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  1. Post on Oceanic servers pls in Off-Topic

    By Bushman, posted
    Please almighty kakao games pls let us have oceanic servers
  2. <<<<<<<<<<RisingTide>>>>>>>>>>
    Recruiting ACTIVE players, gearscore and lvls are irrelevant as long as you have the right mindset and that you are active!

    * Consistent NodeWars
    * Active US AND AU timezones
    * Experienced leaders and officers
    * Active discord
    * Lots of fun banter
    * Memes
    * Grills
    We are a part Australian and part American guild, meaning we have an active discord almost around the clock. Our main focus as a guild and community is to focus on what Black Desert does best, full blown PvP. We run constant wardecks, get involved in GvGs and will not miss out on an opportunity to fight in a nodewar. We fight by ourselves without set alliances and always try to go for the fight rather than the easy victory.
    If you are up for dank memes, fights and lots and lots of banter then hit me or Tara up in game or join our discord
    https://discord.gg/d3zkZWFSee you in game!
  3. Game loads, I press Start...then it all goes to hell. i keep getting "failed to connect", then it shuts itself down. I havnt been able to play for 2 weeks. The game hasnt had any issues updating, but it just wont effing play.

  4. Hi, I've recently been trying to access BDO, so I can try it out and play with my friends, but every time that I even get close to selecting my character and make some development, I disconnect from the server.

    As far as internet goes, I am in Australia, I must use wifi, as it is my accommodations choice, not my own, and I am aware that under the conditions of my internet, I have a high packet loss rate.

    I've managed to just be able to get the launcher up, as apparently I was facing the "VPN" issue of Windows 10, which is fortunate, however now I am facing constant disconnection, and I have tried the variety of servers on the NA list.

    Also if anyone can point me in the direction to where I can submit a support ticket, that would be great.
  5. I bought this game 3 days ago........its STILL downloading. Currently sitting at 87%....it better be bloody worth it, since i paid nearly $50AUD for it.

  6. I'm playing on the Edan server and my friend told me that all the E1 channels (except for Velia E1) are now like "unofficial oce channels" because oce seems to get better ping to those channels. However whenever I try connecting to them I always seems to disconnect either immediately or a few minutes later, I can connect to every other channel and play just fine.
    As a side note when I tried downloading the game the first time it was released I kept getting errors like "errorcode 12009" when downloading, I reformatted my computer a few weeks ago and downloaded BDO again and got the same errors this time so not sure if it's my internet or computer or something.
  7. Since it doesn't look like any AU servers are going to be popping up anytime soon, could we at least get a section on the forum here to meet up with? There is US and EU guild sub-forums, I would love to see an AU or APAC sub-forum in there.
    There are 4.2 billion potential APAC clients. Think about that!

  8. Shadow Vanguard
    Status: Recruiting
    Server: Orwen
    Channel: Serendia 1
    Level Requirement: 40+
    Region: International
    Timezone: AEST, PST, EST.
    Member Style: Casual, Semi-hardcore, friendly
    Playstyle: PvX, Organized Events
    VOIP: Teamspeak - Discord is shit
    Forum: http://shadow-vanguard.shivtr.com/

    About us
    Shadow Vanguard is a newly formed guild started by experienced players. We are a very organized guild that strives to get end-game gear and participate in some node wars; however that is not to say we are a militaristic guild. Instead we are a friendly, community like guild that help each other via information, scroll groups, guild bosses and practice! We love to joke around and mess around in Discord. We certainly welcome active lower levels that are dedicated to progress in the game but would prefer those who are already level 40. Remember we are here to have fun and assist each other in gearing

    Why join us?  
    Fun and FriendlyNon toxic communityOceanic and North American basedGear and Character ProgressionA good time General Rules
    Don't be a shit -----
    participate in guild missions
    be respectful to other guild members
    PK is allow but only if absolutely necessary  
    Apply now!
    Family Name:
    Character Name:
    Current Level:
    Or Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/oHQ3shV39D

    Old Thread Here
    One of the best ways to improve your Black Desert Online experience is by finding a group of people that share your love of the game. At Collective of Strangers, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and friendly guild, full of tight knit connections both in-game and out.
    Collective of Strangers if made up of primarily Oceanic based players, but we welcome members from all time zones. Having a large amount of players on during Oceanic time zones is important to us so that we are always able to log in and play with mates.
    We’re constantly seeking mature, respectful, active individuals to add to our membership. We stand by a code of conduct that we hold our members to, ensuring everyone enjoys their gaming time.
    For voice communication we use Discord and it is populated with folks having a great time every night

    Our home server is Edan

    About Collective of Strangers
    Collective of Strangers was founded in 2014. A group where people can hang out, make new friends and work as a team in many different games.
    Guild Stats
    Members: 39/70
    Skills: Accuracy - Maxed, Gathering +2, Fishing +1
    Inactive Kick Period: 10 Days without prior notice

    Weekly Guild Events
    We often add new events based on what our guild members are interested in! We do guild fishing trips on our beautifully handcrafted fishing boats. We also do guild leveling as well as exploration events, Weekly Scroll runs are done for daily scrolls and we are organizing fortnightly boss scroll runs, While we wait for GvG and other BDO PvP mechanics we have and will be having internal 1v1, 2v2 and group matches complete with an internal ladder system and points
    Daily Guild Missions
    In order to make the most of your salary in the guild we encourage all members to complete guild missions when they are activated. The more members participating, the less energy we each spend completing them. Help us, help you!

