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  1. Post on Armor Glitch in In-Game Bugs

    By Warshade Z, posted
    I have this issue where, for whatever reason, my screen will go black for about 5-10sec and then afterward my skin clips thru my armor - and if I swap any gear after that, the dye will go back to its default color.  The only thing that I can do to reset it...is restart the game.

    Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Post on Zereth vs Grunil in General

    By Gicadin, posted
    All the guides i'm looking at have little or no mention of using Zereth armor for pve. I'm curious why that is since the 3 set has +5 against every species (which is supposed to be good for pve) and the gloves as well have +2 against every species. 
    Why is Grunil so much better. I'm even seeing mentions of taritas or boss armor, but nothing about zereth. 
  3. Hello everyone
    Here is a suggestion of something that the game has been missing from the very beginning in my view. I'd really love to have the possibility of using the Equipment Tailoring Coupon not only on crafting outfits and some other clothing, but also on the armor sets, such as Agerian, Grunil and so on.
    There are several sets for each class, that look wonderful and perfectly match with the enviroments of the game (I find costumes in the cash shop way too fancy and vulgar), but they are never used because of their stats. So why not turn them into costumes as well, especially considering the fact that similar functionality already exists? Each class can get several additional looks without the necessity for the developer to create something new (which takes time and effort).
    I would appreciate it more than any costume that the cash shop could possibly offer.
  4. Post on Armor as Costume in General

    By Skaven Zverov, posted
    As title states.

    Imho, it would be very nice to let us make in-game armor as costumes. 

    Thanks for reading.
  5. So what's this all about? 
    KR server getting new craftable costumes.. when are we?
  6. The picture shows the problem - dk isn't a sorc, so could you please change the costume to the version with both arms? Thank you

  7. I wanted to make a Jarette's set for mine and I see that it's not available. Anyone have an idea of when this is coming?
  8. So I purchased some armors to my dark knight from market place (yes I'm sucker for looks) and I noticed that none of the armor had correct colors. In character creation the armors appears as blue or green yet in game they're all brown, like every single one that I bought and tried. Is this intentional or is there something wrong with my color setting? When I press J and go to the dye tab, the armors are clearly brown yet in character selection mode the armors appear as their intended colors. I'm just curious to know because I created my character according to the palette of the outfits to bring out best aesthetics and ugly brown armor just ruins all my work on creating the perfect color combination :,(
    I just feel kinda weird, because last class I played was tamer and at least she had the armor colors match to those in character creation. 
  9. Post on Kibelius Armor in Suggestions

    By Russelus, posted
    I think everyone know that the colors are out of this world when it comes to lighting in this game, but I have a huge problem with the Kibelius armor's wings, its just not looking good with most of the colors. Since the colors itself is a huge pain to fix, what about making the wing into a "cape", so we can turn it off in the inventory.
    Thank you for your time.
  10. Post on So back agian. in Dark Knight

    By Tessirch, posted
    So I am back in this game and I have forgot how fun it was.

    Anywho My classes and armor types has been for the most part +15 grunil and my good question for dark knight is what kind of armor is the best for her.

    I mean she is a tank class no dough but is there a better armor for "tank classes" or is it grunil the best armor for the most classes out there?

    sry been a while since I played as I said so no bad comments okey?

    Best regards Chris
  11. Hi all,
    I am a new player. I created a character when the game was released, but haven't really touched the game until now. I have come back to find about 90mil silver sitting in my mail.
    Now, I'm wondering what would be the optimal gear to spend this on? Should I go all out and buy the most powerful weapon I can afford, and how does consideration of an awakening weapon factor in? Assuming I plan to use my awakening weapon 90% of the time as soon as I reach level 56. Would I want to instead get the best awakening weapon I can afford, or would I want some kind of middle ground? (I'm not sure exactly how far my 90mil will take me here)
    Or, should I spend the money on a combination of +10/+15 armor and weapons?
    Looking for any suggestions as to what would be the best idea. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, I recently created my first ranger and I was wondering about this one armor set in character customization. I tried looking it up in bdo fashion but had no luck.
    Thanks in advance! 

