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  1. Post on Legendary Beast Dance in Tamer

    By Alrikmerc, posted
    When you use this skill you have SA, according to the description.  I have seen it function when I get "immune" spam as I'm taking hits from time to time while it's in use.
    However, when I am in the bad, head to head situation with some classes (sorc and ranger, mostly), and we end up clashing, their skill always seems to win.  They take a hit, maybe one from VB, but then I am CC'd after that by the skill they are using and stop attacking.
    I'm curious why this is.  Is it that SA only lasts for a split second, so it won't protect you from the multiple hits of the enemy skill?  Is it that it's like block and can be drained down and broken?
    I have thought, maybe, that it's their AP and Level possibly being so much higher than mine that they can just run me over.
    I know direct confrontation with Beast Dance is a bad move, and I've changed my style a lot since those days, but from time to time you're hitting with it and get interrupted by something else.  Just trying to figure out if there is a time, other than having an enemy CC'd, where it's relatively safe to use this skill, because when it works well, you can put a lot of people, even players, on their butt all at once.
  2. About Us:
    What's crackin' swag lords? Spaghetti's core members have been shaking snakes together since playing CBT. Mostly we enjoy PVP(node wars) and concurrently own 2 nodes every week(a combination of tier 1 and 2). We are looking to grow the guild in order to participate in tier 3 nodes more often. We also like open world PVP with higher tier guilds on the server. If you are concerned about making money, don't worry about it, we have plenty of it and pay our members nicely for participation in node wars and guild missions.
    We would like to be an active and high ranking guild(currently number 7 on server) without being tryhard. We offer grind parties and PVP parties for anyone that is lookin' to get squirrel. Video games are for fun, so let's all have fun. 
    Expectations and Requirements:
    Current recruitment: Combined AP/DP of 420 or 160 AP without offhandVOIP: Discord is required, but you don't have to have a mic. All of the important guild announcements for node wars and weekly guild events are posted in discord. You must be in VOIP for node wars, obviously.We have pretty loose humor and anything is up for grabs. Hopefully you can hang loose too and kick it with the noodles! If you have any issues with a member you can easily take it to them in a PM or speak with an officer. We keep it loose though, so if you are a baby or SJW, this probably isn't the guild for you.

    How To Apply:
    1) Pop into discord at discord.me/spaghetti and send a message to an officer that is currently online. 
    2) If you pass our easier than your first girlfriend interview we will swoop you up into our ranks
    All new members will be given a two week trial period. During this time the officers and new swag lord(aka you) will be able to determine in Spaghetti is the sweet spot for both parties.

  3. Hello all,
    So, there have been some discussion regarding AP, staff and Orbs after awakening.
    A lot of Wizards, in PvE, end up using, exclusively, awakened skills, so, without entering on a discussion regarding if that is a good idea or not, I would like to know if the base AP of the staff would matter in terms of damage output.
    I know the hidden stats of the staff would matter, but what about the base AP?
    It's been said that the hidden stats increase with the level of the weapon, and I also would like to know if this is confirmed.
    Because, if the base AP wouldn't matter, then the need to upgrade the staff would almost stop after lvl 56...
  4. So guys, the bonus that comes from having a full Jarette sets, 
    it says +5 attack and +10 attack
    Does this mean AP? Or something else?

    Also, will this show up in your "total AP" point sheet? Or is this something you have to manually add onto it to determine what your actual AP is? (this question actually applies to every set bonus. like the grunil set bonus too)
  5. Right so, i stopped playing a few months after launch. Now i resubbed and wanted to get my Level 57 Wizard back on track - for some solo PvE grinding etc.
    I want to ask for some help concerning my items, if i should change it for someting better, another set or other weapon/accessories. Because i dont know. Right now i got 178ap - 165awakening ap - 220dp
    My items atm :
    Duo : Ultimate Agerian set - 4 items.
    Weapons = TRI Liverto Staff and Tri awakening weapon (green quality) and a TRI Ultimate Steel Dagger.
    Accessories = 2x PRI Witch earrings. 1x PRI Mark of Shadow. 1x PRI Blue Coral ring. 1x PRI Shultz Belt.
    I have around 5-600 million silver to spend, even more if i sell my equipment.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how i get back on track, would really appreciate it.
  6. Hello fellow warriors! 57 warrior here looking for some advice on where i should head next in terms of upgrades. I feel like i got all my basic upgrades down but i'm interested in increasing my AP so i can farm more efficiently/effectively. My main goal as of right now is PvE.