    Guild Requirements
    We DO NOT require a certain level of time commitment. Many of our members have families and careers that prevent them from being online 8 hours a day.
    We DO NOT require you to participate in guild missions, although members participating in these missions will be rewarded with pay rises and other benefits
    We DO NOT require a specific level, class, experience, or event attendance. We have many new players and want you to have fun when you play.
    We DO require you to use Discord as much as possible to enjoy the social aspects of our guild.
    We DO require you to be a kind, helpful, respectful, and positive contributor to our community.

    How to Join the Guild
    Simply message one of the guild officers (Family names: MrLinderman, Martejj, Minx, Feyfair) or post here.
    Other Games
    CoS is a gaming community and as such we enjoy playing other games with our members, we understand people burn out and need a release so instead of loosing players we allow and even encourage playing other games with CoS in addition to BDO

    In Closing
    Thanks for taking the time to visit our thread. Regardless of your decision, we hope that you can check us out on Discord and have a chat. Guests are always welcome to join us in most events. Happy hunting folks!
    Thank you very much to @DangerousTed for creating our guild emblem. He has done a fantastic job and I highly recommend him if anyone is in need of artwork!
    New Thread
    A new thread was created as some of our older long term players have taken a leave of absence while they wait for the game to be updated with significant PvP content, we envisage there return upon such updates but until such time the current officers will be taking charge of recruitment and keeping the guild in top form

    Looking for a relaxed mature environment with helpful and active players.
    Fallen is a PVX guild with a focus on EVERYTHING. 

    Orwen OCE based guild !  
    Hardcore/Casual Players of all kind

    Helpful and Friendly to members
    Do you like Gathering, PVP , Crafting, Fishing, Grinding, etc? 

    Do you waddle around pointlessly and die a lot? We're fine with noobs!
    Our door is open!
    But Batman ! there must be some sort of requirement!

    Why yes, there are a few!
    Be at least 18+ Use DiscordTreat everyone fairlyDon't bring down our KarmaParticipate in Guild quests Help each other out.Be Active/ or Casual Welcome to Fallen

    sign me up now!

    {Officer Positions Avaliable}
    Just send me a PM, Message on this topic or friend me in the game!

    Name: EndIess  or TimeIess
    I look forward to meeting all of you!

  11. Hi Guys !
    As the title says I am from Australia And I am about to get the game.
    What I would like to know is what Sever to join ?
    If some other Aussies could help me out that be great, I am worried about lag and want the best game experience possible.
    Cheers All
  12. Upon  release of the Oceania server mentioned by  Administrator PM_Belsazar (Territory of service - updated 13.11.2015, 2015).   Would current Oceania players be eligible  to transfer our characters over from NA/EU to OC?.  Being forced to develop and invest time/money in our  characters on an NA/EU  server while the Oceania is being developed for us will be pointless if unable. Even if it may cost a price in fee, I'd be delighted in the option to enable a transfer and not start over again. 

    ·         OCEANIA                                                                           

    Thank you,
    Territory of service - updated 13.11.2015 (2015) Available at: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/786-territory-of-service-updated-13112015/ (Accessed: 13 April 2016).
  13. Aussie guild FIGJAM is looking to recruit members.
    We're a brand new guild looking to recruit mature and sociable players on the Uno server. Experience everything that Black Desert has to offer such as guild missions, wars, and learn about this incredibly complex game. Share secret fishing spots, enjoy new content together (such as naval warfare!) and keep up to date!
    Discord is being used for voice communications and while I am Australian I welcome all players from all regions to join me.

    Casuals welcome, don't let the game become your second job!
    Still looking for people!
  14. Post on Oceania servers in General

