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  1. Getting an issue that's occurred several times now while trying to LMB attack where it cancels itself repeatedly about .2 seconds into the move. So char appears to be stuttering slightly and does not follow through with the attack in any way. I am lvl 50 currently. Just seems like the animation is hitching on itself and not following thru in several cases. Happened 4x during the course of my hour and half from lvl 1-50. The only way to make it stop when it begins is to completely release LMB and wait a second and use a different attack. Pressing LMB again right after just has same effect with ability autocancelling itself.
  2. Hey i thought about an suggestion About the animation on alchemy and cooking
    if a Player uses the Alchemy/Cooking tools the character wil pick up and use Fx. picking up and reading the book( even make an extra animation if tool table is use from the back side of the tool table, maybe even add extra processing time on) anyway my thought are it chould add to the immersive moments in the game. hope you see this and think about it  
  3. BDO needs to add a feature where you can hug/kiss/highfive other players. And dancing. Why can’t we dance??? It would be best to integrate it in the player menu that pops up over other characters heads(trade, follow,duel,read introduction) Of course it would make sense if this option only appeared for friends,party members, and guild members. Actions would have to accepted by the other player as well (like the duel option). And this isn't the same as costume emotes. I'm talking about player interactions with a whole new emote menu. I would prefer it to include but not limited to: Dancing, high fives, hugging, and probably kisses. 
    But these are just suggestions feel free to pass them around. I just thought it would be another cool way to bring players together and not just through grinding mobs and chatbox.
  4. The Kunoichi class has a bug where she does not hold the kunai secondary weapon when using the Kunai Block skill

  5. Disabling the screen setting 'Hit Effects' removes part of the skill effect animation for Sorceress skill Dream of Doom and Abyssal Flame.
    Disabling this setting does not affect the 'Shadow Eruption' or 'Flow: Cry of Darkness' skill effect explosion.
    "Hit Effects
    Displays the flashing effects that occur on attacks."
  6. There's an animation cancel for chaining Grim Reaper's Judgment into other skills, where the ending "wind-down" of GRJ disappears and the other skill is immediately accelerated.
    I have seen this work for GRJ -> Violation, and GRJ -> Cartian's Nightmare, provided that spacebar is used for the 10 shards buff. However, I can't get it to work consistently; sometimes GRJ will just continue its animation and wind all the way down before slowly starting the next skill, which is extremely frustrating.
    Does anyone know what causes this to fail?
  7. I recently got very lucky and managed to purchase the Red Wizard costume from the marketplace.  Being fairly new to the game, I was overjoyed!  However this joy was swiftly overtaken by annoyance over my wizard's new automatic idle animation, something I didn't realize they had.
    The animation (which looks like he is getting ready for magic self-crucifixion) starts almost immediately when I stop doing anything, and then will restart around 7 seconds after it has finished the last time.  It is infuriating!  The sheer repetitiveness of this animation means that it cannot merely be ignored, and although I adore the costume, the animation that comes with it is swiftly meaning that I almost never have the thing showing.
    Is there a way to turn off the idle animation, or at least change the time between them to something less jarring?  I had noticed that the dog I bought from the pearl store has something of that issue, that some of its animations would repetitively repeat in a jarring and unrealistic manner (the one where it rolls onto its back.. over and over as if it's glitching), and now this costume animation as well.  Please tell me there is some way to fix this.
  8. Bug description: Decapitation animation cancelling is inconsistent. May be very well timed (like 25ms after getting hit), but even then it keeps being inconsistent. Sometimes it goes fast, but more than often very slow.
    Testing: Tested lots of times (about 100) with and without block. Keeps being inconsistent. My latency fluctuates from 15 to 40, so I doubt it's a latency issue.
    Oct 30, 2016 - Croxus
  9. Found an animation glitch for Tamers.
    The characteranimation for jumping while riding on Heilang seems delayed. Here a video:
  10. Quelle
    Vorschlag für kommende Erweiterungen, neue Emotionen, Posen und Animationen.
     Die sind Vorschläge und sollen als Anregung dienen, es wäre schön wenn man den Charakteren eine größere Emotionale Basis schaffen würde.
    Man könnte bestimmte Emotionen auch im Shop verkaufen. Andere wieder durch Event oder Quest erhalten. Für schöne Screens lohnt es sich ebenso wie für Rollenspieler.
    Von Korea ist ja bekannt, wie sehr man dort Foto Geschichten liebt. Neue Posen und Emotionen würden dort bestimmt auch Interesse finden.
  11. Unlike other classes, I'm finding that when my Kuno is standing on uneven terrain, her foot placement does not react immediately as all other classes do. Instead she stands straight briefly before finally standing correctly on the ground. It doesn't affect character control or anything, but visually, it's kind of jarring and annoying. This .gif shows it well.

