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  1. I'm almost lvl 56 on my Ninja and I was just wondering if you guys think it would be a good idea to awaken it or not. I've heard that awakening Ninja makes it worse, and some say it makes it better. What do you guys think?
  2. Saved up some money for awakening. Currently at level 55 tamer, reaching 56 today. Have the generic +7 blue awakening weapon.
    I heard that awakening damage is based off of primary weapon ap as well? So should i just invest in a TRI Kzarka primary or is it better to be more well rounded with accessory and awakening weapon upgrades? Looking to spend 500m and my enhancing RNG is complete ass. Please help, thank you!

  3. Please rework The Ninja Class They have such a hard time clearing monsters even with high level AP/DP they don't even Seem like a Real class anyone should play to get good at the game, Understand this Mr. GM you as well Mr.Korean GM's 
    We all Love us Ninja Movies and Assassin Movies, Yet this class that everyone holds to high standards as being the Burst Damage Pk'er is not doing the Damage that it idealistically should.  
    All I'm upset about is that they cannot Clear Mobs fast on their own, 
    The Tamers BowStaff is also very weak 
    I'm tired of Taking all the Kills in my party even when We are at an equal in AP.
    I hate watching them fight with me doing nothing but be a Ward for me to help clear mobs around.  As they pretty much are not needed in a group party, when farming mobs. Its sad my Friends get Jealous and wanna switch classes but they worked so hard to almost reach lvl57 with +200ap/+200dp  I want them to be The Ninja class i like it please HELP my Friends Class
  4. Greetings!
    Recently i had time to level my Valk to 56, and not quite sure if i should invest in it (since ill play Dark knight anyway), trough a decent alt never hurts. 
    I got an +10 yuria on her and with all the armor and accesory she has like 93 ap, and since she hit 56 not quite sure if i should bother to buy her a duo liverto at all, or just go a tri Lancia. 
    On my Musha i had a tri liverto and a duo Spear and didnt really feel like its cutting trough mobs, like my sorc did with a simple +15 yuria and +7 scythe, so i figured i did something wrong, so i was like : wtf , how does this work?
    Can anyone tell me if its worth to skip the sword and buy a good awa weapon, or get a good normal weapon and get what ever i can get my hands on as awa. What gives more dmg and farm speed?
  5. Post on Ninja Duels Post Awaken in Ninja

    By Razielkh, posted


  6. i just got an awakened skill reset item and when i try to use it it doesnt disapear or anything and just makes the sound that i used it, also when i bring black spirit up it glows on the "Awakening" button but can't do anything. plz fix this
  7. Bonjours tout le monde =)

    je voulais une petite précision sur les armes late game. prenons l'exemple de la Sorceress et de sa faux, le mooveset change on obtient de nouveaux spells etc..

    here's my questions :
    -garde-t-on et peut-on toujours utiliser nos spells "de base"
    -et à t-on "le choix"

    Par choix je veux dire, est ce que au niveau des stats, l'arme awaken est supérieur en tout point au style de combat standard ? Si un guerrier voulait garder son épée bouclier est ce qu'il pourrait tout de même être opti ? Ou bien le changement d'arme est un passage obligé. Je trouverai ça dommage

    Sur le  papier j'aime bien les armes Awaken mais je capte pas trop pourquoi les devs changerait entièrement le gameplay d'une classe une fois le HL atteint. Je capte pas trop l'idée.
    sauf si le choix est donné au joueur, auquel cas, mes respect Pearl Abyss
  8. Post on Awaken weapon for Tamer in Tamer

    By The Red, posted
    Korean server just released information about awaken weapon for Tamer.
    It is going to be a 'Sky staff'.
    Here is released picture as well

  9. So the new sorceress awakened trailer has just been unveiled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1iWmbJKvf4