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  1. Post on In game Males. in Suggestions

    By RavMedic1984, posted
    I'd like to share few of my observations about Male chatacters in game, especially playable. First thing is bit odd body shape. I don't know why it looks like a (bad also) copy of Aion's male body model with that strange sunken belly/abdominal part of body. Even fit males has no sunken belly areas...we have here pretty muscled boys so what about abdominal muscles? Another thing is bums...I know Asian males has a bit flat bums by race-anatomy type, but in whole world avilable game we should have possibility to make regular more round bum to our guys too. Males you like it or not has a bulge in their crotches, it's normal and natural. So if we have beautiful Ladies with their feminine bodies...we'd like to have boys like this too. It's RPG game...let us Play a roles with friends like some "Life" things too.  Another thing -male hair styles...no "normal" casual hair actually. All styles are like taken from an Anime or other cartoons. I'ts good but I (and some others too I bet) would like to create more realistic man without hair lifted up to the sky. Much scarce hair shape moddeling options than ladies ones. And last thing...running animations. Did you ever play Lineage 2? remember these long, springy and elegant run steps? Why we have tiny, funny looking steps with body twisting from side to side. Mighty warrior looks like running Geysha in her wooden sandals. I love the game that's why I'm writting that. To give some points that could make game even better  so please don't read it as an attack, but friendly advices  
    Cheers to the all ppl involved into creation of that great great game! 
  2. Helbjorne's Game Saving Suggestion Thread (Updated 6/4)
    Despite the fact that I'm sure some of these have already been addressed in different threads, I'm going to list them anyways for the sake of being thorough. Each proposed suggestion has a [High] [Medium] [Low] priority indicator, and below them is a spoiler with information regarding the reasoning behind the suggestion.
    Of course, there are still plenty of other things that need to be addressed, however this is just the beginning, and I plan on adding more sections as time goes on. Make sure to check back every few days for an updates, or go ahead and click that follow thread button! 
    Also, if you have anything you'd like me to add to the list, go ahead and post it below!
    Thanks for reading!
    - Implement server side hit detection and player data storage [High]
    - Move servers to a central data center [High]
    - Add an East Coast server, and give players one free server transfer [High]
    - Fix/ add animations when being knocked back or knocked down [Medium]
    - Add ‘Stiffness’ status effect indicator [Low]
    UI Related
    - Show rare drops in Systems or Party chat, and allow players to roll on the items before they go to Special Deals [High]
    - Fix bug where UI becomes distorted when changing resolutions [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn off Black Spirit warnings when fighting higher level mobs [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn on timestamps for chat [Medium]
    - Add arenas to the map [Low]
    - Allow players to increase the grid size of their inventory and storage [Low]
    - Add a feature that allows players to unlink themselves from items sitting in Special Deals [Low]
    - Fix issue where right clicking on minimap doesn't always cancel an auto-path [Low]
    - Fix issue where the chat box becomes stuck following a cutscene, and hotkeys become activated while still typing in chat box [Low]
    - Fix search bar located in Knowledge Menu [Low]
    - Allow players to modify all parts of the UI and adjust the size of individual UI elements [Low]
    Convenience/ Optimization
    - Add WP potions to General Goods Vendors [High]
    - Allow players to make gear/ costume changes from horseback [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn off Accessories of Magical Power Black Spirit Dailies [Low]
    - Add residences with a large plot of land to grow crops on [Low]
    - Add tab to character sheet detailing all hidden stats [Low]
    - Increase diameter of the area that summon boss scrolls can be used [Low]
    - Add AFK button to UI which sets status in both guild member and friend list to AFK [Low]
    - Modify EXP scrolls so that they are all family bound instead of character bound [Low]
    - Implement feature that gives players contribution points based on guild mission participation [Low]
    - Allow players to access their map while fishing [Low]
    General Bugs/ Glitches
    - Fix issue where screen flickers black during combat [Medium]
    - Fix issue where players become suspended in air when jumping from great heights [Medium]
    - Fix issue where the continuous repair option doesn't work when using the base item plus Silver coins [Low]
    - Fix issue where mobs can be knocked back through objects and reset [Low]
    - Fix issue where players not in the summoning party are forced to view summoning cutscene [Low]
    - Allow new Helm NPCs located in Helm dungeon to count towards kill count for both the Black Spirit Daily, and Guild Mission [Low]
    - Allow player to player transactions as long as the transaction is made in person, price paid is still within marketplace price range, and tax is still being deducted [High]
    - Notify players if an item they've requested to be notified on goes up on the 'Special Deals' tab [Medium]
    - Add additional filters within the marketplace [Low]
    - Add search bar to 'Special Deals' tab [Low]
    - Remove ‘Dye’ tab in marketplace [Low]
    - Break ‘General Goods’ tab down into ‘General Goods’, ‘Lifeskill Items’, and ‘Crafting Supplies’ [Low]
    - Add corresponding tabs for ‘Lifeskill Items’ and ‘Crafting Supplies’ within marketplace [Low]
    PvP Changes
    - Remove EXP loss for ‘unflagged’ players in open world PvP [High] (Seeing as this has been implemented, and seeing the outrage behind it, below this I am placing an alternative solution)
    - Only allow players killed in open world PvP to respawn at town, instead of at node [High]
    - Reduce Karma penalty for killing another player in open world PvP to 50k Karma [High]
    - Have players drop 25% of Silver and 10% of turn-in items on OWPvP death [High]
    - Adjust DP limit of Red Battlefield [High]
    - Add tiered Gold Ingot and EXP rewards to Red Battlefield [Medium]
    - Add scoreboard to Red Battlefield [Low]
    - Make players spawn with weapons drawn in Red Battlefield [Low]
    World/ Field Bosses
    - Remove EXP and crystal destruction from world bosses [High]
    - Modify algorithm that determines world/ field boss loot distribution [High]
    Balance/ Enhancements
    - Increase the maximum failstacks when upgrading gear/ accessories, allowing players to get higher chances for success when attempting to enhance [High]
    - Add item drop rate percentage 'failstacks' [Medium]
    - Decrease Grunil crystal slots from 2 to 1, make every armor set have 2 crystal slots when upgraded to Ultimate, add vendor in each city that allowed for a one time exchange of gear [Low]

