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  1. Hallo ich bin noch nicht all zu lange in diesem Spiel unterwegs und habe hin wieder ein par probleme bei Quest's da auch die meisten English schreiben und reden.
    Leider ist es nicht möglich seine Charaktere auf die Europäischen Server zu transverieren, deswegen suche ich eine Deutsche Guilde auf den North America Servern, kann auch zwei oder drei Sprachig sein.
    Natürlich bitte mit TeamSpeak³, zur not können Spieler auch ein meinen TeamSpeak³.
    MfG. TomuKage

  2. Post on <Serendia> [Edan] [PvX] in US Guild

    By Dary, posted

    Guild Name: Serendia
    Guild Master: Dary
    Website: http://serendia.org/
    Region: North America
    Server: Edan
    Focus: Read Description
    VoIP: Discord
    Timezone: We are from all around the world, so no matter at what time you get online you will always find someone to do some quest with.

    Serendia, A guild created prior to Conqueror Launch that started as a simple chat to discuss some game related matters without the annoying trolls around the forum at the time. Our goal: Conquer Serendia, Eradicate Calpheon, Protect the weak, and Assimilate or Exterminate the Strong.

    Currently, We seek like-minded individuals; people who don’t take things to heart and can share a laugh, but know when its time to get down.

    Recruiting players, Green or Experienced, as to progress together. All walks of life accepted, be you a Farmer, a Tamer, a Miner, or a Trader, it does not matter. Want to focus on your life skills? No problems, we do Gathering Quests. Want to focus on PvE? No problem, We do subjugations and bosses as well.

    Age: 18+ 

    Be Respectful 

    Be Active in Game and in the official forum, if have to leave for some time make sure to let officers know.

    Participate in forum event and in game activities.

    To apply you must register at our official forum and clicking HERE to create a new post using the "Recruitment Template " found in this same section.

  3. Welcome to the <LeagueOfAssasins>!! We are a very active guild who runs under the clan
    "Legion Gaming Community" where you will find that our savage leader owns the data 
    center that hosts are teamspeak and various games on his servers for his loyal minions
    to play on. With how much potential the guild has with the backing of the clan and with
    the guild leaders being every active there is no reason why we can not leave a big 
    footprint in Black Desert Online. There are plans in placed to start giving away steam keys
    during guild events and gatherings as well! Our goal is to get the most out of our time
    by having fun while helping all our members enjoy there time in game.
    So how do you join? Well you can comment down below and wait until someone gets back to you
     or whisper any of the guild officers and guild leader. To get in asap and with a decent 
    paying guild contract is to go to our website and register. There you will also be able 
    to connect to the teamspeak directly from the site. From there just jump down in Guild 
    channel where you can get a guild invite.

    1 - Register on http://legiongc.com/wordpress/wp-login.php?action=register
    2 - Check your email and confirm your email address.  Check your spam folder too.
    3 - log in to http://legiongc.com and click the link to the forum and confirm you are logged in.  
    If not, please go to the home page and log out and back in.
    In-game name (Family Name)
    Guild Leader
    Kneol (Masakh)
    Pooki3 (Khadae)
    Alttanin (Kilgharrah)
    We pride ourselves in helping our members grow in the game to get better at whatever they want
    to do within Black Desert Online. With the pool of steam keys we are also looking forward to those big
    guild events to handout prizes to our fellow warriors and friends. 
    Any Levels and classes are welcome to join there is always room to grow and improve. We just ask is 
    that you are active willing to contribute.

    Co Guild Masters: Solace/Zaare
    Officers: Kamada,Maryellen,Liere,Kones
    Website: http://www.solarisgaming.net
     Server: Uno
                      Channel: Calph 2 UNO
    Focus: PvX 
                                                 VoIP: Teamspeak3 - ts3.solarisgaming.net
       Timezone: All
                   Members Count: 38
    Requirement - 18+ Be active! BDO & TS3!
    Recruitment status - OPEN
    A little more information!
    Solaris is recruiting players of all levels/experiences to join its ranks. We have been on various games, as we are a multi-gaming community. We're not only a guild, we're a family. We treat each and every member the same and not like a number. Stupid/witty banter from our members is highly encouraged!! 
    Our goal
    To become the best guild we can be. Simply, A guild of the best all-round; a force to be reckoned with while keeping a strong, very tight-knit community. 
     If you have any questions feel free to add me in game - Fourtweny (Family Name)
    or if you are brave enough you can join our TS3, We dont bite hard....

  5. Im trying to change the server from america to europe but i can't. From the settings of the launcher i change but it nothing changes.
  6. I have a problem with the launcher. I pre-ordered the game with the travelers package and i played 24 hours before the officioal launch in EUROPE servers, but after maintenance patch my launcher now log in the North America servers. How can i go back to the European server?
    Oh sorry. I've already solved the problem! I just change it in the settings of the launcher. Sorry again!
  7. Hi, i'm from Brazil and i want to know if in the future we will be able to play in South America, if the block will be removed (wich i don't believe will happen) or maybe a dedicated server to our region.

  8. Buenas!! Somos <Leyenda> una Guild formada en Black Desert KR, poseemos bastante experiencia del juego:
    - Guild VS Guild
    - Guerra de Nodos
    - Guild bosses
    - Bosses de Mundo
    - Asedios
    - Leveo en End Game
    En este momento abrimos paso a reclutamiento de players hispanos para NA. Son todos bienvenidos a participar junto a nosotros para dejar nuestra marca en el server, y mas que nada disfrutar el contenido del juego en un ambiente de compañerismo y dispuesto a responder cualquier tipo de dudas con respecto a este.
    Nuestro Website: www.bdoleyenda.com  (POSTULA AQUÍ)
    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjUD5GLLHLi__cD9LRHbYaA
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bdoleyenda
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BDOleyenda
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/712772592181709/?fref=ts
    TS3: atreia.teamspeak.cl:10026 
  9. Why in some countries are blocked or cant pre-order the game? Maybr beacuse is in beta? This is going to change in a few months? I dont want this game convert in somthing like Vindictus, even in some parts or USA cant play vindictus, i really hope this game is going to avaible to all and dont few Regions or a least download the character creation :c