  13. Hello fellow warriors! 57 warrior here looking for some advice on where i should head next in terms of upgrades. I feel like i got all my basic upgrades down but i'm interested in increasing my AP so i can farm more efficiently/effectively. My main goal as of right now is PvE.

    Full Grunil ultimate DUO with TRI chest piece.
    TRI: ultimate Yuria Longsword
    TRI: Mercenary's Great Sword ( Green )
    DUO: Ultimate Vangertz Shield
    And i am using a full set of Jarette's accessories.

  14. Ok so I've seen many complain about the lack of visual variety in bdo when it comes to armors and costumes and I gotta say, I'm one of those people. I put a lot value on visual diversity in games, because part of the fun is to visually see your character becoming more badass not just badass by stats. Since I had few ideas how I wish bdo would improve their warbore, I wanted to list them here and also ask others to list their suggestions too. 
    - First a dyeing system like in gw2, this has been suggested by many and I find myself agreeing. It would bring great improvement to the visual aspect of the game and also make it more fun. Basically making dyes account bound and once you obtain the dye, you get unlimited use to it. They could be player crafted and sold in trademarket.
    - be able to put armors on costumes slots, because best armor ain't always the best looking and we all need some variety at one point. 
    - create actual armor skins/costumwa that can be obtained in game kinda like in blade and soul. I know there's a pearl shop and that pearl shop costumes can now be bought with in game silves but there's couple of reasons why I want in game costumes that are not pearl shop items and money isn't one of them. First while pearl shop costumes are nice looking, they seem a bit too flashy, not something that really fits into the game world. I believe pearl shop should be for those who want their character to run around in maid outfit, not for those who want decent looking armor, it's ok for some to be more flashy than others but if they're way too over the top it's not too attractive either (at least for my taste). Second reason being that while buying costumes may be nice, I don't think anyone can deny the satisfaction you get when you complete a quest or get a loot drop from a mob and it turns put to be a new cool armor you don't yet have. There are things that money just cannot buy and achievement is one of them.
    Now the usual "counter arguments" people give is that armors aren't lvl based and therefore take more time to create or that making armor skins takes money and that's why there's not a lot.  The ingame costume option would solve the first problem, because they aren't armors but costumes and second while rendering an outfit may take time and recourses, there's tons of free to play mmo's out there with way larger armor variety than bdo has and this game is buy to play. While there are also few craftable costumes in bdo I don't really think they can be counted as type of clothes you would traver with yet alone battle in. They seem more like roleplay costumes than used in actual questing. 
    I really want bdo to get the visual variety aspect down, because unlike what some may think, it's actually really big part of the gaming experience and probably even one pf the reasons why love the mmorpg genre. Bringing more free visual variety options to the game would also give people new goals and for crafting and collecting, because money milking is never a good business model plus it's not rewarding at all.
    Anyway let me hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter!
    (Ps, sry for possible typos, I cannot see very well atm : D )
  15. So I stated playing black desert online when it first came out and was really hyped for it, though I stopped playing only after a month or so. Now call me petty but the reason I actually stopped playing was because lack of variety when it came to character visuals in game, armors looking like trash with no variation and dye system was just horrible, especially, since all the trailers made it seem like the cash shop costumes were actually obtainable in game, I felt kinda lied to when I learned it wasn't so. Everyone has their own reasons to play the game and everyone had a different tastes but sadly for me, being able to look cool and have a different look once in a while is actually really big part of the enjoyable game experience for me. Now some may say that I should just buy cash shop costumes but if I'm not even willing to pay 30$ for a shirt in real life, so there's no way I'd spent the same money on virtual shirt either. Don't get me wrong, I'm no where against cash shop items but I think cash shop should be for those who want their character to run around in maid outfit, not for those who want to look decent yet still fit within the setting of the game. I was especially disappointed, because this game was buy to play which was actually something I was really happy about, because I though that it would guarantee some quality over it's free to play model but it turned out to be basically the exact same type of cash milking game like it's free to play counterpart. 