  3. Why? Why, BDO team? I just want to know why? Hit level 35. Oh yay, I have a new emote! And then...then this happens.
  4. Hello I just started playing Maehwa and I am loving the class but I have noticed several things that seem to be out of place or broken imo about the character and her animations... I'll rate them from Minor to Major in my personal opinion.
    ((MINOR)) First her idle animation seems odd.  Often she will go from the Musa animation to shifting to her normal animation it seems odd to me and quite jarring.  Compared to the Musa.  I wasn't sure if it was intentional for her to go from holding sword on her back to the Musa stance then suddendly to Maewa stance.  
    ((MAJOR?)) Some of her attacks seem to not function properly unless I am using them wrong or the translation is wrong. Dragon Bite for example says you can charge it up but I have not been able to do so.  I have not played a Musa so i would not have an idea if it's just a Blader/Plum Issue or the short backstep is the charge mentioned in the tooltip.
    ((MINOR)) No talking animation for character when typing.  This is for the RPers out there.  She sorta just moves her head and keeps her lips shut.
    ((MINOR or MAJOR for RP)) No walk.  I've already mentioned RPers... This one will annoy the crap out of them.
    ((Minor)) Collision Animation... When she walks or is bumped into she does not react to it.  The sound plays but the short animation does not.
    I just wanted to point out the minor issues I found.  Figured it would be helpful to pick out some of the easier housecleaning fixes they could work on.  Unless it's intentional and all Maehwa's are unfeeling mute telepathic terminators with a minor malfunction which causes them to stutter figuring out what stance they want to murder you with...
    I'll keep updating I guess... I love the class tho but I'm gonna wait and keep working on leveling my Tamer to 50... My war has been 50 for a bit... I'm loving this game basically.
  5. So I've been having this really weird issue with the game since launch. It's really difficult for me to actually describe what's going on... But basically the enemy npcs are teleporting/jumping around in my game.
    The issue doesn't occur when I first load into the game, the enemy animations are smooth, and when aggro'd they approach me fine. However, after about a minute or two of playing, the issue will slowly begin to come up, and progressively worsen over time. This issue ONLY occurs with enemy NPCs, paroling guards, and quest objectives like catching wandering rabbits, chickens, etc... Players and any non-combative NPCs seem to be unaffected by this problem.
    I've been wracking my brain trying to solve this issue for weeks now, and I simply cannot seem to find the source. Originally I thought it was a latency issue, since I live on the east coast and I know that the servers are located in California. However, when i asked my friend who lives locally, he wasn't experiencing the same issue. I then decided it was an issue with my ISP, so I tested the game on my garbage laptop, which has no business running this game, but I did it anyway. And to my surprise this issue did not occur on my laptop.
    So now I believe I narrowed it down to being an issue with my system. I upgraded my graphics drivers, and that didn't fix it. So then i downgraded my drivers. That didn't fix it either. I deleted both cache files located in the Documents and Program Files folders. I deleted the Version.dat file.
    Absolutely nothing has worked, and I am at a total loss right now. Is anybody else experiencing this same issue? Have you experienced similar issues in other games and know a way to fix it?
    System Specs:
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
    8gb RAM
    AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
    I have also recorded a video showcasing my problem below. Please help! D:
  6. I don't know if i'm the only one here, but wouldn't it be amazing if they added in eating and drinking animations. After all that hard work and time spent getting ingredients for a tasty dish all you get is a simple right click and done. Enjoy your buff. 