    By JynxKnight, posted
    I read some time ago that yous where thinking about making a server for the Oceania player on bdo and was just wondering whats happening with that?
  15. Hi all
    Our Aussie guild <Stoked> is now recruiting all *active* Aussie's keen for a good time and a pretty rowdy guild chat. We do big guild missions around 10pm AEST, but do smaller missions all throughout the day! We are friendly and have a dedicated TS server.
    Our missions run on Mediah U2 channel on the Uno server, which is nice and empty during Australia peak times! Come join us if you play a fair amount and want to enjoy the game as much as possible with a bunch of mates.
    Whisper me (Yurika) in game or Veliavous with an expression of interest and let us know where you are from, we'll almost certainly have you on board!
  16. Hey guys,
    I know the game has only been out for about a week (officially) in NA/EU but i realized that yet again that the oceanic region got screwed again, i mean this is an awesome game and i will be investing hours and hours of game time into it, so i would like to not lag, you know? i think some others have seen this problem in PvP and in large scale battles the lag will just be too much, i would like this to be addressed in some way. 
  17. It would be nice if we could push back the maintenance time a few hours, like 3-4 hours. why? the maintenance time here in Australia is right on 7pm, considering i finish work at 6pm, i get literally no time to play the game when this is on. If your Aussie and agree with me please voice if you agree with what i'm asking for. 
    For example, this simple 5 hours maintenance actually means i cannot play the game for 44, hours example: play game on 8/3/2016 until 10pm, go to bed, go to work, come home at 6pm, eat dinner, can't play game because its gone down for maintenance, go to bed, go to work, come home next day at 6pm, eat dinner play game.... 44-45 hours.  
  18. Hi guys i have been able to make my character i just keep getting connection lost with the server after i click connect on my character screen. it loads and then stops and takes me back to the start screen with connection lost with the server. any tips or info on how to fix
  19. I live in Brisbane close to the city, and I have the best internet you can get here.
    As an action game, this game is uplayable. No DCs, no glitching of any kind, just latency. Anything above 250ms is impossible to manage so many awesome combos. The game is amazing. I just wish I lived in north America. I've never been so disappointed by lag. I love this game and hopefully we get an oceanic server one day :'(
    Also (probs just a CBT thing) but my god, the servers were way too crowded the entire weekend. I couldn't see an npc through all the toons.

  20. 심미적인  Since  2014 
    OCE  |  NA  |  EU
    See  you  in  game
    Castle  Siege
    Pirate  Blender
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1D6iAcQWzQ

  22. <TGB>
    The Genocidal Brotherhood
    We are a large community that love to pvp and have a good time.
    We run a well organized guild.
    If you fit in and pull your weight you will be accepted into the group.
    We come from a game called Rust where we dominated the largest server on the game.
    Video of a large scale raid on Rust (4 clans vs us): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzmqvygue1M
    We are currently playing on
    Server: Orwen
    Main Channel: Balenos #1
    Guild Leaders
    *Feel free to contact us*
    Brannigan - Zapp
    DemonChild - Maniac
    Warlord - General
    Divinus - XD4

    Must be 18+
    Teamspeak and Mic
    Willing to take orders
    Need to be mature
    Need to be an active player
    Respectful in chat
    Minimum gear 240 AP/DP
    Helping regularly with guild quests
    Apply on our website or message us in game
  23. Even with a 100 Mbps fiber optic this ping is just unplayable especially for an action based mmorpg. Rip, I had high hopes for this game especially that its vastly improves on what ArcheAge lacked, but with a 210 ping the game-play experience is just horrible, stuttering while moving, can't dodge anything and skill/attack delays... can't even imagine what this would feel like on a late-game PvP.
    So long Black Desert, the few hours I had with you was fun but it just wasn't meant to be, this long relationship is too brutal to endure.
  24. So I just booted up the game, my character can't even walk for 10 secs straight without going backwards. I reckon its the lag as I'm playing from Australia in the US server. In addition the graphics isn't optimize? I have 50 FPS on high/very high setting with a GTX 980 Ti... Rip...
    I might actually ask for a refund, this game is unplayable... my character can't even walk properly. By the way I have a fiber with 100Mbps and 50 Mbps DL/UL, highest in Australia.
  25. Welcome to Underworld 

    Guild & Leadership 

    At present UK BDO has a round table structure within the guild. This ensures all members will be heard and taken seriously with guild decisions. Underworld currently enjoy all aspects of BDO from PvP to Guild Mission and yes even fishing. Our main focus is PvP and Gear Progression 


    <Underworld> Raakin
    Raakin is one of the founding fathers of the original Underworld Knights guild of which Underworld are a sub branch. He has been apart of the guild for over 16 years!. A true Leader, Raakin is easy going and very active with the guild and with his long standing membership with UK you can be assured he is dedicated to the guild.

    What we are looking for:
    We are looking for active people to join the <Underworld>. We expect daily login along with participation with guild quest, guild bosses, scroll runs (must only between guild members). You must PvP and always be actively progressing to obtain high levels, gear and stats. You must be 50+ and love PvP. We are open inviting lower levels if you intend on reaching 50 within a quick time frame. All classes and skill level are welcome as participation is the most important thing.
    (Whilst we want active players only we understand life comes first. Should you need a break or real life issues need your attention please let us know so we can work around it to help you)    

    While we are predominately an Australian & New Zealand Guild we would liek to invite our NA cousins as we are currently developing an NA branch. Our current Time Zones = +8GMT (Perth Australia) through to +12GMT (New Zealand Bro)

    What are our goals?
    We are currently working towards siege/node wars we will be supporting our allies whilst looking after our own interests
    Gear progression and Guild stats - We will be running frequent Guild Boss scrolls for gear progression as well as guild mission for guild stats
    Progress in the guild rankings on the Edan Server

    PST -Officers for guild invites
    LightningBlade - lillea
    Ominous - AuraDawn
    Shanyuan - Dong
    FFS - Deviant
    We use https://www.gamevox.com/en/ voice comms - Dedicated servers for reliability and safety as IP's are hidden unlike TS and other chat services.