% damage. At this point you can use math to determine if your skills are doing appropriate damage, as well as find your base damage across multiple sets of AP. Test your AP against the same DP multiple times at say 50-200 and find out if the base increases, I will do this, and also hope to see others do the same so we can get a large sample size to determine what is happening, also try other classes and see what you find so we can compare AP scaling to base damage.

    Damage tests (rendering the video right now so give that a bit to be up) I used basic attack damage as a way to find base damage.

    Seeing my Slice was at level 3, I had 113%x2, dealt 9 damage when both hits connected. 

    This means that 113% of my 130 AP is 4.5 damage on a target that has 139 DP, rolling out at ~4 damage at 100%.
    This gives me a good solid baseline of what all my skills should do on a rough average by multiplying out their percentages by this base number at 100%.
    After using Red Moon, which hits 460%x12, which is a multiplier of 55.2, with 100% crit damage, I did 498 damage, and according to the math I should do ~220.8x2 (do to critical hit being estimated to double damage), so ~441.6 with variable AP off the weapon not considered, so this damage is spot on to what the skill should be doing.

    This shows that the skills seem to be scaling damage correctly, but the base damage is abysmal...and AP might not actually be applying correctly to skill damage.I plan to do more tests using these numbers and see what I can discover across more skills, I'll keep you guys posted.
    Musa + Maehwa are outperformed by all classes right now, in every aspect, mobility, damage, defense and cc.
    so to summarize: (simplified)
    Musa/Maehwa even with high DP numbers have extremely low defense that sometimes works but most times it does not.Musa/Maehwa overall DMG is lower than any other class ingame (skills only seem to be working to a certain extent and AP doesnt seem to be scaling).Musa/Maehwa CCs useless right now seeing as this core of both classes has been nerfed to oblivion, this also affects overall DMG.Musa/Maehwa IFrame (Chase) 4sec cd and is not working as it should.