  7. Post on Giant feautres in Suggestions

    By Bjarngrim, posted
    A few ideas for features that could be a lot of fun on the Berserker and provide some incentive to try out and enjoy the weaker class

    A carry feature! Allow a prompt to be issued to another player where you request to pick them up. Upon their allowance of the action your toon picks them up! Make it unable to be used while carrying a trade pack or when over encumbered to eliminate the ability to cheat but still give a neat feature to let people run around with one of the smaller races over/on their shoulders!

    Also a toggle to the sit? While I love the crouch animation i'd love to be able to sit my butt on the floor and not look like I am trying to hunt someone.
  8. So I want to understand if this is for all characters or just my lone class but it seems that from the Character Creator or Beauty Shop to in game, some facial bone structures are gone.
     My giant's pride and glory stink face when entering combat or fighting in the Beauty Shop.
    Something I really liked knowing was that my gian't had a "Better go kill my boss" look when he entered combat. (Checked several times same face and everything in the CC or Beauty Shop).
    In-Game. Entering combat.

    So what happened from CC to In-Game, to me it looks like "bone" structures are missing? I bought the 30 day Beauty Shop access and could never find a work around for why my giant goes full Arnold mode when going into combat and doing skills. Also it has nothing to do with the expression slider. Pure dynamic facial animation change that has dun goofed.
  9.                                                                                  THE LIST TO FIX/SMOOTH/ADD  -NOTE: Animations can vary from class to class
    *Give walking a more natural feel, including in the wrist and hands. (notes: hands and wrist seemed curled a bit when walking playing as a warrior
    *Give crawling on the ground more natural movement, the animation doesn't follow the same speed as crawling (which looks like you are kinda sliding on your belly)
    *ADD a Sit on the ground animation
    *ADD a face track option Off and On in settings,
    *ADD CAMERA LOOK DIRECTION, this will keep characters from looking at the camera depending on angle of the camera by degrees.
    *ADD jogging animations
    *BLEND walking/jogging/running/sprinting together for a natural feel
    *Give walking options a toggle on/off - holding the walk button. it seems to cripple access to other keys/buttons for the player.
    *ADD animations that blend in with the environment. (I.E: footing  does not adjust to angles of the hill you are running up.) its a big immersion breaker
    *ADJUST movement speeds to match new animations in the future.
    *ADD animated consumables (potions,drinks,food,etc.)
    *ADD animations to putting on and off a Lantern, ((and have the lantern display on your belt.))
    *UNSURE PLEASE POST ABOUT THIS IF IT'S IN THE GAME~~~~~: ADD to the crouching motions> /sneaking/sheathing and unsheathe weapons/ and a critical blow to sneaked targets.
    ++LIST ENDED++
    NOTE: IF you have suggestions, and ones that are good or reasonable please post it, ill check to update it and possibly add them to the list.
    **ALSO please players do put your thoughts down below so it can be a thing to work on for them in the future.
    *******WILL UPDATE OCCASIONALLY HERE******************
                                                                                                                                THE REVIEW ON ANIMATIONS
    I enjoy the quality and effort put into Black Desert Online, I honestly could feel immersed in the world and enjoy it more in depth with some future animations to smooth It out.The game hands down Is absolutely gorgeous, and nice to the eyes compered to any MMORPG I seen to date! It will capture you in the feeling of Fantasy Art and Architecture while having you wonder aimlessly for hours and days and be stunned at the detail of the games design.