    Full Grunil ultimate DUO with TRI chest piece.
    TRI: ultimate Yuria Longsword
    TRI: Mercenary's Great Sword ( Green )
    DUO: Ultimate Vangertz Shield
    And i am using a full set of Jarette's accessories.

  7. Surprising results when i datamined the most recent patch...
  8. So after searching teh interwebz I've found that most guides for Zerkers are simply out of date and the ones that aren't don't honestly have many people contributing them.
    After dabbing in some minor nodewars and small scale pvp (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v1 etc etc..) I've personally found that being a hybrid doesn't seem to be viable seeing as warriors and valks will straight up out tank you and musa's, sorcs, witches and wizards straight up out damage you. So it seems to me that surely it would be more viable to go straight DP with an AP of around 150+
    If going for a more DP gear setup what gear would you guys suggest? Grunil/Taritas seem to be the most popular suggestion so far and I agree that this benefits you giving you the higher DP in exchange for losing the +2 AP from the full grunil set. But would going full taritas be viable or a complete was of time?
    Furthermore there seems to be no real advice on what accessories to get for a DP setup, I'd have though shrine guardian tokens to be a solid choice along with token of friendship earrings to match but what are these the best choices? Also what belt and necklace would be viable with these? Or is the Mark of shadow/witch earring still the only choice?
    If/when this reaches a somewhat agreeable state on what gear would be best for a DP build or if a DP build is simply not viable at this point/ever I'll update this post to include all relevant info/gear.
    Looking forward from hearing from fellow zerkers more experience than I.
  9. Hey guys, just a quick question with a strong request to keep it civil. This isn't a question of if it is possible, but rather of how to make it possible. How does one build a DP, rather than AP based Valkyrie and be viable in Sieges and T3 node wars? If meta needs to be changed in order to do this, how does one force it to? What gear is required/is optimal? What would be the actual value of boss gear vs Rocaba/Grunil/Heve? What are the most important gems to stack for survival and being an unkillable machine that does moderate damage at best, or the alchemy stone for being able to survive two full combos from a wizard or witch and deal just a little damage at worst?
    Help this poor sod who knows nothing other than tanking and doesn't want to know yet wants to keep playing this wonderful game (with the exception of balance, because Wizards and Witches are OP, ----- you Pearl, Kakao and Daum).
    P.S. I promise to never go full AP because I played the right game, and I want to play this game as a tank.
  10. So, I was wondering how much AP I would need on the Sura Katana until it would be viable to use? With a DUO Liverto, an Awakening weapon with the same damage would cost a fortune (if even on market). Does it need to do the same damage as pre- Awakening weapon or is it fine if its damage is like 2x lower?
  11. <<<<<<<<<<RisingTide>>>>>>>>>>
    Recruiting ACTIVE players, gearscore and lvls are irrelevant as long as you have the right mindset and that you are active!