  12. I would like to point out something I have noticed about the some of the female classes (Valkyrie, Maehwa, Witch and the Kunoichi) that has started to bother me quite a lot now that I've once seen it. I have noticed that these classes all share the same type of running animation, an animation which is of much lower quality than that of the ranger and the sorceress. This animation does not look fluid at all, it looks like the character is sliding across the ground while peddling her legs instead of actually running across it, the animation lacks "thud" in the steps, there is no sense of actual impact when the foot hits the ground and as previously mentioned due the animation being slower than the actual speed you run at it ends up looking like sliding. It looks out of synch.
    I would suggest a change of this animation and having it replaced with one of the other two types (that of either the Ranger or the Sorceress) types. Cause the thing with this problem is that once noticed it bugs the eye and you can't ever really "unsee" it and thus it continues to bug you how poorly made it is in comparsion to the other two types, it also makes me wonder why it has been used at all in favor of the others. It looks more like an animation you'd expect in an alpha or beta version of a game, an animation you'd later expect to be replaced although this one is still here even when there are two better ones to chose from that could have been used instead. A change would make the gameplay much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make the gameplay look much more smooth and fluid.
  13. Post on Ranger Q cancel in Ranger

    By Roadman1991, posted
    Recently I figured out how to do F cancel and I want to learn Q animation cancel but can't find a text based guide on how to do it. How is it possible what are the requirements and button combination. Whats the use of q animation cancel? To use the shotgun?
  14. Since Kunoichi has a lot of useful animation cancels, I thought I would list all that I could find here as well as cancels that other people have found. I'll edit the list as more animation cancels are exposed!
    Shurikan Throw -> Shadow Stomp (RMB -> DOWN + E)
    Floor sweeping -> Shadow Stomp (DOWN + F -> DOWN + E)
    Ghost step -> Crescent Slash (SHIFT + DIRECTION -> DOWN + LMB)
    Ankle Cutter -> Smokescreen (SHIFT + LMB -> SPACE)
    Shurikan Throw -> Smokescreen (RMB -> SPACE)
    Fox Claw -> Smokescreen (SHIFT + RMB -> SPACE)
    Fatal Blow -> Smokescreen (RMB + LMB -> SPACE)
    Floor sweeping -> Ghost step (DOWN + F -> SHIFT + DIRECTION) *This seems to cancel floor sweeping while still putting the attack out, further testing required.
  15. @PM_Jouska While I appreciate the attempt at making the game more realistic by having a fall animation, however in practice this fall animation is really really glitchy and not only breaks immersion but interrupts gameplay and makes the game look like it's lagging out or experiencing latency. For instance just trying to jump from one roof top to another in Calpheon to do the chimney sweep quests, instead of making a relatively easy short distance jump between rooftops  your character is violently stopped mid jump and forced to fall to the ground flailing. 
    Who else here think this is a game interrupting and buggy mechanic that the publishers should remove?
  16. Please improve male characters animations, specifically ninjas and warrior. The way the run isn't very appealing, the animation is too fast compared to the female characters.
  17. I think the game can benefit from a stun or stiffness animation added to the game. Perhaps a optional animation that can be toggled off or something subtle to show that you are stunned. As of now it just seems like you got caught in some bad lag. Kinda of hard to play off skill when you can't tell whats happening. Seems like button mashing would be the best thing to do if you can't tell if your opponent is staggered or stunned.
    Same goes when you stun a mob or person; I'm not entirely sure whats happening. Is it stunned? is it lag? or is going to move? Just seems like the game broke or lagged for a second. Any type of animation would be nice like stars over the head or something. You do get a notification that skills can't be used at this moment but everything happens in a matter of seconds so it would nicer to see some type of animation or symbol.
  18. Hi, so I have noticed that some NPCs have a repetitive and very short animation cycle/rotation as well as voice dialogue when they speak by themselves, there is no variation and it sounds spam-like in many ways.
    On a node there is an Npc that always moves his hand in a certain way and repeats it again after 3 seconds.
    I suggest for some variation if you could suggest it to the developers, thanks.
  19. This just started happening yesterday. A friend confirms he was able to see me floating glitching out back to the ground and to the air.
    This happens at random my game seems to bug and i cant do damage but i can receive damage from everything.Movement on foot and horse is barely usable and i cant use auto pathing charecter/horse stops after 2 steps or so. and if i do what i do in the video the character can fly apparently.
    not sure if im the only one with the issue but its definitely a weird one.
    client log was larger than 2MB so i uploaded it to my puush http://puu.sh/pFk8Q/d429e64066.log
    Before you tell me to verify my game files ive done it twice. The games good for ~10min after recovering 52MB of stuff, then it becomes unplayable.
  20. Post on Shifumi in Suggestions