    Character creation animations are superb, and feel so life like, what's more to say? 10/10
    However along with the beauty comes with a small downfall, and I know nothing Is perfect, but for the sake of beautiful fidelity and scenery and vibrant colors, there Is a minor problem with immersion, which tends to be player animations and player movement. You can become so immersed in the world of the game with slight movements being done , you can gaze around and be occupied, and not break the Uncanny Valley that's including with combat which is fantastic at it's feeling.
    Back on subject though, the slightest movement of players breaks immersion quickly and life like with character's.
    I suppose which is why one part of the requests from players, was walking animations, They want the immersion to feel nice.
    Some examples of movement
    Feeling of janky movements (To) full speed out bursts with a simple button press (To) no starting momentum (To) no footing adjusting to environments
    (To) movement not being equal to crawling speed (slight sliding effect)....Well you get the idea In any case a list will be given at the bottom.
    Concurring to that of the introduction to the Game where the player staggers around and holding the RUN key to builds up speed and Momentum, was indeed a fantastic start to player animations, blending in walking,jogging and picking up speed to sprinting. It feels natural, It feels right, It's not perfect but. It almost feels life like, and a lot better than the base game movement!
    "Who ever did that part of the game, props to you and your thoughts on movement! Good for you!  Two thumbs up and a Gold star! That was nicely done"
    This should have been the idea to players basic movement from the beginning of Black Desert.
    However when the introduction to player movement tutorial ends, you get a character who defies human movement into full speed running with in the cost of nothing, not even a second or a fraction of the time to go full throttle!
    Environments: 8/10
    NPC's: 8/10
    Player Movement: 6/10
    footing environments
    no momentum
    Face tracking to strong
    5----- FIVE POINTS of negative impact
  10. Hey,
    So I haven't played too much yet but am enjoying what I have.  The one issue I have, as little as it may be is the animation for the warriors when they run with weapons sheathed.  They look as though they are being fast forwarded, just looks off in my opinion.  Sprinting isn't as bad but the issue is still there.  I am not sure if bigger strides or just slow the animation down would help but for some reason this really bugs me about the warrior!
  11. Post on Skill trees in General

    By Crimson, posted
    Hey everyone! I'm not sure if anyone has posted or seen this, and I'm not sure how useful it'll be to everyone, but I hope it is useful to somebody. It's the skill trees for all the classes with an animation and description (translated...probably from Korean...not the clearest English, but you can figure out what its saying) when you hover over the given skill. It includes their awakened weapon skills if that's available. I, for one, like to see what an attack's range is so I can plan accordingly. I think it's awesome that the blader has a "Scorpion style" thingamajig, but instead of "get over here!" it's more like "I'm coming there!" ^.^ 
    Really, though, I hope it's helpful! I figure it's easier for some to use this than having to watch a video of each class...eh..at least it was easier for me. 
    O.o....that's a long web address.....(it'll take you to the warriors first but use the side panel to select a class)