    The game apparently went downhill in many other aspects as well after I stopped playing but I head that it has started to pick itself up again, making others who left the game, starting to come back. I've also been thinking of starting to play this game again, because I still think it's a fantastic and unique game that I found myself to really enjoy. I really hate the part of myself that puts the visual variety of the game on so high pedestal that it can actually make or break the whole game for me, but I just cannot help it. Maybe it's the artist in me who enjoys the visuals, who knows. 

    So what I would like to know is that if the situation on these aspects has gotten any better? Is the dyeing system as trash as before or is it easier to access now? What about armor or costume variety in the game? I must say but I am still not willing to pay real money on dyes or costumes, because I expect those things to be part of basic gaming experience that should be available to everyone, whatever you are ready to spend money or not. If there's a way to purchase dyes or costumes with ingame money, through action for example, even that would be a big improvement in my eyes. 
  16. Please leave your feedback below for the developers, on how you think they can improve said features, or why you disagree with them. Please do not misunderstand this thread. Despite my low post count on the forums, I have been following this game for many years-. I have played during the betas, and for about 6 months after launch. Although I took a break, I love this game, it can just use a few really simple to fix adjustments- which I feel could make this game even better. 
    RNG Enhancing + Degrade + Gear Dependency
    Having RNG is not necessarily a bad feature. But, it's the way that the game implements the feature which ruins it. There are many ways this situation can be fixed, some better than others. Personally, I think the best way is to increase the sucess rate when enhancing gear and accesorries. As for acessories, I am sure someone has broken their keyboard over the RNG of these. If an enhancement fails, the acessory that is PRI or more should not be demolished- just the non-PRI+ acessory used for enhancing should be demolished. Another viable option for accesories can be like gear, if an enhancement fails instead of being demolished it loses a grade instead. 
    Gear dependency in this game wouldn't be as brutal and tedious as it is now, especially for PvP situations, if RNG were to be 'improved'. This is my number one dislike about the game. 
    Feeling of No Progress
    This feeling comes along with the RNG system currently in game. A player can grind for one month straight, and have X amount of millions of coins that he/she saved for enhancing or progressing. Well, because of RNG that month of work can go to absolutely no progress. As MMO players, most of us are probabaly more than a bit fine with grinding for a few hours a day to work our way towards gear and progression over time. The issue is that unlike in other MMOs, this game can give you absolutely nothing in return for the work and time you put in to try and progress forward. It's completely RNG based [Do not say a player can just save the money and buy the gear. High end enhanced gear selling on the MP is almost more rare than good RNG]. It does not matter if Player A played for 5 months, and Player B played for 1 month- if RNG is going great for one player, he/she can almost easily get ahead of the other. This leaves Player A frustrated, as they have spent 5 months trying to progress, but due to RNG they have gotten minimal or even no progress. [This game being a Korean MMO is not an excuse. We koreans do not like grinding without progress and purpose, just as similar as you guys do!!]
    Sucess rates just need to be increased for progress across multiple features in this game. There needs to be some sort of limit or boundary RNG has, so a player doesn't waste months just to potentionally get no where. RNG is fine with limitations and general progress.
    EXP & Crystal Loss
    If the servers were stable or the game was optimized, EXP and crystal loss would be fine. But, realistically that is not the state of the game. Please do not think I am bashing the game or developers, I believe they are working hard to fix and improve this game- that doesn't mean we should be further effected by these issues though. Until the servers are stable, which right now can cause players to randomly stop in motion and be slaughtered by monsters, or be one tapped by a world boss due to animation delay/lag, crystal and EXP loss should be temporarily disabaled. I do not think we should be penalized for an issue that we can not control, since it is up to the developers and company to fix. All I, and hopefully the community, ask for is a temporarily pause on crystal and EXP loss until the game is in a better state. 
    RNG World Boss Timers
    The easiest 'fix' of them all, world boss timers. I do not understand why the developers put a five hour time frame on boss spawns. The ~24 hour distance between how many times a boss can spawn is perfectly fine, but there should be a set time a boss spawns. For example, instead of Kzarka spawning between 23:20 EST - 03:50 EST it should just spawn at one specific set time- 23:20 EST. 
  17. Post on What Outfit Is This? in General