    * Consistent NodeWars
    * Active US AND AU timezones
    * Experienced leaders and officers
    * Active discord
    * Lots of fun banter
    * Memes
    * Grills
    We are a part Australian and part American guild, meaning we have an active discord almost around the clock. Our main focus as a guild and community is to focus on what Black Desert does best, full blown PvP. We run constant wardecks, get involved in GvGs and will not miss out on an opportunity to fight in a nodewar. We fight by ourselves without set alliances and always try to go for the fight rather than the easy victory.
    If you are up for dank memes, fights and lots and lots of banter then hit me or Tara up in game or join our discord
    https://discord.gg/d3zkZWFSee you in game!
  12. I found myself with some free time today, so I decided to test AP stuff. First and foremost, a big thanks to @FluffyQuack for his invaluable Health Bar Scanner, so I don't have to try and find willing assistants to test damage numbers for hours on end any more.
    So, first round: testing how mainhand AP affects awakening damage.
    Test conditions:
    Godr Sphera Training V (348% x3) on Troll Warriors with a +0 Lord Godr Sphera (16-25 AP, 20.5 avg.), a +12 Bronze Dagger (8 AP) and various mainhands. 100% accuracy and discounted all crits.
    Test one - +0 Strong Staff : 8-12 AP, 10 avg., for 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 48.5% - 51.6%, averaging 50.36%Test two - +0 Ultimate Styd Staff : 28-32 AP, 30 avg., for 30 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 54.6% - 56.4%, averaging 55.58%Test three - +6 Strong Staff : 28-32 AP, 30 avg., for 30 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 54.6% - 56.8%, averaging 55.34%Test four - PRI Liverto Staff : 86-90 AP, 88 avg., for 88 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 73.4% - 75.2%, averaging 74.28%So, from this we can see two things: One, mainhand AP affects awakenings (already proven but some people are stubborn); Two, +0 AP is just as valuable as enchanted AP, surprising as I'd seen reliable testing to the contrary but the damage was roughly identical - the very small variation is easily explained by the small sample size.
    We've established that all mainhand AP affects awakening skills, but now we need to find out what percentage of it is used. To do so, I did further tests with differing amounts of awakening and universal AP, both with the +0 Strong Staff and of course the +12 Bronze Dagger:
    Test one - +0 Lord Godr Sphera, +0 Bares Ring, Jarette's Ring, +0 Bares Necklace, +0 Bares Earring, Jarette's Earring, Jarette's Belt : 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP, 28 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 66.0% - 69.9%, averaging 68.4%Test two - +7 Lord Godr Sphera : 10 mainhand AP, 40.5 awakening AP, 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 61.2% - 64.2%, averaging 62.7%So, +20 mainhand AP is roughly a 10% increase in damage, +20 awakening AP is roughly a 25% increase, and +20 universal AP is roughly a 36% increase. Makes sense, since universal AP adds to both, that it would be equal to both of them combined (taking RNG into account)! Considering Biohack's testing which shows that AP scales linearly, the numbers show that mainhand AP provides roughly 43% the damage as awakening AP, to put it one way, however I think we need to re-evaluate our terms here; awakening AP is the standard for awakenings, sure, but universal AP is more valuable since it's both at once. So I think we should treat universal AP as the standard of 100%, rather than awakening AP. If we go that route, we see why they chose the percentage that they did; considered together, mainhand AP makes up ~30% of the damage and awakened AP makes up ~70%.
    But, to be sure, let's see if that holds true for another skill; Water Sphere I (764% x5, Trolls are immune to knockdown so the Air/Down Attack isn't an issue).
    Test one - +0 Strong Staff, +0 Lord Godr Sphera : 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP, 8 universal AP
    25 rounds of 1 use eachDamage dealt was from 35.4% - 41.1%, averaging 37.8%Test two - +6 Strong Staff, +0 Lord Godr Sphera : 30 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP, 8 universal AP
    25 rounds of 1 use eachDamage dealt was from 38.9% - 42.8%, averaging 41.2%Test three - +0 Strong Staff, +7 Lord Godr Sphera : 10 mainhand AP, 40.5 awakening AP, 8 universal AP
    25 rounds of 1 use eachDamage dealt was from 43.7% - 47.6%, averaging 45.8%Test four - +0 Strong Staff, +0 Lord Godr Sphera, +0 Bares Ring, Jarette's Ring, +0 Bares Necklace, +0 Bares Earring, Jarette's Earring, Jarette's Belt : 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP, 28 universal AP
    25 rounds of 1 use eachDamage dealt was from 47.2% - 51.6%, averaging 49.3%So, pretty much confirmed: here again we see exactly 30% mainhand AP / 70% awakening AP. I think that wraps up this round, the next one whenever I happen to find time to get around to it will be additional damage types, namely Species Damage., due to popular demand, testing if all secondary AP counts as universal AP (i.e., gets added to both mainhand and awakening).
    Testing data and screenshots available to download here (the forum attachment system is limited to 2MB so I can't make use of that), separated so that people don't have to download all 600MB of screenshots just to see the data:
    Raw Screenshots
    If you want both, extract them to the same directory to properly organize them.
     Second round: testing whether various hidden AP is universal or specific. Namely, crystals, set bonuses, and food/elixir buffs (I don't have a guild so no guild buff, sorry ).
    Test conditions:
    As before, Godr Sphera Training V (348% x3) on Troll Warriors with a +0 Strong Staff, a +0 Lord Godr Sphera, a +12 Bronze Dagger and various external AP. 100% accuracy and discounted all crits.
    Test one - Control : +0 Strong Staff, +0 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger, for 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 51.1% - 52.5%, averaging 51.8%Test two - Crystals : Control plus Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power (+5 AP)
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 53.3% - 57.3%, averaging 55.6%Test three - Set bonuses : Control plus Grunil Helmet and Grunil Gloves (+5 AP)
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 53.8% - 56.4%, averaging 55.2%Test four - Elixirs : Control plus [Party] Elixir of Fury (+10 AP, sadly there's no 5-AP elixir)
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 52.0% - 56.4%, averaging 55.2%Test five - Food : Control plus Mediah Meal (+5 AP)
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 54.2% - 56.8%, averaging 55.3%So, the results here are all virtually identical and they match the expected increase for universal AP (they're slightly lower than 20 mainhand AP, and 5 * 1.43 = 7.15 while 20 * 0.43 = 8.6, so it fits perfectly), but this is confusing for test 4 because it's twice the AP increase... For comparison I need to try out +10 awakening AP and +10 mainhand AP, though I don't think that's what's happening here (it should be noticeably higher than it is if it's awakening, and noticeably lower if it's mainhand >.<):
    (note that I screwed up a test after having already +3'd my Sphera, so I had to start a new Control with both that and +3 Strong Staff)
    Test one : +3 Strong Staff, +3 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger, for 20 mainhand AP, 30.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 58.1% - 60.3%, averaging 59.3%Test two : +6 Strong Staff, +3 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger, for 30 mainhand AP, 30.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 61.6% - 63.4%, averaging 62.2%Test three : +3 Strong Staff, +7 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger, for 20 mainhand AP, 40.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 63.8% - 66.0%, averaging 65.0%Test four : +3 Strong Staff, +3 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger and a [Party] Elixir of Fury (+10 AP), for ? mainhand AP, ? awakening AP and ? universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 61.2% - 65.1%, averaging 63.2%So, like I noted before, it's between the expected values for 10 mainhand AP and 10 awakening AP. The simplest and most likely explanation is that it's bugged and only gives 5 AP (though the buff does say "+10 AP") but one interesting thing to note is that the damage is more varied with the elixir, with more unique damage amounts, lower lows and higher highs. Now, this is a sample size of only 150 hits, so it's almost certainly just RNG that happened to act up right at that specific time, but it is conspicuous that it happened during that elixir both in this test and the prior. Probably nothing, but worth mentioning for posterity I suppose.
    In any case, that wraps up universal AP testing, for now at least. I could test other elixirs to try and 100% verify that it's just this one being bugged, but that's a low priority. I've got other things that I pan to test that would be much more interesting.
    TL;DR - Awakening damage is made up of 30% mainhand AP (ALL mainhand AP, even at +0, not just enchanted AP) and 70% awakening AP. AP from accessories and crystals and such adds to both at once, giving a full 100%. So to find your awakening damage gearscore, take 30% of your sheet mainhand AP and 70% of your sheet awakening AP, then add 100% of any hidden AP you have like guild buffs, crystals, set bonuses, etc.,
  13. Post on AP or DP ? in Berserker

