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  1. Because i was affected by the 2 hours earlier server uptime today .. and surely did not get the awakening title by completing the Dark Knight Awakening Questline, i startet this Topic.
    I have an idea of an fair concept : If you arent one of those "lucky" ones who play 24/7 and have all day to wait and check server uptime every minute, how could it be that you can achive the title "Destroyer of Dreams" by leveling 5,6,7 or 8 .. dont mind .. maybe even 9 or 10 (different) classes to 56 and achive the Awakining Weapon with them.
    So it would be a fair chance .. and still no easy achivement for those who arent this "hardcore" .. cause the point ist ... being 2 hours before someone else istn realy any achivement in my opinion ... if you have 2 hours more .. the best playe could only need 10 min for the whole questline (which is totally unrealistic) but still anyone who has nothing to do all day has 2h and 10 min to do the questline .. he dont need any help of skill for that .. so its just an achievent for luck .. and nothing else.
  2. if you really wanted to make non-paying people enjoy cash-shop goodies, you could just have made pearls boxes buyable through loyalties. Considering a costume (2700 pearls) for three months of playtime, that leads to roughly 30 pearls a day.
    that would fulfill your desire and keep your word.. Isn't it the perfect solution?
    no need to thank me.
  3. I have 4 alternative characters and would like to know how much energy they have without switching to them. Mostly i am not sure if the energy cap of a character is capped so i switch through all of them and that takes time due the loading screen and reconnection to the server.
    By displaying it in the energy in the switching menu its also good for the servers so the players dont reconnect all the time with the characters
    It would be very convinient and help alot. Obvisouly.
    Thank you.
    dont you think so too?
  4. Disclaimer: I've never suggested something in the forums of a game yet and i played lots of games so that means alot. Please don't kill me if i suck at this , anyway lets get started.

    After putting considerable amount of time into this game ( got a level 32 ranger and a 25 tamer right now. )
    I feel the game is a bit too limiting when it comes to playstyles and gear i would love to see for lets say a warrior a two handed sword so he deals more damage but tanks less and has a diffrent skillset/playstyle than if he has a sword and shield same goes for ranger maybe add a crossbow with diffrent abilitys like slower RoF but more damage and more penetration. It's just a thing that bothered me quite a while i mean if you look at Archeage which is BDOs counterpart imo it has lots of skill trees and you can create your own class and switch it out however you want and take any weapon you want you want to do a dual wielding warrior for that dandy DPS? go ahead wanna go for burst damage instead ? take a two handed sword and so on i think you get my point.
    since BDO is a sandbox game aswell i really hope we get that freedom one day.. since limiting the customization and ability to play what you want and how you want is pretty bad for a sandbox game
  5. Post on Alternative zu Blader in Klassen

    By Ravn, posted
    Ich habe schon einige Videos angeschaut und am besten hat mir der Blader gefallen, leider ist dieser noch nicht verfügbar. Gibt es eine Alternative zum Blader? Wie z.B. Tamer und Ninja, welche die gleiche Waffe benutzten?