    By snappyfu, posted
    Been waiting to see some sort of real looking armor in this game and I ran across this: 

    The person was afk and never answered. 
    Which outfit is it? I must have it.
  18. Hello everyone, I just recently came back and found these gold armors with III or infront of them in the market. I don't think this feature was in the game when I left earlier on. Can somebody explain them to me? I left when I started working on my grunil armor, should I continue to make my grunil, I saw this new evasion armor that sparked my interest but I'm not sure if the evasion would actually be worth it. I have read up for the last hour to see some of the new features but if you guys to help a new returning player with some tips; please by all means do so. =] 
  19. I love the game but my biggest issue with the Game is the fact that the female characters run half clothed. I would like there to be Armor for the Female characters less revealing. I like the new Valkyrie Armor something like that is awesome, but when you then add the Kunichi's new Armor I get annoyed because I was hoping for Armor that would be less, well trashy. I hope I am not alone and I really hope that you will add better armor choices.
  20. Hi all!!
    I was looking for this question at google, but all info that I find its old.
    Some sites say: white > green > blue > yellow and other sites add "orange".
    My question is: What is the max color quality at armor / weapons? yellow or orange?
  21. I just did a Giath Awaken Boss scroll and a Bheg Awaken Boss scroll (another guild members), or at least I think I did. The bosses said <Awakened> in the title above there name. Honestly I think the scrolls are bugged currently. Nothing about the loot I received was any different in quantity and quality (no boss armor received from either ;-;).
    I don't know if anyone else who has done their scrolls is feeling the same way, but it might be a good Idea to just hold onto them until Daum can confirm that the scrolls are actually Awakening scrolls.
  22. So I was thinking..for a new player with not a lot of money...Rocaba armor seems a good choice vs grunil..I mean its only 15 AP less and you get 2 slots for each piece. What I dont know right now since I havent played in some time is how much is Rocaba on the marketplace?
  23. So,i've read a lot of witch/wizard guides and still dunno what weapon(mh/of) i should use(except liverta or zaka)?
    Is it better to use yuria for pve?or maybe rosar/krea or something else?
    what offhand should i pick?  steel(will be there enough accuracy for pve?)? bronze(will be there enough damage?)? or maybe rosar/krea if u'll recommend them as mh weapon?
    so,help me and argue pls,mates=)
  24. Post on #TREEGATE in Off-Topic

    By moistbobo, posted
    as seen from recent events, i have reason to believe that trees in this game can potentially lead to a great state of unhappiness in players, namely in the subject of node and territory wars.
    as a member of a guild that stands by fair play and looks down upon slander and injustice, i propose that the devs either:

    1) remove all the trees in the game
    2) shrink trees during node war so they are minisule and can be walked over and cannot be used to shield anything (flags, edgelords, bases)
  25. After playing the game pretty heavily for a couple of months now i do have to say that the game lacks variety in alot of things once you get later in the game and i have been very disappointed by that. First example of it and i think this ties into 3 of my suggestions is bosses. When we are going through the main story and some of mediah story we get to fight a variety of bosses through their scrolls but as we hit 50 and start getting daily scrolls that variety just like other things starts to decrease and alot of the other bosses just get dumped into relic,cartain and pila scrolls. Now i know the reason behind this game design decision but im not fond of that reason especially in an mmo like this and hopefully my suggestion in this thread would seek the attention of the mods. 
    Before i get into the suggestions i want to say that i dont check these forums often so if any of these suggestions have been brought up before i apologize but im bringing it up again. 
    Now if you dont know the reason why boss scrolls are they are its because those bosses give good gear but there's a flaw in that design as well because a few of those scroll bosses arent even field bosses which brings me to my first suggestion. 
    Suggestion 1) Have more world/field bosses. = i have been doing mainly field/ world bosses throughout my time playing this game infacts its probably the only thing i do now on this game because work makes me miss guild node wars, other activities and even bosses. i honestly believe that each  and every single one of those bosses that we did fight throughout the story should become a field boss especially the bosses that do drop good armor like gaith and muskan. Doing this adds more variety to the field bosses and game in general it also will incentivise people to get out of the cities. an issue with this could bring in a situation which is already taking place where people arent doing certain bosses but i thinki have a balance in mind which bring me to my next suggestion
    Suggestion 2) Give each field boss their own armor set. This idea sort of just sprung up on me a few days ago after running relic scrolls and leveling a new alt i realized that i am particularly fond of a few of those bosses design with the main one i really like being the giant boss gehaku's design which is why i would want him as a field boss. But after looking at that and looking at all the other pieces of gear i noticed a big issue. Early game you have a wide variety of armor and weapon/accessory sets to chose from be it , grunil, yuria, kalis, bares, strength of heve, zereth , taritas etc i'm sure you get it and thats not including the class specific secondary gear like white hornbow, rosar horn bow, axion shield, kite shield, vangertz shield you get it there are tons of options to choose from because of the items set effects, special effects, and other things that you can combine and mix to put together what will work your play style. But as you progress into the boss gear territory that level of choice plummets and each player becomes very similar. but choice isnt the only issue , because of some bossess dropping similar (and by similar i mean i mean the slot it will go into) pieces of gear like red nose and tree armor and since one gives hp recovery while the other gives more hp you have a situation where people are going to go aim for that one and go fight that tree boss for the chance of getting that armor instead of fighting red nose. 
    speaking of the tree boss, it is the only boss that drops 2 useful pieces of gear ( and by that i mean ggear that has the word tree in it. not talking about livertos and other things) being tree belt and the armor meanwhile the other bosses only drop one. Adding in more boss gear sets will add more choice and influence different play styles in the end game setting because already the boss pieces we do have already have their own effects. it will also get more people to go and do thoe bosses they stopped doing. Example red nose armor gives hp recovery and max sp/wp/mp so that means every other gear in the red nose set be it red nose helm, gloves, boots, etc will also give those benefits or you can set them up like how the other armors are and give set affects which will then bring back the option of mixing boss gear as opossed to forced mixing we have now when we have all boss gear peices. This will also introduce more gear styles but hopefully the devs dont screw up on that. i would love a gehaku armor set that doesnt look like ripped cloth like red nose armor especilly since im a warrior.
    suggestion 3) increased drop chance and stronger bosses. after adding more field bosses and gear sets the next step is this. I dont know how rng is calculated in this game, i could get good drops at a level lower than others, with many deaths sometimes and other times i cant, just like if i am the first at a boss and attack it for a while before others show up i sometimes get crap loot when others get something better while other time i get the loot i was supposed to get while others gets crap so i dont know what the heck is wrong with the system  but it needs a fix badly this is ridiculous. and i know bosses just got a buff but they still are not strong enough.
    last suggestion is make mutant ogre and giant mutant troll killable. 
    Last suggestion# 2 i guess  its more of a question awakend boss scrolls when are we going to get? incase you dont know the awakened boss scrolls are harder version of the boss scrolls we have at the moment and i think they have increased drop chance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdW5xH-yHn8 the scrolls are purple 
    also giant mudster is a boss but he is the only one of of the current bosses that we can kill that doesnt drop an armor piece or weapon with its name on it.. no mudster shoes, gloves, helm, sword etc