    By BoBixs, posted
    What is better more AP or DP ?
  14. This is so common that everyone nowadays would rather increase AP than DP (except for warrior or zerker, but awakening makes AP relevant to them again!) I participated in red battlefiled unlimited everyday with full TRI armor and Duo Bensho (about 265DP) and get oneshot/twoshot almost every time I get caught in the open. Basically PVP in this game is: CC - CC attack multiplier - Dead in 2-3 seconds.

    AP is so much powerful compared to DP. AP has huge multipliers from skill (1000%+) not to mention CC multiplier (downattack 150%). With those a 200+ AP player can obliterate 260+DP with 1 CC and a few skills. It is never fun to die in 2-3 seconds, even under super armor!

    Really, what is the point of DP besides grinding stupid mobs in PVE? PVP DP is so weak right now :> 
  15. Hey what's up everyone, I was having a talk in channel yesterday and was told about how I should have atleast 100/100 APDP as I have just reached level 50 after grinding at Cron's, is this true? I have invested around 20-30M in full +10-15 Grunil plus I have also got a Yuria Blade of Destruction which make up around 80/60 or 70 all together.
    I want to make sure I am doing the best damage possible as I want to grind to 55 and also get tons of black stones so I was just looking for some tips to get my stats up? Anyone got ideas
    Thanks & look forward to ideas
  16. Post on combined AP in General