    By zanba, posted
    Can we have a SH Fu MI animation?
  21. I recently bought Karstein costume for my Witch and I noticed that when wearing the costume (chest piece) my Witch has a new idle animation.
    While it is nice, I really prefer the default animation, holding the staff, so I was wondering if there is a way to disable that "costume animation".
  22. Post on Future Animations in Suggestions

    By MIGhunter, posted
    I was thinking that it would be totally cool if you added some animations to the events.  Something that you can hit escape to get out of, of course.  Here is what I was thinking, using the current event.  After you place the Meahwa seals in a square and hit the button to combine them, the game swaps to a mini movie that shows your character placing them on the ground.  Then the inner part of the square turns into lava, fire, water, anything cool and then your new pet climbs out of it!
  23. Post on skill animation skins in Suggestions

    By Byrat, posted
    hi guys, 
    i would like to suggest having actuall skins for the attack skill animations which players can buy from the cash shop. these skins change the colors or the "theme"( fire, ice) of your attack skill animations.
    as an example, the color of the animations for the sorccerer are all "black, violet etc." but when a player buys and uses such an animations skin, the animation color/theme is going to change based on the animation skin which is currently in use. the animation its self is going to stay the same though, only the color of it will change.
    but the easiest would probably be when players can actaully die theire animations with the usuall dying methods.
    here is an example of what i exacly mean by "theme". so not only the color of the animations changes, but also the whole structure. for example there could be ice, fire etc skins which make the animation look icy, fiery etc.
    i do not know anything about programming but i can imagine that there is  not that much time needed to swich up some colors on the same animation. the theme skins will probably be way more time-consuming
  24. Hey there.
    Something I couldn't help noticing is that when you are slowed, your character still runs, but in slow motion.
    This looks fine up to a point, but when you're REALLY slowed, it looks like I'm watching the Matrix.
    This is extremely ironic because the game has proper animations for lots of things, such as:
    - Walking
    - Carrying something on your shoulder
    - Carrying a tradepack on your back
    So when you are slowed from weight, wouldn't it make more sense to try and use the tradepack animation (or a slightly modified version of it)?
    All you have to do is determine "breakpoints". Example:
    When your speed is slowed below 70% (from any source), you walk instead of running.
    When your speed is slowed below 50% (from weight), you use the tradepack animation (possibly with a smaller, distinguishable pack).
  25. Mein Fehler sind Kosmetisch, daher weniger Dringend, dennoch sollte hier bei Zeit nachgebessert werden.
    Maehwa kann nicht gehen - die gehen Animation müsste nachgereicht werden.Seid dem aufspielen der beiden neuen Klassen, liegen Charaktere (Männlich) nicht mehr richtig auf dem Bett/Boden und schweben 10cm darüber.Seid dem aufspielen der Erweiterung, sitzen die Charaktere noch weiter über den Möbel als sie es schon davor gemacht haben. Es wird dringen empfolen eine Sitzen animation bei Möbeln einzuführen, Vorlage "Die Sims" dort kann man sich Anregungen holen wie Charaktere mit Möbeln Interagieren "sollten."Seid dem aufspielen der Erweiterung gibt es kleinere Anzeige Fehler im Haus besonders mit den neuen Klassen. Hier sollte nach geprüft und nachgebessert werden.Es handelt sich bei diesen Bugs um Kosmetische Fehler, die erst mit dem Aufspielen kamen und daher als Fehler im Spiel betrachtet werden dürften.
    Ihre Priorität ist nicht hoch, sollte aber nicht unter den Teppich gefegt werden.
    - - - - - -
    Wer weitere Fehler gefunden hat, kann diese hier gerne ebenfalls schreiben. Bitte Sachlich bleiben, damit DAUM diese schnell weiter  leiten kann.
    Das sie schnell behoben werden können.