    By Meereele, posted
    ok. im reading alot of different statements about this, but question:
    when i look at my normal ap and my awakening ap do i combine theese of some sort or is it seperate stats for the weapon.
    some say a % from the one to the other and you have a total AP.
  17. In my own opinion, this game could have more interesting Accessories than simple stat modifiers like AP DP health and Mana/sp pool increase. Lets be frank that most of the accessories in this game are worth ignoring and only a handful are even worth considering, those of which are exclusively AP heavy. I personally think that it could be reduced to Weapons give AP and Armor gives DP. Instead of accessories giving AP or DP, give them modifiers and status effects. Here are some ideas of mine that don't come down to simple stat or resistance modifiers. you can apply these stats to any and all accessories, i just want them to be in the game. The goal is to create a system of accessories that encourage players to develop their own play-style of ether being a tank or trying to avoid getting hit more. By building their accessories correctly they can develop all new ways of play-style that might include unused skills that are left for better higher damage pvp skills.
    Speed modifier: Every second you aren't hit, this accessory will give you an extra 1% move speed up to so much move speed. (Great for classes that dodge and for low level grind spots where you don't get hit that often.)AP modifier: Every second you don't get hit up to lets say for the sake of it 10-20 seconds gives you an extra AP that will disapear on getting hit. 5 second cool down before the stat kicks in again. (Good for rangers once again and encourages a play-style of not getting hit cause it will boost ap.Simple reduction of all status effect timers. Just get rid of bleed much faster than normal, not talking cc effects just bleed and such.Simple increase of the effects of potions a player takes. Just make potions heal them more while this accessory is equipped. Hell double the health the potion gives em but increase the cool down even. Just remember to not increase the cool down timer to much, i know you want balance but also remember they would be equipping this to forgo other accessoriesElixertizer(like this name) Adds buffs to elixirs such as longer use and lower cool down timer as well as maybe an AP buff for the amount of exlier buffs you have active. turn five min cool downs in to 2 min cool downs and raise the base 5 min elixir into 10 minutes, we can already do so with party pots anyway. Also add like a 2 ap buff for every active potion maybe, or a 3 dp buff.Regen necklace: I know there is already a bunch of accessories that do this, but guess what, they don't heal enough to make em remotely worth using. Make them have like a 25-45 health per second buff but then double the cool down time of potions and other healing items. (Great for players who wish to farm.) if they equip more than one the benefit of having 2 is reduced 2 25 health per sec accessories means 40 health per second 3 and you get 50 health 4 and you get 55, 6 and you get 65 and then potions are perm disabled. OR since there are such things as low health beginning players that would make this accessory OP just have it be 25 health per second and up to .75% of health per second.Glass shield: Applies a single stack of +20 - +50 at pen every 6-10  seconds up to 3-10 times. Every hit you take reduces the stacks you have saved up.(bad for tanks,GREAT FOR DODGE CLASSES)Second breathe: This one i want cause of kutum in the U.S. Stops a hit that would normally kill you and keep you at one health and give you 3 seconds invincibility. This would take   time to reset so its not spam able you know 90-180 seconds, maybe make it pve only or whatnot.Assault: Every time you hit someone within 15 seconds you would gain one ap per consecutive hit up to 15 or so. Anything that is fast and made to hit allot whiten a few seconds would beneficent.Rage bringer: Guarding and blocking will build more rage for the black spirit.Armor brace: Forces a players AP down and increases DP at low health. Making the player less of a threat but harder to kill.Trigger finger: double cast speed and more damage on a single ability if player hasn't used an ability in the last 7-10 seconds. Players can opt out of attacking for a few seconds in order to try a quicker first attack with this accessory.Turtle shell, Reduces the amount of damage received from back attacks by a percentage.Weakening braces: This accessory is going to make it to where you will never hit harder than your opponent's ap and never use more dp than your opponent has when you are hit. disables potions and places an icon above your head. Basically you where this accessory so that you can duel players on more equal footing in duels.Want to add more in the future. these are of course untested ideas for accessories and likely half of them would break the game or be just as worthless as the ones we have now but i would love just variety in the future for this game. BTW my dream is to become a video game programmer so this is what i think about a lot.
  18. I see many items giving the "attack" bonus. At first glance I though it was another (mis-translated) name for AP.
    But it doesn't seem the case. I have an item which gives this "attack" bonus, but when I equip it no stat changes in my character page (the one you open pressing "P").
    Does anybody have any clue?
  19. Hell so i have been playing Ninja (maining it) since it has came out, and well i would consider myself alright (PVP wise) But i am still wondering, Of course boss gear is BIS but. What is the best set to go with besides Boss gear? 
    For awhile i was running with Taritas/Rocaba Mix to get the extra WP because Ninja skills stack with max WP, and HP but I have just switched over to a FULL rocaba set since it gives the extra evasion, The way i see it the Evasion build counters both the "Glass cannon" (AP) build as well as negates the Accuracy Builds as well. Of course this is just MY theory and I would appreciate some insight from everyone, and people who know a little more about the game and class more so than I do.
    So my question is what is the "Best" gear set for ninja? 
    Is it best to maximize evasion to dodge more attacks? (especially since the Killer Training passive skill increases Melee evasion every other level) Or would it be better to go with a different set?
    I also have heard recently the Korean meta game changing to Evasion rather than Accuracy due to in awakening PVP it comes down to who lives longer rather than who has the most AP.
    Any ideas, suggestions, opinions are welcome and thank you in advance!
  20. Please have a Stat to show us what the true AP-DP numbers are, like an buffed stat.
    Meals give x we see ? notta
    guilds can have 5 ap but again could be a hoax
    black crystal gem give 5 each but with 3 or 4 no change. 
    I would like to see this happen, been here since March and like the game but rather like to see what is already apparently in game
     @CM_Aethon @GM_Dew @GM_Gemu  @CM_Tytyes 
    Please Guys, see if you can kick it upstairs as a request 
  21. Hello everyone who reads this,
    This be my conclusion / result how Evasion and its ''counter'' stats works.
    After a lot of forum posts, discussions, i have come to this conclusion
    Your own level and Class decides your hit percentage
    Skills > has its own Damage value
    AP > increases your (main) damage
    Accuracy > Increases your hit percentage and skils that don't have 100%
    (some people have tested this and it just results in a higher hit percentage, not just a RNG based thing also it is handy to have this if you are fighting against higher class mobs or players)
    DP > provides reduced damage and gives you a change to be imuun for attacks
    (someway DP counters accuracy and lower level / geared players, they seems to have problems attacking geared or higher level players) 
    Evasion > boost your chance to be immuun for attacks (RNG / percentage based)
    (has nothing to do against accuracy, or with movement)
    Some Ninja in Korea managed to get as many eavsion points as possible and reached a number he just can't recieve enhough damage to die (1 VS 5)  http://prntscr.com/ahxenq
    Movement / side attacks / dash / teleportation and more...... allows you to dodge attacks.
     But as always there are hidden stats, so we can only rely on what people have tested or proven.
    Maybe i'm terrible wrong
    feel free to comment
  22. I feel like this is something that should have been a thing from the start. I hate guessing about my bonus AP because it is invisible. It would be fantastic if our sheet AP changed according to what buffs we had on, what crystals we put in our gear, and what set effects our armor gave us. After all, AP is not a hidden stat, so why are the bonuses? I think it would also help give people a more realistic idea of where they sit and how much total AP they need for an area instead of how much sheet AP. Kakao has done a good job sending feedback and getting some new QoL changes into the game. So how about we try for one more?
  23. Post on 199 AP...200 in General

    By Sara, posted
    wtb 200 ap #casulsara

  24. Hey,
    So, are there any recommended AP/DP for the various regions around the map? I want to go to Valencia and explore but I have shit gear (sorc with pri ultimate grunil and pri ultimate wep and offhand). I have about 130 sheet ap and 187 sheet dp. 
    Apologies if this is a shitpost or whatever...
    Thanks in advance. 

  25.  ABOUT US:
    Looking for a fun, laid-back PVX guild? Look no further! The “Pestilence Party” Guild focuses on a casual gaming experience while working together to accomplish the goals laid out in Black Desert Online. We are striving to create a fun experience for all members and enjoy helping each other better understand this intricate and sometimes confusing game. “Pestilence Party” focuses on daily Guild missions to further or skills and assets.

    The “Pestilence Party” Guild is growing and we hope that you will be a part of this experience with us! Our vision is for all in the Guild to have a fun and to not stress over the best PVP or PVE gear, as this should be the end-goal for anyone who enjoys the game, it is not a requirement in this Guild. Our end vision is to one day soon be able to participate in Node Wars and collect the tax benefits! 

    The focus of the “Pestilence Party” is to meet individuals and to grow as a Guild. Black Desert has much to offer and we hope you would join us in the experience. Currently, the Guild is focusing on the daily Guild missions, weekly scroll sharing, and assisting our newer members. 

    The “Pestilence Party” is still growing and at the moment is a small Guild. In order to join the only requirement that we ask is that you are level 30 or above. Furthermore, there is no AP/DP requirements in order to join. In order to keep the guild active we have a 30-day inactive kick rule. If you are interested in joining please send our Guild Master or any of our Officers a whisper in game or feel free to respond below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 
    Guild Master: (Family/Character)  
        The_Worldslayer / Moonknight_Is
    Officers: (Family/Character)
        Dark_TormenT / Chimo_Shirin    Dumbledaze / WayneWolf